60 super houseplants for low light and their place in the apartment

Their rooms are a bit dark, but you love plants so much. Our team is here to present you indoor plants for low light. With our examples, you can even enjoy flowers in the bathroom. Still we show you how to integrate these indoor plants into the interior design.

A lot of houseplants for little light

A dining room with many plants that need indirect light Houseplants for low light

Aglaonema is the latest trend in houseplants for low light. Their colorful leaves also clear the dark spaces. Unfortunately, the leaves lose their color if they do not receive light for a long time. This plant is a perfect gift for lazy gardeners because it needs little water. However, it would be nice if you spray the leaves with water for a while. This is necessary because Aglaonema needs moist air.

Indoor plants for low light - Aglaonema

Indoor plants for dark rooms Aglaonema in white flowerpot an overview

The reason for indoor plants for low light must always be moist

Indoor plants for dark rooms Aglaonema on the market and in the sun

House plants for low light in the office

three flower pots in the office with low light Houseplant for dark rooms Aglaonema

Aspidistra, also known as Schusterpalm, is one of the most consistent indoor plants for low light. Neither lack of light nor pollution damage this green plant. On the contrary - too much sunlight leaves the leaves wither.

The simple plant - Aspidistra

Aspidistra houseplant for dark rooms an orange flowerpot white vase on wood

Nice in the shady courtyard

two large flower pots with large aspidistra in the backyard plant for dark rooms

The colorful flowers of anthurium or flamingo flower refresh the apartment, especially in winter. Although they grow better in indirect light, they can survive even in an almost dark room. In these cases, however, their flowers are not so magnificent. However, the beautiful heart-shaped leaves beautify the room, even if the flower does not bloom. The following should be noted if you breed flamingo flowers: these plants tolerate neither little nor much water, so the reason should be constantly moist.

Beautiful red flowers

Anthurium in red color with leaves in heart shape - indoor plants for dark rooms

Many plants for shade

colorful flowers that also grow in winter - plants for dark rooms Anthurium

Dracaena or dragon tree has many forms and varieties. Our team chose them because of their beautiful green leaves in two nuances. Direct sunlight is not recommended. These plants thrive well in the shade. They could serve as a nice decoration in the living room and hallway.

Dragon tree with its two-tone leaves

the leaves of dragon tree are in two different colors plants for dark spaces

Dragon tree in the living room as part of the decoration - houseplant for dark rooms

Monstera or window leaf gives a tropical feel to the living room. The enormous green leaves of this plant have an extraordinary shape. It grows like a decorative shrub. But if you get something to climb, this houseplant can become very tall. For this reason, it sometimes needs to be cut. Further tips for care:

  • The bottom of the window leaf must always be moist.
  • In addition, fertilize it once a week in spring and summer.

We introduce Monstera!

a large leaf of monstera in ceramic pot - houseplants for low light

Living room and study with Monstera in the corners - house plants for low light

beautiful white compact study with Monstera in the corner - house plants for low light

Philodendron has interestingly cut leaves that give it a fancy look. If you let the plant grow up, the stem needs a bit of support, such as a stick. This is necessary because Philodendre has many but not so strong leaves. This plant variety is a classic among indoor plants.

A classic houseplant

green plant with a stick to grow - plant for dark corners

cozy dining room with many plants the shade craving plants for dark corners

This tiny plant is called a bobbed head. Here are three of their features! bob:

  1.  tolerates dark rooms
  2. is a hanging plant
  3. can be combined with other plant species in a flower pot

As long as you water the plant regularly and spray the leaves with water, it grows very fast.

The little bob

Bubble head, tiny leaves illuminated on the side - indoor plants for little light

two symmetrically placed flower pots with bob - house plants for low light

red flower pot with hanging bob - house plants for low light

This low plant is perfect for terrariums. She is also called dwarf pepper because she stays so small. Another reason would be the specific pepper shape of the flowers. Although the Peperomia does not really get that high, the variety in their shapes and colors is very big. The plant grows best in low light, which makes this species suitable for darker rooms. In addition, it lures no insects and rarely suffers from diseases.

Dwarf pepper for your terrarium

white flowers green leaves on a net dwarf pepper - houseplants for low light

a study with dwarf pepper in Chinese flowerpot - houseplants for low light

Efeutute is a plant that can grow in the shade. However, so their leaves are quite pale. Although Efeutute is so durable, it can be damaged by the following:

  1. draft
  2. direct sunlight
  3. dry air

Tip - Moisten the leaves of Efeutute regularly.

Efeutute - a stable plant

Effectors in flowerpot with decoration - houseplants for low light

Pretty people on the desk are pretty and green - house plants for little light

Indoor plants for low light - magnificent green leaves with spots in white color

Sansevieria or bow hemp has an interesting form of leaves like sword, so this plant serves as a nice decoration. It is possible that these houseplants grow in direct light as well as in the shade. What you need to keep in mind when breeding is: Bow hemp does not stand up overflow. In winter, it is recommended that these plants are not watered at all.

Bow hemp with interesting leaves

Plants for dark corners bow hemp yellow flowerpot quite interesting plant

Plants for dark corners - a corner in the office of plants a lot of sheet hemp

Gloxinia does not bloom in the shade, but in bright indirect light. Their magnificent flowers have many colors, but they are most often violet. Pour the flowers regularly with warm water. Avoid moisturizing the flowers. While the plants are in full bloom, fertilize them every week.

