Jewelry made of coffee capsules – creative ways to recycle

We all know how recycling saves our planet. The environment is already burdened by increasing numbers of waste. Instead of throwing everything away, you can create art! Here we come with a DIY proposal - Jewelry made of coffee capsules. They surprise you how beautiful pieces can be made from this alleged garbage. In our picture gallery you will discover over 40 ideas of what Nespresso capsules can do.

Our team will gladly answer the question of how to make coffee capsules into a beautiful flower.

First, we need seven Nespresso capsules and some tools that can be found in every house. First you should remove the filter and clean the capsule thoroughly. Then the materials should be flattened. It works best with two boards by placing the capsule in between. Then the flat capsules fold in the middle. With the help of a pair of grip pliers, you shape the flowers, using the tool in the center. Open the leaves made in this way. In case a leaf is not perfect, it can still be used. Just open it all the way to lay in the middle. When the preparation is done, stick the leftovers on the last flat capsule according to the desired pattern. Cut the edge of a capsule and roll it to serve as a stamen. You can use the end product as a hair accessory, belt buckle or brooch.

Discover in our picture gallery still beautiful ideas how you can make jewelry from coffee capsules yourself. We look forward to your DIY projects!

Jewelry made of coffee capsules - beautiful bracelets

tinker-with-coffee capsules three-colored wristbands-on-wood

The final product from the above guide

tinker-with-coffee capsules-as-flowers-as-you-it-yourself making

Garland as jewelry made of coffee capsules

tinker-with-coffee capsules-a-garland-of-coffee capsule-in-different-colors

Creative ideas for the hallway

Tinker-with-coffee capsules-trailer-like-a-flower-on-wood

If you are an advanced, you can make such jewelry from coffee capsules

tinker-geflechtet with coffee-capsules-a-necklace-complicated-

Unique earrings made from Nespresso capsules

tinker-with-coffee capsules earrings-in-purple color

Create hair jewelry yourself

tinker-with-coffee capsules-jewelry-for-the-hair-in-red-and-green-color

Jewels like works of art

tinker-with coffee capsules Two Rose-beige one-and-a-blue

Revalued Bijous

coffee capsules-tinker-bracelet-with-two-flowers-in-white-and-green

Make rings of coffee capsules yourself

coffee capsules-tinker-yellow-and-blue-rings

Discover our other creative ideas

coffee capsules-tinker-with-black-roses-on-chain

schmuck-of-coffee capsule-bracelet-off rolled-coffee capsule-in-different-colors

schmuck-of-coffee capsules encapsulate bracelet-with-big-blue-glass bead-in-the-middle-of-

schmuck-of-coffee capsule-colorful-butterflies-with-glass-bead

Necklace and earrings in combination

schmuck-of-coffee capsules-a-set-of-necklace-and-matching earrings

schmuck-of-coffee capsules-a-set-of-many-different-color-of-coffee capsules

schmuck-of-coffee capsules-necklace-and-earrings-in-green-color

Coffee capsule as a decoration

schmuck-of-coffee capsule-in-dark-color-for-the-mirror

schmuck-of-coffee capsules-necklace-in-the-color-of-rainbow

schmuck-of-coffee capsule-creative-combination-of-coffee capsule-like abstract-flower

schmuck-of-coffee-capsules roseblueten-with-blaettern-so-beautiful

Let your imagination run wild!

jewelry from coffee capsules butterfly-rose-and-button as Ornament

schmuck-yourself-are-a-blue-Hand Out-coffee capsules bracelet-from-single-

schmuck-of itself-make-a-necklace-from share-decorated coffee-capsule-three-with-glass-bead-

schmuck-of-coffee-capsules themselves-are-just-earrings-yourself-make

Beautiful girl, beautiful jewelry

schmuck-of-coffee-capsules themselves-make-a-haarschmuck

schmuck-of-coffee-capsules themselves-make-a-set-for-young-lady

Loving jewelry

schmuck-of-coffee-capsules themselves-are-for-valentine

schmuck-of-coffee-capsules themselves-make-necklace-with-schoener Ornament

schmuck-selbermachen create out-coffee capsules-with---druckknoepfen-earrings-

schmuck-of-itself make use coffee-capsules-with-druckknoepfen-to--

Jewels that are real eye-catchers

schmuck-of-coffee-capsules themselves-do-with-pattern-of-sun

schmuck-of-coffee-capsules themselves-are-different-insect-yourself-make

schmuck-of-coffee-capsules themselves-making first-cut-elegant-necklace

jewelry-off Nespresso capsules and blue-rose-than-necklace-and-blue earrings

Coffee capsules and decoration accessories

jewelry-from-nespresso capsules-a-lichterkette

jewelry-off Nespresso capsules-a-tuerkranz-with-a-orange-band

jewelry-from-nespresso capsules-gebeugene-coffee capsules-on-driftwood

jewelry-from-nespresso capsule-in-green-and-red-to-Append

jewelry-from-nespresso capsules-necklace-with-red-circling

Still imaginative ideas to imitate

jewelry-off Nespresso capsules-with-as-at-the-indian-with-hanging-schtuecken

jewelry-from-nespresso capsules-earrings-and-necklace-with-many-small-white-pearl

schmuck-encapsulate-nespresso-collect-them-to-different-kinds-on-a-chain of

jewelry-from-nespresso capsules-as-flowers-with-red-candles-in-the-middle

jewelry-from-nespresso capsules-as-magnificent Cathedral of Flowers

jewelry-from-nespresso capsules-as-two-engel

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