Make jewelry stand yourself: Interesting ideas and detailed instructions for crafting

The jewels are the best friends of every woman. They enhance the outfit and express our individuality. Very often, however, we simply place our jewelry on the make-up table or put it in a drawer where they lie on top of each other. All this can damage the jewelry and reduce its lifespan. A jewelry stand provides the ideal solution to avoid this problem! Take a look at our great ideas on how to make a jewelery stand yourself and create your own jewelery store!

Make jewelry stand yourself: DIY ring stand

ring stand made of pink and white tone decorated with colored pencils, golden rings


  • pink and white tone
  • Colored pencils in your favorite colors

Make jewelry stand yourself - materials

materials for a diy ring stand - clay and colored pencils

  1. Take a piece of white clay and start kneading it. Make a ball of it and let it aside.
  2. Now do the same with a piece of pink clay.
  3. Next, mix the two pieces of clay together and model the shape of your ring stand.
  4. Place the ring stand on a baking tray and bake for about 20 minutes at 275 degrees.
  5. Allow the ring stand to cool well before using it.

Present your rings in style!

tinker ring stand made of clay in pink and white, clay knead

Make jewelry stand yourself: earring holder from picture frame

crafting earrings, picture frames, earrings, jewelry, plant


  • Picture frame of your choice
  •  2 picture hanger
  • Wire cutter
  • stapler
  • Hot glue gun
  • wire mesh
  • black bow
  • ruler

Earring holder made of picture frames - materials

tinker earring holder, golden picture frame, wire mesh, pliers, rope

  1. Measure the height and width of the opening of the picture frame.
  2. Draw a shape on the wire mesh that has these dimensions. Cut the shape with the wire cutter adding another 1-2 centimeters.
  3. Now clip the wire mesh to the picture frame. For more stability, also glue the corner of the wire net with the hot glue.
  4. Attach the picture hangers to the two opposite sides of the frame and tie black bow to it.

* Depending on your preferences, you can also make this jewelry stand with lace instead of wire mesh.

This frame provides enough space for your beautiful earrings!

earring holder, black bow, golden picture frame, wire mesh

Make jewelry stand yourself: Elegant jewelry stand made of copper pipes


  • Copper pipe with a length of 2.5 meters
  • 3 pipeline parts
  • Pipe cutter
  • drill
  • Drill mandrel - 1/2 inch
  • piece of wood
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Start by making a hole in the middle of the piece of wood with the help of the drill.
  2. Now cut a long piece of copper pipe with the pipe cutter. This will be the basis of your jewelry stand.
  3. Cut another 3 pieces of copper tube to your desired length (this depends on the design you have chosen for your jewelry stand).
  4. Attach the pipes to each other using the pipe parts.
  5. Lastly, stick your jewelry stand to the piece of wood with the hot glue gun and that's all.

* To make this jewelry stand even more effective, you can decorate the piece of wood with color.

Step-by-step instructions

Driftwood jewelery stand

chain stand made of driftwood tinker, branch, thread, golden bowl, cupboard


  • drift wood
  • Acrylic paint in your favorite shades
  • golden hook bolts
  • brush
  • Thread / yarn
  • duct tape
  • abrasive paper

Driftwood jewelery stand - materials

crafting a chain stand - materials, adhesive tape, brush, branch, driftwood

  1. First, sand the driftwood with sandpaper to make it smooth.
  2. Now decorate the driftwood to your heart's content. Take the tape and glue it to the branch the way you like it. Make sure that where there is tape, the wood will remain uncoloured.
  3. Paint the branch with paint and let it dry well.
  4. After the paint has dried, peel off the tape.
  5. Next, attach the hook bolts to the branch. Use as many hook bolts as you need for your jewelry.
  6. The last step is to make the hanger of your jewelry stand. Take a piece of thread and knot its two ends around the branch.

This jewelry stand is also an effective wall decoration, with which every wall becomes an eye-catcher

chain stand, necklaces, wood, paint, thread, scarf, hook bolts

Jewelery stand made of screens

canvases, jewelry, necklaces with crystals, bangles, earrings


  •  4 white screens
  • Furniture knobs made of wood
  • Hot glue gun
  • wall hooks
  • pencil
  • ruler

What do you need?

white canvas, pencil, wood furniture knobs, golden necklaces

  1. First, decide which pieces of jewelery you want to hang on the jewelry stand.
  2. With the help of the pencil and the ruler you make points where the furniture knobs should be positioned.
  3. Stick the furniture knobs to the canvas with the hot glue gun and wait a few minutes for the glue to dry well.
  4. Attach the wall hooks to the wall and hang the screens on top.

* To hang your earrings, make only small holes in the canvas (see the picture below).

