Hanging balcony plants for magnificent outdoor spaces!

You come home after a long day of work and even from the bottom you notice a beautiful balcony with colorful plants that make the view so great. You would envy this homeowner if ... Stop! Yes, that's actually your balcony with the beautiful flora up there. Then smile because you are a proud balcony owner! Or - you are not aware of this situation and you are exactly that pedestrian jealous of the balcony with the cool hanging decoration. Again stop! Well ... you can also create a super balcony with greens. We show you some ideas!

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Hanging balcony plants for magnificent outdoor spaces!

There are actually quite a few plants that are suitable for the balcony conditions. Of course you have to remember what kind of balcony your offers: light, humidity, shade, water supply. If you are clear, you are already ready to select your balcony plants.

Balcony plants are usually annuals that bloom only one summer and can be brought inside in winter. Balcony plants are usually no larger than 60 cm. When it comes to climbing plants, this is the minimum limit. Hanging balcony plants are usually preferred if you want to use them as a natural privacy screen for the balcony. Most balcony plants love sunny and partially shaded locations, but there are also some plants for the balcony, which are also suitable for the shade.

Decorate hanging balcony plants with colorful pots


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To arrange the balcony with hanging plants you simply need boxes, sand and soil and the chosen flowers, e.g. Geraniums, begonias, fuchsias, hanging larks.

 Hanging balcony plants for partially shaded balconies

Particularly well known and popular here are the begonias, which you can arrange hanging in many colors. Begonias bloom in the colors red, white, pink, yellow, orange and red. Fuchsia, which look pretty great while hanging, bloom from May to October. The flowers are often even two-colored and can be white, pink and purple.

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 Hanging balcony plants for sunny balconies 

Geraniums belong to the flowers, which develop a lot of blooms and can be hanging very well used as a balcony plant. The flowers bloom from May to October and need a place that has a lot of sun. You should water the geraniums regularly, but avoid waterlogging. The lesser-known hanging balcony plants include the hawthorns. These flowers bloom in the colors white and pink and form a dense flower carpet.



Hanging balcony plants with hanging terraces

hanging-balkonpflanzen-roof terrace


hanging-balkonpflanzen-yellow-blue-gr [n

Hanging balcony plants in the true sense

hanging-balkonpflanzen baskets





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We hope you enjoyed our article for hanging balcony plants! More suggestions for decoration with plants you can also find in our next posts.

Good luck with the design of your Green Oasis!

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