Sewing slippers – tips and tricks for comfort

Do you want to learn to sew your own slippers? This is not a complicated task. Here our team has collected some instructions and ideas for winter and summer slippers. Have fun browsing.

How to make slippers out of an old sweater:

You need:

  1. an old sweater
  2. Two pieces of felt with size according to her foot


  1. First, trace your feet on cardboard. Then cut out the pieces.
  2. Second, draw four soles on the felt with the template. You need two for her soles and two for the midsole.
  3. Third, place the template 1.5 cm from the bottom edge of the sweater. Draw an arc 1 cm above the template and cut out after the line. There should be more space left on both sides. Repeat for both feet.
  4. Using glue, attach both felt pieces of a foot down and up to the cut pieces of sweater. They should be perfectly adapted to each other. Then use the sewing machine to finally secure the pieces.
  5. For upper part of the slipper cut the sleeves 5 cm from the outer edge. Sew the sleeve holes together. Then round out the other part of the pieces.
  6. Lay the piece of sleeves on the soles so that everything looks like a small shoe.
  7. Then sew the protruding parts of the soles to the sleeve piece.
  8. Finally, divide the hem of the sweater in three. The middle crack should correspond to the size of the sole.
  9. Fold the three cracks together and sew them together.
  10. Finally, add a collar. Cut the usual hem of the sweater in half and attach it to the back of the new slipper.

Sewing slippers - step by step

Sewing slippers out of a red striped sweater in some steps

Another idea for slippers made of sweaters:

Everything you need:

  1. scissors
  2. pin
  3. thread
  4. darning needle
  5. old sweater
  6. paper

What are you doing:

  1. First, trace your foot roughly on paper! Leave the drawing 1.5 cm apart for the stitches. Cut out the shape and repeat with the other foot.
  2. Second, use the template to cut two soles out of the sweater. Do not use your sleeves, because you need them later.
  3. Third, measure the length of the boot. This is best done by putting your leg in sleeves and choosing the best measurements.
  4. While her leg is in the sleeve, cut the fabric of the sweater around the foot.
  5. After your leg is finally free, attach the sole to the boot with a pin.
  6. Use Languettenstich to sew together the sole and leg part.
  7. Finally, the slippers are ready to wear.
  8. It's that easy!

Another idea how to sew slippers

Sewing the sleeves of an old gray sweater slippers step by step

So comfortable slippers

Sewing blue comfortable slippers with pink socks combined in comfortable home clothes

Now we are making a super easy DIY sewing project for slippers.

Useful stuff

  1. Material such as felt or leather
  2. sharp scissors
  3. sewing machine
  4. felt-tip pen


On this picture you can see which shape you should cut out

Sew the form to the slippers

Slippers themselves sew a form which serves as a template for removal

  1.  Measure the size of her foot. You can use other shoes for this purpose.
  2.  With these measures you cut out the shape.
  3. Fold the slippers and sew the upper parts together.

The final products of this manual

sew simple shoes - black shoes made of two pieces, in different colors possible

We'll tell you how to sew slippers!

How to sew these beautiful slippers with painted templates in gray color with flowers pattern

How to create slippers for you and your guests from an old tablecloth:

Materials and tools

  1. Old slipper
  2. paper
  3. sewing machine
  4. old tablecloth
  5. Wool or other stuffing

The instructions are as follows:

  1. First, measure the old slipper and transfer its dimensions to paper. In this way you create a template for the upper part of the shoe and for the sole. For the other shoe, mirror the pattern.
  2. Second, cut out the following parts of the old tablecloth and the filling: with template of the foot - 2. soles 2. midsoles 2. fillings of wool; with the template for the upper part 4. Pieces after the form 2. Fillings.
  3. Third, attach the three pieces of each shoe sole with pins, then the three pieces of the top piece.
  4. Sew all parts together.
  5. Upper part of the slipper: to 1.5 cm. Spacing sew a hem and string a rubber band with safety pin.
  6. It's so easy to have comfortable slippers!

That's the top piece

Sewing slippers - the upper part of the school pattern is attached to the drawing with a pin

Finally, the slippers should look similar

put on rattan chair beige slippers very light and comfortable - sewing slippers

Decorated slippers

Slippers are sewn of gray fabric with an orange interior and nice decoration


  1. old sweater
  2. darning wool
  3. Cardboard or paper

How to create these slippers:

  1. First you measure how big, wide and long your foot is.
  2. Out of the masses draw template of three parts - sole, top piece and heel.
  3. Transfer the templates on the pullover and remove the molds. The sole draw again on the stuffing wool.
  4. If you want leather sole, the template for the sole can be transferred to a piece of leather.
  5. Seam the edges and cross-stitch all parts together. Of course you can also use sewing machine.

Green examples

sew green slippers for a feeling of home for laminate floor

To make summer slippers, follow these instructions:

You need:

  1. Old flip flops
  2. Buttons
  3. Small glass beads

They create:

Note - the design may change as you wish.

  1. First, measure with a thread how long the top piece of the flip flop is. Then thread the needle.
  2. Second, attach the threads to the toe piece and wind the already measured length three times around the flip flop.
  3. Begin sewing the button at the top and slowly thread the glass beads until you reach the desired design.

Slippers for summer

sewing orange flip flops with glass beads to decorate and make it more comfortable

Enjoy our other examples

Sew black slippers and dress with black lace

Purple shoes from old knitted socks for a toddler - sewing slippers

crocheted and sewn socks for the child to play with cuddly toy

Create a template

how to create the templates yourself and cut from green fabric

Beautify your feet in your home!

Shoes sew from a ribbon wrapped around the top of the flip flop

Sew shoes - like two-button boots so you can attach them

Sewing shoes for toddlers with decoration made of colorful threads - made by yourself

From old green flip flops make slippers by yourself with pink flamingo pattern

Shoes for dancing

Sewing from old tights shoes like boots for dancing at home

Sewing shoes with two eyes painted slippers in white color black decoration

red shoes sew with a golden ornament like a cat's face

Incredible DIY projects

Sew six pieces of both shoes so that you surprise the baby with something homemade

How To Make Blue Flip Flops Shoes To Sew With Black Purring

Sew slippers and stick with two ears to look like little canines

Slippers that are real eye-catchers

white shoes sew with buttons like boots with yellow socks

Make your own slippers - crochet and sew and decorate in orange color

gray shoes with little stars patterned on striped background

green slippers with cross-cut stitched in one piece - make slippers yourself

You sew these easily

white shoes with red thread on the sides - make slippers themselves

White slippers themselves are very cute with a pink pattern of roses

Slippers tinker with small roses in different sizes and models

How to sew ornament for simple slippers!


  1. white slippers
  2. dye
  3. brush
  4. Needle and threads
  5. glass beads
  6. newspaper


  1. Fill the slippers with the pieces from the newspaper.
  2. Brush dots with the dye. However, do not overdo the decoration.
  3. At the bottom of the slipper you sew the beads like edge.

Make slippers - paint like dots with brush in green color

More ornaments

Making slippers with red glitter - you also have to look beautiful at home

black slippers with red accent of lace colorful sole - making slippers

When it's cold outside, slippers are very important - sewing shoes

Have fun creating!

Slippers sew in green, white and black colors simple design

adorable little shoes in blue color with letters so comfortable

two cute embroidered foxes for decorating slippers - sewing slippers yourself

cute slippers for carrying in kindergarten - cat and bear

two waving eyes and a kiss as decoration - making slippers

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