Build your own wine rack – 27 creative suggestions

Why blindly trust manufacturers if they could trust themselves? Of course we do not talk about the whole house design, but about certain pieces of furniture. Here is a startling idea: you could be one Build a wine rack yourself! Do not be afraid, it's not hard at all. In fact, almost every man would find it an interesting and relaxing activity. A self-made Wienregal would suit beautifully to the interior in the kitchen or in the living room. If you do not believe us, take a look at these creative examples and let yourself be convinced!

Build a wine rack yourself - create an extravagant model

diy model of wine rack white color spherical elements

Build your own wine rack - simple and stylish design


Build your own wine rack - for real wine lovers!

bottle shelf-self-build- very large, made of wood

Build your own wine rack - look natural

bottle rack-self-build-wood-with caves

Original DIY idea - make wine cabinet from box

bottle shelf-self-build-very-big-made of box

Now notice how easy this model of the wine rack is designed

bottle rack self build very modern young woman takes a bottle of wine

This wine rack is small but functional

wooden bottle shelves-self-built-on-the-wall

Turn the barrel into an original model from the bottle rack!

interesting design of the diy wine rack with holes

Build a bottle rack yourself - an easy and pleasant task

small-wine-rack-self-build-vertical-boardHere we show you more ideas for how to get involved Build a wine rack yourself could. Enjoy it!

traditional-design-wine-cabinet-from-wood-build yourself


keep wine bottle ideas white stones

wine rack-build-small-and-practical-roet color

Wine rack diy model made from a wooden board

wine rack-self-build-out-wood-in the room

wine rack-self-build-idea-for-the-kitchen new model

weinregal-selbst-bauen-do it yourself ideas

wine rack-self-build-red-color-elegant form

wine rack-self-build-creative-design-material made of wood

wine rack-self-build-creative-design-to-hang on the wall

wine rack-stein-selbst-bauen- on the gray wall

wine stand-wood-on-the-wall - look modern

wine stand-wood-self-build- hang on the wall

Wine rack-wood-self-build- hanging glasses

wine rack wood white wall decorative plant

wine stand-making-yourself- three wine bottlesWe hope to have you convinced that every home dweller Wine rack itself to build could.

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