43 fantastic examples of wine glass with decoration

The wine glass is a holy object for the woman. It is a source of pleasure where grief and fatigue come to an end. The magical liquid comes to eliminate our worries and bring us peace and relaxation.

Even if you are a wine lover, it is normal that you do not know the wine glasses for the different varieties. Maybe you know the main distribution - which glasses are for white and which are for red wine. In general, the rounded wineglass shapes are suitable for red wine, while the extended models for white wine and sparkling wine fit better. A good explanation of this distribution you no longer have to search, we have found one for you.

Now that you've inquired about the right wine glass shapes, you can buy a set and enjoy your favorite wine. The models on the market are innumerable, but a good and qualitative selection is not difficult to find.

Of course we can drink from simple wine glasses. wine glass without decoration is okay. wine glass with decoration is art. This is exactly what the photo gallery that we have created proves. Be inspired by the numerous DIY ideas. For some you need a little imagination and creativity, others require talent. Have fun watching and painting!

Wineglass decorated with wintery motives

Wine Glass Decoration-fantastic hand-painted red wine glasses-with-winter motifs Snowflakes drawings

Creative wine glass designs, colors and sizes - the pleasure comes in different shapes and forms

Wineglass-variations-fantastic-wine glasses-with-creative design

Wine glass, garnished with romantic decoration

festive wine glass with-beautiful-tender Decoration

Fresh wine glass decoration that awakens a summery feeling

freshly-painted champagne glasses-decorated-with-ribbons

"All Lit Up" and "All Drunk Up"

freshly-decorated red wine glass with red-tape

Football inspired glass

Football-inspired wine glass handmade-painted

These champagne glasses remind us of Christmas ... 

shiny Festive Decoration for champagne glasses

The Ninja Turtles Rule!

Glass with Funny Decoration inspired-by Ninja Turtles

Festive glass with stylish decoration

hand-painted champagne glass with Stylish Decoration

Boho glass with a simple design

hand-painted-glass-in-boho style

Handmade Decoration for red wine glass beautifully-painted

Lightweight DIY decoration idea

easy DIY idea-print on-the-glass wine

The women and the wine have a special relationship

funny idea-for-red wine glasses Decoration

funny-decorated champagne glass colorfully hand-painted

cool-colored Decoration for red wine glasses

Romantic idea for lovers - especially on Valentine's Day

Elegant-hand-painted champagne glasses-with-heart decoration

Another proposal for winter decoration

elegant red wine glasses-with-silver Decoration Glitter Snowflake shapes

masterfully-painted wine glasses Cherry Blossom Decoration

There are funny inscriptions

original Handmade Decoration for red wine glasses

... and original representations

original Skull Decoration for red wine glasses

Red wine glasses-decorated-as-the-Minions Funny creative idea

From every beautiful model you need at least two pieces - for you and your lover

Red wine glasses-for-Liebespaaer-with-sporting art

These glasses are also suitable for tealight holders

Red wine glasses-hand-painted with winter drawing-suitable-by-Teelichthalter

Red wine glasses-with-attractive-hand-painted decoration-in-different-colors

Red wine glasses-with-funny-coquettish decoration

Explosion of colors and nuances

Red wine glass with-attractive-handmade decoration

Red wine glass with Funny Handmade Christmas decoration

These are real masterpieces

beautifully-painted-red wine glasses-in-different-colors

beautifully-decorated glass starfish-made-from-single-rosa-points

With more talent and diligence you can achieve such results

beautiful-than-Flower-painted wine glasses

The musicians will understand that

Beautiful Personalized White Wine Glasses-good gift idea

Cozy champagne glass for the bride

Champagne glass with-flirty Decoration suitable-for-wedding

Cool gothic design 

Wineglass-painted-in-Gothic style bats


Champagne glass-decorated-with-beautiful-winter drawings

Wine glasses-with-charming Decoration much glitter stones

That sounds better

Wineglass with-funny-Sip Happens inscription

Drink with style and elegance

beautifully-decorated red wine glasses Stylish and gold decoration

tender-Flower Decoration suitable-by-Rotweingläser

Abstract Art dagestellt-to-wine glass

Enjoy these romantic birch representations while you drink wine

attractive champagne glass decorated-as-Birch

painted-as-birch-wine glass in the Snow

colorful-decorated wine glasses-with-simple design

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