52 amazing pictures of garden fountains to inspire!

In some beliefs, the fountain is a symbol of purity, tranquility and eternal life. Nowadays he symbolizes good taste and style. But it is a luxury to have a big house with a garden and a garden fountains own in it. Besides, the well has no practical value. It is built only as a decoration, as an accent in the garden.

After the eastern culture you have to spend a few minutes every day in water. Of the garden fountains gives us this opportunity. Its structure is not so complicated and does not need any specific construction knowledge. You can build it yourself and enjoy its magical effect every day.

There are models on the market that differ in style, size, functionality and working mechanism. You can choose between classic and modernist designs and the size of yours garden fountains consider with the free space of your garden. For example, if you have a small backyard, you can not afford a fountain like the Royal Palace. You have to opt for a smaller scale.

The size does not matter here. The most important thing is that you have the opportunity to start your day with a beautiful water feature and make it a morning ritual.

If you are already attracted to this idea, you can look at our suggestions in the picture gallery and take the first step.

Garden fountain with ultra modern design 

Garden Fountain interesting design

Interesting idea for garden fountains

Garden Fountain pottery green decorative stones

Garden fountain with two steps

Garden Fountain two-stage container flower decoration

Beautiful garden fountain with mushroom shape

Garden Fountains decorative stones Plant fungi form

This fountain can be installed anywhere in the garden or yard 

Garden Relaxation Blue Fountain

Round well, hidden in the grass

Garden Courtyard water fountain grass decorative stones

This stone fountain has a prehistoric appearance

Garden oasis Stone Well

Fire and water are one

Garden Water Fountain Fire Stone facade sofas-pillows

Classic water fountain - suitable for large aristocratic garden

Garden water fountain rose petals aristocratic

Water fountain in Giardini Giusti - Verona, Italy

Giardini Giusti Verona Italy water fountain

You can use a ceramic pot as a fountain

Ceramic Pot water fountain garden flowers

Fontane - waterfall with super effective design

solid-garden fountains lights

This solar garden fountain is an attraction at night

Solar garden fountain blue LED light

Small fountain in turquoise green color for the backyard

Garden Backyard turquoise water fountain Fish Flower Plants decorative stones

Blue Fountain without Pond decorative stones Garden

aristocratic Garden Fountain creeping flowers

Wind Instruments Fountain Flamingos Green

Flower tub Garden Fountain flowers

Well-French style

Garden Flowers old window frames water fountain

Garden Soil Water Fountain

Garden Fountain three Bowl plants

Garden Fountain original design ball

Fountain with rainwater

Garden Fountain rainwater creative design

Garden fountain two stories decorative stones green

Garden Court elegant water fountain

The Talavera fountain is suitable for every room

Garden Court Talavera water fountain

Garden furniture pastels-sun umbrella Garden Fountain

Garden plant pots water fountain

Garden plants water fountain

Garden Solar Fountain three-stage

Garden Tuba Fountain Birds

Garden Water Fountain aristocratic classic

Garden Fence Green Stone Well

Tool shed Garden Flowers water fountain

Such a fountain can be installed in a wide garden

large garden water fountain leaves

large house garden water fountain

Exotic garden with extravagant water fountain

House Garden Palm Flower shrubs Garden Fountain

House Garden water fountain classic model

Vintage garden with a small fountain

House backyard statue wall clock garden fountain

Backyard small garden fountain Flower decorative stones

small Fountain beautiful garden

small garden fountain decorative stones green

Magical Garden Flowers statue Fountain

Small waterfall made of shells

Mussels-water fountain garden

nice house garden-table-chairs-wrought iron flower garden fountains

Fountain with super modern design - tower structure

Solar garden fountain-tower design modern decorative stones

The fountain in The Secret Garden

The-Secret-Garden water fountain

The fountain in Verona, Italy

Verona, Italy and garden fountains

Water Fountain Garden Foliage form

Water fountain garden-modern

Water fountain Backyard Garden Bench wrought iron decorative stones

Surely you liked at least one model.

If you have opted for a solar fountain, you can find out more here.

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