Over 40 creative suggestions on how to make hair clips yourself

For you or for your girls you can at any time Make hair clips yourself. These accessories are not that hard to create. If you start such a DIY project, you will have a unique hair accessory that will make your hairstyles look amazing. In addition, you can tinker with children together, which is fun for everyone. Finally, the little ones are proud of their new barrette and brag about the homemade. You will discover many DIY instructions - for example, you can tape on both sides of a hair clip. In this post, we give advice on how to make hair clips like golden branches themselves.

You need:

  1. Haarklemmen
  2. Artificial branches
  3. Golden spray
  4. adhesive

What are you doing?

First, cut the artificial twigs to match the length of the hairpins. Second, dye the pieces with the golden spray - we recommend placing them on a sheet of paper so as not to get dirty. Let the golden branches dry out and then glue the hairpins on top.

It's so easy to have a hair clip for a chic hairstyle. Then discover our other creative suggestions on the subject Make hair clips yourself. The best idea is the hair clip with letters on it, which are also easy to create. Have fun crafting!

Make hair clips for little girls themselves

  Hair-yourself-make-out-of-band with-hearts-and-blue-button

Creative ways how to make hair clips yourself

Hair-himself-making instructions-from-green-threads

What use are you to beautify the hair clips


Make vintage hair clips yourself


Glue hair clip with colorful ribbons

Hair-himself-do-in-so-many different-colored

The end product of our guide

Hair clips-yourself-do-in-golden-color

Decorate leather with the shape of heart hair clips


Make baby hair accessories

Hair clips-children-in-pink-and-blue-color

Handmade jewelry for little princess

Hair clips-child-with-colorful-associations-for-sweet-girl

Old toys - new hair clips

Hair clips-child-decorated with small-game-witness

Let's create delicious hair clips!

Hair clips-child-with-funny-form-of-fruits

Still beautiful and creative ideas!

Hair clips-kids-cute-flower-in-pink-and-white-with-glass beads-in-the-middle

Hair clips-girl-from-denim-manual-in-five-steps

Hair clips-girl-from-gray-band-as-a-flower

Hair clips-girl-a-guide-to-checkered-band

Cute bunnies!

Hair clips-girl-with-small-bunny-in-different-colors

Hair clips-girl-with-roses-in-pink-color-of-the-end

First you need - ribbons, hair clips, figures and glass beads

Hair clips-girl-what-useful-to-create-

First, stick the hairclip to the band

itself-make-gewöhlichen-exclusive-to-band hair clips-girl-

Second, stick the figures on it

Hair clips-sew-many funny-form-of-butterflies-and-flowers

Third, add the flowers to the beads!


Then give it away for your birthday! Perfect DIY gift for the little ones!


Halloween hair clip

Hair clips-girl-like-a-black-bat

Unusual ideas to imitate

Hair clips-sew-on-blond-hair-with-many-small-glass beads

Haarspangen-sew-off buttons-fasten

Hair clips-sew-off shells-create-natural-materials

Hair clips-sew-bands-as-schwetterlinge-to-points

Hair clips-sew-hair jewelry-making itself-

It's not that difficult for you to create these examples yourself

Hair clips-sew-with-glätzenden-sternen-cut-myself

Hair clips-sew-with-roses-in-different-colors

Hair clips-sew-as-rain ground-clasp-to-make-yourself

Haarspangen-sew-like wind-Müllen-molded-with-buttons-in-the-middle

Hair clips-sew-on-eve-glätzende-star-in-yellow-blue-and-red

Ideas and instructions

   Hair clips-yourself-make-a-guide-for-tender-rosenblüten

Hair clips-yourself-make-a-chain-in-the-color-of-rainbow-for-hairstyle

Hair clips-yourself-making five-creative-proposals-with-flowers

Hair clips-myself-making yellow-blütten-yourself-create

We value creativity!

Hair clips-yourself-make-small-heart-with-brocade

Hair clips-yourself-making with-glass bead-like-flower-ordered-for-long-hair

Hair clips-yourself-making embellish with-plastic-flowers-

Hair clips-yourself-do-many flowers-of-black-and-colorful

Hair clips-yourself-make-four different-on-blond-hair

Hair clips-yourself-make-two kinds-of-decoration-red-and-pink

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