18 ideas for a fruit crate shelf – original and inexpensive!

You want to supply a new piece of furniture that you want to use as a cupboard or shelf, but you do not currently have that much money ... No worries! It is not hard at all to build your own construction - see how with our fruit crates shelf example!

18 ideas for a fruit crate shelf - original and inexpensive!

You can find what you need below: 
Wooden fruit crates wood glue perforated plates Wood varnish or wood color Fabric, blankets or pillows (not compulsory)
With enough imagination and craftsmanship you will certainly create a dream shelf. Apart from the fruit crates you do not need any other building materials. The boxes themselves can be found in a supermarket or at a clearance sale, very cheap. If you need more boxes, you can also contact a factory that manufactures fruit products. If you already have the boxes at home, you can apply your innovative ability and creativity. The simplest option is to arrange the wooden boxes on the floor, so that you form a real tower of shelves - enough space for all your books and souvenirs. You can, of course, glue the various boxes to form a more stable composition. At your request, you can then dye or finish this finished construction. See some examples of a fruit crate shelf that we have collected:

Fruit crates shelf in the bathroom

fruit crates-shelf-bathroom

fruit boxes, shelves Bathroom 2

Fruit crates shelf as a bookshelf

fruit crates-regal-books

fruit crates-regal-bücherregal.2

fruit crates-shelf-bookcase

fruit crates-regal-decoration

fruit crates-shelf three-drawers

fruit crates-shelf-ready

fruit crates-regal-gege stands

fruit crates-regal-kitchen

fruit crates-regal-bedroom  fruit crates-regal-beautiful-decoration fruit crates-regal-Vintage2 fruit crates-regal-living room fruit boxes shelf-living-2 fruit crates-regal-wohnzimmer3 fruit crates-regal-wohnzimmer5

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