Form boxwood – some tips and examples

Have you always dreamed of one of these Renaissance gardens that the kings possessed in the 14th and 15th centuries? Today we will realize your dreams - short and sweet as you can form a boxwood, so that the garden resembles a royal court.

Form boxwood - some tips and examples

 Formally designed gardens look elegant, well-groomed and appealing in every season. No other plant is better suited for the shape cut than the boxwood or book mentioned yet. The boxwood grows very slowly as evergreen shrub or rarely smaller tree with stature heights of up to 8 meters. He forms short branches  out, which later kale. Since it is easy to maintain, it is also open to cultivation in the garden. The most popular shape is the ball, though it's not that easy to cut. Normally you use stencils for boxwood. With the right cut you can do that boxwood shape, so that you get a good figure. The time to cut is to plan for the beginning of May-June.



Manual cutters when cutting are hedge trimmers, secateurs, shearers, secateurs or saws. An important tip here: Choose for the pruning of Buchsbaums a cloudy day, so that the injured leaves and shoots do not burn.


Form boxwood - shapes and effects

There are a few factors that you should take into account when designing the book tree. Here are some tips for impressions of your decoration in the garden:

-> balls; Pyramids and cuboids have a static effect.




-> Spirals, curvy hedges or paths have a dynamic effect.

Boxwood ruins form England


boxwood form spiral-



-> Vault woodland and design elements that repeat themselves create rhythm and tension.

Boxwood - France

boxwood-molded-Orangerie du Parc de Sceaux

buchsbaum-molded-Garden Bench



Nature path through the garden

-> Color contrasts arise when dark and light foliage is combined. Interesting advice how to make a boxwood,

boxwood shapes Chris Meech

Old Rectory.

boxwood molds Garden house


Well-known botanical gardens and examples of how to make a boxwood



buchsbaum molds


buchsbaum-molded-girl figure

buchsbaum molds-pearl-fryier


boxwood molds Round-center

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