Crafting toilet paper rolls – 40 amazing results!

A thing we think is garbage can suddenly become beautiful and useful. Now we tell about Basteln with toilet paper rolls. After the role has no more function, you can use it as a jewelry. They want to do something with the children and learn to recycle the little ones a bit! Then you have hit right here, because we give forty craft ideas with toilet paper rolls.

Simple craft ideas are to draw something on it. With felt-tip pens, colors, even toddlers can do something with it. It is enough to paint the role of the eyes and mouth, so that this becomes a human, a real doll to play. If you want something intricate shape, decorate the toilet paper roll with colored paper. This is what makes owls, cats and other animals out of it. Why do not you even create the popular heroes of children like the Minions! This works if you cut the colored paper like the desired toy. Then glue this around the roll by letting a bit of paper up and down for the holes. When the glue is dry, fold the edges. Decorate with eyes, caps and others, as you can see in the picture gallery. You can also create a thematic decoration from the role - for festivals such as Halloween and Christmas! For recycled artwork, you can slice the roll and arrange it like flowers. They fold a bit and color and the contemporary artists will envy you. So we show how something ordinary can be saved from the garbage can. Enjoy our examples of Basteln with toilet paper rolls!

Very current crafts with toilet paper rolls

Craft Ideas-with-toilet rolls-from-Angry-Birds

Very simple, but nice crafts with toilet paper rolls

Craft Ideas-with-toilet rolls-a-Achtfüßer

Make a farm out of toilet paper

Craft Ideas-with-toilet rolls-a-Farm

Crafting with toilet paper rolls is amusing for the kids

Craft Ideas-with-toilet rolls-a-snake

Toilet paper rolls serve as dolls

Craft Ideas-with-toilet rolls-just-for-Halloween

The iron is a popular toy. You can make it out of toilet paper rolls!

Craft Ideas Superhero with-toilet rolls-a-

You need many roles for this heart!

Craft Ideas-with-toilet rolls Red Heart

The cottages and their inhabitants are so cute

Craft Ideas-with-toilet paper rolls Colorful houses

The children are looking forward to making something for themselves

Craft Ideas-with-toilet rolls Two-easier-Achtfüßler

Simple ideas for crafting with children

Tinker-with-children Colorful Butterflies

The bear's head is additionally painted and glued


You can use other materials to make crafting more attractive

Tinker-with-children-a Lion

Make various animals from toilet paper roll


Tinker-with-children-many possibilities

Thematic decoration for Halloween

Tinker-with-children-many monsters

Tinker-with-children-two mummies

Plants are also to tinker


Craft Ideas-with-toilet rolls-from-many

Tinker-with-toilet rolls-a-flower

Heroes from cartoons as well!

Tinker-with-toilet rolls-from-a-movie

Tinker-with-toilet rolls-from-a-movie-simple

Tinker-with-toilet rolls-the-royal-family

Building from toilet paper rolls

Tinker-with-toilet rolls-a-house

Tinker-with-toilet rolls-a-castle

Cool craft ideas from toilet paper

Tinker-with-toilet rolls Funny Bees

Tinker-with-toilet rolls Sweet Cat

In the winter you make a lot!

Tinker-with-toilet paper roll for Christmas

Tinker-with-toilet rolls Two penguin

Owls are the easiest to shape

Working creatively Owl-in-pink color

Working creatively Owl-with-brown-paper

painted with felt pen-craft template Owl

Find creative ideas!


Easy-craft ideas-a-beautiful-flower

Easy-craft ideas-a wreath

Easy-craft ideas-a-girl


Easy-Bastelideen game cars-in-different-color

Easy-craft ideas-like star in roles

Easy-craft ideas-two monkeys

Easy-craft ideas-two-as-real-butterflies

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