Make snowman – easy instructions and beautiful pictures

Christmas is coming soon! The most popular festival is approaching with big steps and it can be said that the preparation time and this Christmas decoration have already begun. Of course, the snowman is an inseparable part of the magical Christmas decoration and for that reason we show you how to make your own snowman. It is very easy and fun - you could make snowmen with children and enjoy the time together. We'll show you a lot of tutorials and video tutorials that will help you a lot. In addition, we have collected for you the most beautiful pictures with small homemade snowmen, from which you could draw inspiration.

Let your imagination run wild and prove your creativity! With such little snowmen, each one of us will have the chance to enjoy Christmas in a festive atmosphere and comfortable environment. One of the biggest advantages of these DIY snowmen is that you should not wait for the first snow for that purpose. You could always make your own snowman yourself.

Make a snowman - below you will find one of our guides. We'll show you how to make a little snowman out of a white sock

tinker snowman - a white snowman made of socks and with a red hat and a red scarf

If you choose such a snowman, you will not make a mistake. Because everything that you need for this purpose, usually has each of us at home. You need:

  • a white sock
  • a small colored piece of fabric - for the scarf of the little snowman. The choice of color depends of course on your own wishes and ideas.
  • a string
  • rice
  • 2-3 colored buttons
  • 3 pins - for the eyes of our snowman we used two black pins and an orange pin for his nose
  • scissors
  • Glue

Now you should just follow the steps of our guide

a diy instruction - a little white sock and two hands with rings - making a snowman

Step 1: First you should cut off the white sock under the heel

snowman tinkering instructions - a pair of scissors and a white soche and two hands of a woman

Step 2: Turn the sock over. The end should be tied with a string. Turn the sock over and fill it with rice

two hands of a woman - delight and a white sock - snowman making socks out of socks

Step 3: Tie the top of the sock with the string. Now you should fix the head of your snowman with a string. Keep in mind that it should be narrower compared to the lower part and the belly. Then take a piece of cloth and make a scarf! 

little white snowman with a gray scarf - two hands of a woman - glue and a white sock - snowman tinkering instruction

Step 4: Take the remaining part of the sock and make a cap out of it. So that your little snowman can see too, use black pins. An orange pin for the nose. The buttons could simply be attached with the glue

a white snowman with a gray scarf and two blue buttons and black eyes

So beautiful and cute should your first DIY snowman look! 

a snowman with a gray scarf, black eyes, blue buttons - making snowman out of socks

Here is a video tutorial - a little girl shows you how to make a snowman. As mentioned above, this crafting idea is perfect for little kids 

We show you some pictures with ideas for DIY snowmen out of socks, from which you could draw inspiration - here is a little snowman with small Christmas decorations

little white snowman from a white sock with black eyes, brown buttons, a green fir-tree and a green heart

Sweet DIY snowman with a blue scarf 

little white snowman with two blue buttons, two black eyes and a white hat - making a snowman out of socks

Beautiful snowmen can not only be made from socks, but also from white paper cups. Below you will find even a very easy step-by-step video tutorial. For such a paper cup snowman you need the following materials:

  • a white paper cup
  • a paper muffin mold
  • three pompons
  • one pink and two black buttons
  • Paint Pens - White and Black
  • Glue

Make Paper Cup Snowmen 

Another idea for a little paper cup snowman 

olaf schneemann tinker - a little white snowman with three little black buttons and an orange nose - snowman made of plastic

A snowman can also be made from an old light bulb. For the final result, you should work with precision and for this reason, this is a craft idea rather for adults. For this you need:

  • a light bulb
  • white color, cotton or polystyrene
  • window Color
  • a sock
  • scissors
  • line
  • needle
  • tongs

A little tip from us: It is very important that you do not use an energy-saving lamp for this purpose, but an old light bulb with wire. The reason for this is that there are toxic gases in many energy-saving lamps and there is a risk that they emit when opening. Here's how to break the socket and the top of the light bulb. After that, the wires from your light bulb can come out very easily. The next step is to fill the bulb with cotton wool, polystyrene or white paint through the hole thus formed. You could use a sock for the snowman's hat.

