Canning with tin cans: 61 great ideas!

In every household there are certainly many used and useless cans that are thrown away in most cases. With a little imagination and creativity they can be turned into beautiful, unique things! Canning with cans is not a difficult task and also helps you to save money. Have fun!

No matter what you make, you should first rinse the cans well and remove the labels. If you do not get injured, we recommend that you use a can opener, which ensures that the cans do not have sharp edges. After completing these steps, you can use the simple boxes to make great everyday items. For example, old tin cans can be used to make beautiful pencil holders. All you need is a tin and a little glue and you can use all the materials you like - wrapping paper, colorful napkins, fabrics, lace, beads, ribbons etc. The design possibilities are endless and depend only on your own taste. The cans can also be stored in beautiful storage boxes, containers for the bathroom, jewelery boxes and more. turn. Also very popular are the lanterns, which can be made very easily. Here are some instructions: Draw your desired motifs on a sheet of paper and stick it on the tin. Depending on the subject, the lantern will give a nice effect when lighting the candle. Hammer holes with a hammer and a nail along the line of the motif. Then paint the can as you wish with acrylic paint or varnish, let it dry and then it's done! Now you have a beautiful lantern that fills your home with a warm, sparkling candle light, giving it a cozy atmosphere! The cans are also great for pretty herb and flower pots for the garden, the living room or the balcony. Take a look at the following video and get some inspiration.

Canning with cans: Make a beautiful flower vase yourself

Canning with cans: ideas and inspirations

new-craft ideas-Pots-of-cans-grind-deco-green-plant

From the old tin can be made really good items!

1-tinker-with-cans-stifstehalter-rose-konservendose-scissors-washi-tapes boxes

Wonderful colorful pencil holders from tin cans

1-make-creative-craft ideas-tin cans Colorful-paper-scissors-pencils-stifehalter-yourself

A super creative floor lamp

new-craft ideas-stehlampe-of-silver-konservendose-diy-wood

Decorate tin with linen

4-tinker-with-dose pencils-pointed-rose-pearl-diy-penholder-tin-decorate

Beautiful flower pots made of cans

4-creative-Bastelideen-tin-colored paper-and-pencil floral-green-plant-spray

Decorate cans with colorful pastels

7-creative-tinker-cans-platikloeffeln-fork-loop-diy-colorful-pastel pencils

A super cool idea!

11 creative-Bastelideen-Minion-tin-farbstifte-diy-scissors-paper-cardboard

Very easy


Let your imagination run wild!

12 creative-Bastelideen-tin-Pots Flower plant-diy

12-creative-craft ideas-konservendose-linen-roses-pencils-stifthalter-yourself-make

13-wind lights-out-of-box-yourself-make-hammer-nail wood-garden-man

7-creative-tinker-flower pot-of-konservendose-green-plant-diy-drill-wood

tinker-with-cans-decorate-colorful-pastel pencils-paper-diy-teller


Beautiful decorations made of cans, fabric and small figures


tinker-with-can-and-white-flowers-rope-flowerpot-diy idea

tinker-with-can-and-white-lace flowers-pearl flower pot-pink flowers

tinker-with-tin cans-flower pot-in-white-and-gold flower-vase Picture Frame Decorations

tinker-with-make-tin cans-flowerpot-washy tapes-white-flowers-yourself

4-tinker-with-tin cans-card-flower pot-green-plant-dose diy

Christmas tree from tin cans?

tinker-with-tin cans-diy-christmas-of-grpnen-cans-golden-star-pompoms

tinker-with-tin cans-big-boxes-paper-with-flowers-shelves-bathroom trash can

tinker-with-tin cans-wood-flower pot-in-different-colors-green-plant

tinker-with-tin cans and black-boxes-clip-Pots-green-plant-books

tinker-with-tin cans-spray-bottle-candlestick-yourself-make-hammer

tinker-with-tin cans Christmas Tree-of-box-red-weihnachtskugeln-vogelbeeren

Colorful candle holders

tinker-with-tin cans and white-cans-washy tapes Candles-candle holders-diy

cool-things-tinker-flower pot-of-cans-green-plant-diy-white-color


cool-things-tinker-colorful-cans-pointed-tin cans-deco-thread-paper

Alarm clock from small tins and wine corks

cool-things-tinker-dose-hammer-clock-scissors-green-spray-weinkork Brand

cool-things-tinker-konservendose-lamp-light-diy-yourself-making creative diy Idea

cool-things-tinker-konservendose Brand-hammer-drill diy-decorate-

cool-things-tinker-konservendose-white-lace pink-ribbon-white-paper-with-roses

cool-things-golden-color-shear-pins halter-yourself-make-basten tin cans

creative craft-ideas-old-tin cans Pencils-pink-flowers-window-stifthalter

Pretty flowerpots with colorful thread

creative craft-ideas-Pots-off tin cans-thread-in-different-colors

creative craft-ideas-konservendose lamps-hammer-diy-pink cloth

tin cans-deco-white-color-candlestick-candles-light-diy flowers

creative craft-ideas-tin cans and white-steinchen-green-plant-wanddeko

Delight your little ones with a drum from a tin and a balloon

creative craft-ideas-konservendose-washi-tapes-scissors-balon-drum

creative craft-ideas-wall lamp-from-konservendose-light-diy-lighting

creative-tinker-cans-making with papier-decorate--stifstehalter-yourself-

creative-tinker-tin cans-making paint-pencils-ballpoint-stifstehalter-sselber-

tinker-with-cans-paint-spray-flower pot-green-plant-diy

Use the old tin cans to make a great bird feeder

new-craft ideas-green-konservendose-purple-loop-feed-bird-garden


creative-craft-paper-in-white-and-blue-pencils-ballpoint-pen-holder himself-making

blank-dose cans Lace Pink loop blue-material-with Rose diy

empty-cans-with-colored-paper-decorate-pins halter-yourself-make-thread-scissors Pencils

new-craft ideas-tin cans-decorate-hamer-color-scissors-thread

new-craft ideas-stehlampe-of-wood-and-konservendose-diy-light-flower-making

Some ideas for beautiful canned lanterns


wind lights-out-of-box-flowerpot-pink-floral-romantic-candle-tartaric kisse-garden

wind lights-out-boxes-garden-light-grass-tin cans-diy-candlestick

wind lights-out-of-box-big-konservendose-stars-light-candlestick-diy

wind lights-out-of-box-big-tin cans-garden-wood-candlestick-tree

wind lights-out-can-Candle-candlestick-diy-light-yourself-making konservendose

wind lights-out-of-box-candlestick-konservendose-diy-light-lighting

wind lights-out-can-and-white-tin cans-table-chairs-fork-teller-dining room

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