Waterfall in the garden – 25 beautiful ideas

We continue with the topic "Water in the garden" and today we propose 25 ideas how to make a waterfall in your garden. Whether in natural or artificial form, the waterfall always brings the same harmonic feeling, which can relax. No doubt the combination between the light sound of your waterfall and the view of the falling water is the best choice for a leisurely day in the garden. Take a look at some great ideas on how to make your waterfall as creative and interesting as possible!

Light the waterfall in the garden in blue!


Water lighting for your garden

Interesting figures fit very well in the uppermost part of your well or the Wassserfall in the garden.

fountain-garden-with-decoration-figures Waterfall in the Garden

Figures and decorations in the waterfall.

Recycling is always a good idea! Make a real source of pure water from the old pitcher, pot or bucket.

creativer-waterfall-from-recycling Waterfall in the garden

Waterfall thanks to the recycling


Waterfall from old pot

Place an old bench in the garden, especially near the waterfall, so that you can enjoy the wonderful view.


Bench over the waterfall

Waterfall in the garden-of-stones-in the backyard

Chairs near the waterfall

Aquatic plants leave the feeling of purity in the garden and in memory.

Small-pond-with-aquatic-waterfall in the garden

Aquatic plants in the pond

Artificial waterfalls are especially creative nowadays. Be also!


Modern waterfalls in the garden pose

Rich flora is never superfluous!


Colourful flowers


Diverse flowers cover the waterfall

plant decoration-for-the-waterfall-in-garden

Flowers on the waterfall island


Green fauna


Beautiful flowers in the garden over the waterfall

Beautiful Waterfalls build in-cooked--

Flowers along the waterfall in the garden

A very practical stone waterfall for small gardens.

practical Fountain-with-waterfall-in-garden

Zen in the waterfall for the garden


Practical waterfall for the garden

Detours and paths along the waterfall river make the direction clear. To the full relaxation! What's even better is a stone bridge that connects your house with your garden.


A path along the waterfall


Stony bridge


Waterfall of stone

Or do you shape your waterfall in steps?

trough-like-waterfall-landscaped-in the garden

Waterfall as connected troughs

waterfall-garden-like steps

Step-like waterfall


Stones form the waterfall wall


Beautiful landscape of rocky waterfall


Stairy waterfall next to the garden

Your waterfall could be a whole wall!


Wall in the form of waterfall

Of course, here we have illustrated only a small part of the most viable options that you could choose for your garden. The other is in your hands!

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