That way, you can make a snowman from an old light bulb yourself 

little white snowman with black eyes - a diy instruction - snowman making tinker

Here is another video tutorial about making a snowman out of a light bulb, which can help you a lot

If you feel like making a unique snowman yourself, follow the steps in this guide 

a snowman from a small lightbulb - white snowman with red buttons and hens and black eyes - snowman making instructions

Tinker snowman from bottle caps - here you will find a very easy manual. You only need three bottle caps, a ribbon, colorful buttons, glue, black and orange paint 

simple instruction - tinker snowman - white snowmen with black eyes and brown and blue buttons and shells

In this way you can also make a snowman out of chopsticks yourself 

wooden snowman tinker - snowman with an orange nose and black buttons and a black hat

Tinker snowman from an old light bulb 

little white snowman with a green scarf and little black eyes and a gray hat - a DIY guide - crafts snowman

Crafting ideas for children - still a guide to the topic of making snowman sock 

instructing snowman making socks - white socks and a white snowman with scarf and colorful buttons

Now we show you one of our favorite ideas for DIY snowmen - little snowmen made of cork 

snowmen from cork - little snowman with black eyes and an orange nose

little white snowman with black eyes out of two black buttons and with an orange nose - a DIY guide - making a snowman

Do you want to have some nice Christmas balls for the Christmas tree? Take a look at this guide:

Snowman from a white pumpkin - with black eyes, an orange nose and a red hat - making snowman

Another great crafting idea - making snowmen out of old plastic cups themselves 

If you choose such a DIY snowman, you will also help nature as it will allow you to recycle and reuse old plastic cups 

Beautiful snowman made of plastic cups - reuse instead of throw away! 

tinker snowman - white snowman made of white plastic mug with an orange nose, black eyes and buttons

Below we show you some pictures with cute little DIY snowmen out of white socks 

little white snowmen with colorful bowls and yellow, blue and red buttons - making snowman out of socks

Such DIY snowmen are also great gifts for Christmas 

two white snowmen made of white socks - with shells, hats, black eyes and gray buttons and oranges and red flowers

little white snowman with a blue scarf and three purple and white buttons - making snowman out of socks

Little snowmen for a cozy and festive atmosphere 

four white snowmen made of white socks and with black eyes and a little purple flower and with hats - making snowman

three white little snowmen with blue little knobs with moon - snowman with scarf tinker

diy snowmen from light bulbs - with little black eyes and black buttons and a orange nose - tinker snowman

Here is a craft idea that would appeal to hobby gardeners - a white snowman from a flower pot. With such a snowman, you can also beautify your own garden

little white snowman with black eyes and an orange nose - making snowman out of flower pot

making snowman out of flower pots - a snowman with black eyes and with a red scarf and black button and a black hat

snowmen made of wood and with black eyes and black buttons and green and red shells

Crafts with children - for such a snowman you need toilet paper rolls, polystyrene balls and muffin cases 

Unique snowmen from toilet paper rolls 

tinker snowman - little white snowmen from toilet paper - snowmen with black eyes and orange noses

Cute snowmen made of wood 

make snowman himself from wood - three snowmen with orange noses, small black eyes and black and red hats

Tinker about snowman 

wooden tinker - snowman with black eyes, a scarf, hat and black buttons

little white snowman with black eyes and an orange nose - snowman making styrofoam

If you feel like helping nature, you could also reuse the old tires of your car and make a decorative snowman 

big snowman with a red scarf, a black hat and an orange nose - snowman from white tire

Snowman from tires 

white snowman from mature and with a bantham scarf, black little eyes - snowman from mature crafts

Schneeman tinker 

two big white snowmen from mature and with black hats, black eyes and black buttons

diy snowmen making white socks - with wooden buttons and with bowls

white snowmen made of wood with black hats with a black rose, with black eyes and oranges noses us bowls with a heart

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 

diy ideas - a santa claus with black eyes and three red tires

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