Super simple and stylish

white canvases, wooden furniture knobs, trinkets

Jewelry stand made of plates

DIY jewelry stand made of plates themselves, trinkets, egg cups


  • 3 plates of your choice (it is best to use plates of different sizes)
  • 2 egg cups
  • superglue
  • a sheet of paper
  • toothpick


egg cup, white plate with blue flowers, seconds glue

  1. Coat the sheet of paper with a bit of superglue.
  2. With the help of the toothpicker you provide the upper edge of the eggcup with super glue and place it with the opening down on the largest plate. Make sure the eggcup is in the middle.
  3. Coat the lower edge of the eggcup with glue and place the medium sized plate on top.
  4. Now repeat steps 2 and 3: Apply superglue to the top of the second egg cup and place it face down in the center of the plate. Apply glue to the bottom edge of the eggcup and place the smallest plate on top.
  5. Let your jewelry stand dry overnight before using it.

How can you arrange your jewelry? 

The best place the rings on the upper, the bangles on the middle and the necklaces on the lower plate. So your jewelry will be perfectly ordered!

* Be careful with this jewelry stand as it can be easily broken.

Step-by-step instructions

adhesive, toothpicks, plates, cups, jewelery, golden trinkets

Make jewelery stands out of coat hooks

make jewelry stand yourself, coat hooks, earrings, necklaces, bracelets


  • wooden clothes hook
  • silver hook bolts
  • adjusting screw
  • nail
  • screwdriver

DIY jewelry stand - materials

screwdriver, hook screws, nail, wooden clothes hook

  1. Take the adjustment screw and press on the coat hook to make a hole. Insert a hook screw into the hole and start to tighten it with the help of the nail (see picture below). Continue until all hook bolts are attached to the coat hook. Make sure that the hook bolts are equidistant from each other.
  2. Now you can hang your jewelry on the jewelry stand.

* Depending on your preferences, you can decorate the coat hook with color. So your DIY jewelry stand really unique!

One, two, three and your DIY jewelry stand is ready!

make jewelry stand yourself, earrings, coat hooks, hook screws

Did you like our suggestions for a self-made jewelry stand? You can find many more DIY ideas here.

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make jewelry stand yourself from branches, white jewelery box, earring stand

making jewelry stands out of branches, stones, necklaces, jewelry tree

making jewelry stand yourself, branch, white thread, golden and silver necklaces

Make an effective bangle stand

Make your own jewelry stand out of kitchen paper roll, paint brush, adhesive, scissors

Making jewelry stand yourself from black and white clay, cactus, white flower pot

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make yourself jewelry stand, wooden earring stand decorated with color, yellow earrings

making jewelry stand yourself, wood, scissors, thread, adhesive tape, colored pencil

Reindeer Antlers Schmuckständer

Make jewelry stand yourself, golden bowl, antlers, big rings

making jewelry stands yourself out of wooden boards, antlers, necklaces

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jewelry stand diy, white frame with ornaments, jewelry, jewelery boxes

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diy wooden stick rack, wristwatch, bracelets, large, necklace

pink earring stand made of wooden sticks, golden earrings with pearls

diy wooden racks and golden tubes, earrings

wooden earring stand and chain stand, earrings, necklace with silver beads, jewelery

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Elegant and stylish

jewelry storage from plates, coffee cup, earrings, golden necklace, pearl necklace

Doing your own jewelry making, drifting with driftwood, bracelets, bracelets

Make your own jewelry made of wood, white color, jewelry

Wine bottles decorated with color, glitter and thread, bracelets

small white bowl, cactus crafts, knife, rings

tinker with wood, brush, drill, white color, bracelets

necklaces with wooden beads and tassels, bracelets, jewelry

Wooden chain stand with crystal stones

white wooden boards, colorful stones, adhesive, diy chain stand

many necklaces, jewelry, picture, book, shelf, colored pencils, nail polish

Make earring stand yourself. black frame, glue, sponge brush

earring stand, earrings, black frame, scissors, beige fabric with geometric figures

make jewelry storage yourself from wood and golden pipe, necklaces, chain stands

Earring stand made of hoop and lace

DIY earring stand, white lace, bow, hoop, earrings

diy chain stand, wooden triangles, necklaces, vase, table

diy chain stand, wooden and tubular bracelet stand, hammer, adhesive

pink rub, bow, small earrings, diy earring stand

pink chain stand, many golden necklaces with crystals

wooden stick chain stand, round mirror, adhesive, jewelry storage

picture, drill, wooden boards, stugl, jewelry, sunglasses, jewelry stand

diy wooden chain holder, crystal handles in the form of flowers

black homemade wooden chain stand, handles, white rose

Turn a pin board into jewelry stand

chain stand made of pin board, soff and golden elements

wooden drawer in jewelry stand transform, paint, paint brush, jewelry

white bracelet stand, wood jewelry stand, frame, jewelry, sunglasses

diy bracelet stand, wooden chain stand, trinkets, bracelets, necklaces

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