Garden tent – creating an oasis for yourself

Summer is coming soon, so we spend more time out in the garden! Since we need protection from the sun, I recommend you garden tent to get. It protects against the strong sunlight and is very handy. If you also want to have a garden party, that's it garden tent a must. A lasting memory for me is the time when we have organized party in the house of my grandmother under party tent. The children are very happy because they can run around quietly. At Ladenzeile you can buy a marquee! It is suitable for a family gathering as well as for solemn occasions such as weddings.

This construction is not complicated to form. If you are organizing larger parties and need a logically larger party tent, the company that supplies it will make the tent for you. In case you want to make it yourself, follow the instructions. First check that all parts described on the packaging are included. It is best to employ at least two people in education. The models have different ways of education. Most of it just needs to be pitched, which is not so difficult for frequent campers. The garden tent is different from the garden pavilion, because it is easy to move. So enjoy the summer completely, without depending on the weather.

Have fun browsing and hopefully find inspiration for your garden!

Here is a very luxurious garden tent

Marquee buy-to-the-pool

The garden tent should be stable

Marquee buy-for-all-seasons

This garden tent Also beware of wind

Marquee buy-for-grand-occasion

Dreamlike design for every garden

Marquee buy-in beige color

The curtains convey exclusivity

Marquee buy-in brown color

Kings can eat under this party tent!

Marquee buy-with-cool-roof

This tent looks like a work of contemporary art

Marquee buy-with-triangular shape

Very cozy tent with protection against insects

Marquee buy-with-a-network

A romantic surprise in the garden

Marquee buy-with-black-curtains

In this party tent you can party during the rain party in the garden

Marquee buy-as-a-little-house

Discover beautiful models!

Garden Tent from wood with-interesting-excavated part

Garden tent-the-too-before-wind protection

Garden tents-with-comfortable-elegant swings

Garden tents-with-decoration-like rings

Simple white garden tent

Garden tents-with-green-chairs-and-table

Garden tents-with-very-simple design

Garden tents-under-where-with-friends-chat

Garden tent-in-dukler-blue color

Garden Tent with-gray-curtains-of-the-pages

Garden Tent with-very-thin-legs-but-stable

very-easy-to-build Garden Tent

Garden tent-like-in-the-circus

Why not lie a little under the tent?

Garden tent-where-you-are-can

The wedding is magnificent with such a party tent

Party tent-for-a-wedding-out

Party tent-for-a-elegant hard

Party tent-for-a-hard-in-garden

Party tent-for-a-big celebration

Party tent-in-bright-red color

Also celebrate in the evening under the tent

Party Tent with colorful lights-adorned

Creative tents also in blue color

Party Tent with minimalist furniture-in-garden

Party tent with oriental-blue curtains

Fascinating models for a garden experience!

Party tent-like-in-the-living-room

Pavilion Tent of wood very elegant

Pavilion Tent for private parties

Pavillion-tent easy-to-make

Pavilion Tent with designer furniture

Pavilion tent-with-solid construction

Pavilion Tent with yellow curtains

Pavilion Tent with yellow curtains-of-back

Pavillion tent-cum-furniture-from-wood

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