Flowers in the shade

Plants for dark corners beautiful purple flowers with white on the edges almost flowered flowers

a beautiful living room with laminate floor fireplace loft Gloxinia as a table decoration

Saintpaulia is a cute flower that needs less light. This plant is one of the easiest to breed because it blooms year-round without much worry. Avoid watering the leaves with cold water as this will create ugly stains. The color of this flower and its nuances have inspired many designers. For this reason, it is suitable for many furnishing styles.

The Saintpaulia is very beautiful with its purple color plants for dark corners

a purple living room inspired by Saintpaulia - plants for dark corners

Green lily is perfect for home and office. Since she is so often bred in the workplace, she is also known as a civil servant's palm. Because of its color, which resembles the federal flag, the green lily is also called Sachsenlilie. The simple care is the reason, because green lily is preferred for offices. She does not need so much light and watering. Only in winter should the tops of leaves be cut.

The famous green lily

Plants for dark corners Green lily on a table next to the staircase

Vintage interior with many old objects. Plant for dark corners - big green lily

Did you expect a tropical flower to be among plants that need little light? Yes, but bromelia can only grow in fluorescent light and tolerate so much moisture. For this reason, these plants are suitable for bathrooms. The colorful colors of her flowers beautify all damp rooms.

Color in the bathroom

pink blossom of bromelia plants for dark corners tropical plants for bathroom

Plants for dark corners yellow and red flowers around an inner fountain

An American plant - arrow leaf can beautify her room. Her sharp points have given the name. In the beginning, arrow leaf is similar to a bush. As it grows, however, it becomes a hanging plant. If it gets too long, you can cut it a little bit without damaging it. The conditions for this plant are favorable, even if there is little light and water. That's why Pfeilblatt is so easy to care for.

Enjoy these arrows!

Plants for dark corners arrow leaf as a hanging plant quite beautiful and light green

Plants for dark corner a loft elegantly decorated for Christmas

With the beautiful leaves of Begonia, every dark room becomes colorful. Begonias differ in size and color of flowers. The plant acts as a beautiful ornament in the flower pot. In addition, you can pick the flower and create beautiful decorations from it yourself.

The magnificent begonias

large flowerpot with pink flowers of begonia plants that need little light

a large room with begonias decoration with pink walls and pillow plants that need little light

Red, orange or yellow, the flower of Columnea is really gorgeous. This is a flower of the jungle, but it can grow excellently without much light. Their bright color refreshes the dark spaces and corners.

Beauty in many colors

Red plants that need little light like mouth and sharp green leaves

How many flowers can grow in a room. Plants that need little light

This plant has been lending an exotic touch to the home for a long time. Mountain palm is native to Mexico, but it is not as high as a houseplant. Although one associates with sunlight when it comes to palm trees, this beautiful species does not need much of it.

Tips for care - First, the bottom of the flower pot must always remain moist. Second, it is better to moisten the leaves in winter.

Tropical feeling with palm trees

green palm tree with magnificent leaves, indirect sunlight plants that need little light

a palm tree in a ceramic flowerpot in the middle of the room - plants that need little light

two mountain pines in bedrooms in the dark corners - plants that need little light

The elephant-foot palm is no accident so called - the houseplant is just so solid that the trunk can not be broken. If you travel a lot, this is the plant for you, because it may be watered once in a few weeks. The size of the palms varies from small flowerpot plants to a tall tree.

small elephant foot between two beds in red flowerpot on bedside table plants shady

Elephant foot big tree in living room between sofa and table House plants shady

The peace lily is a beautiful flower that grows in indirect light. In addition, it can be easily planted out. The Peace Lily is the perfect gift for any occasion.

White is the color of peace

Plants that need little light Peace lily with a blossom

Plants that need little light Peace lily in a flowerpot in gray color

The heart leaf is a beautiful plant that grows in shady places. During flowering, it needs more light. The leaves in the shape of hearts have given her the name. Hoya is also considered a climbing plant, what the indoor plant called a beautiful decorative element.

Grown on heart

Houseplants shady heart leaf in a white flowerpot many leaves

Living room with many houseplants shady ordered by Feng Shui

There are a lot of species of fern that can grow in the room. Choose the best for yourself - here you can see the common Boston species. Fern can survive with little light, but not without water. Therefore, be sure that the soil is always moist.

The traditional plants in dark rooms

Fern in blue bucket with wooden handle country style indoor plants shady

Water regularly your fern, very large plants house plants shady

Fern is worthy of the living room in the middle of the table - houseplants shady

Ivy also grows outdoors, in shady places, because it needs so little light. You can transfer that in your apartment. The shape of the leaves and their color vary so much that you have a great variety of choices when it comes to ivy. Bring nature into your home with this roomplant for dark rooms.

Ivy the best hanging plant for your room - houseplants shady

compact living room, study and dining room with ivy decoration houseplants shady

Dieffenbachien is a plant with magnificent colorful leaves. It can grow in the shade, but needs indirect light. That's why you need a curtain at the window to grow fast and healthy. It should be noted that these houseplants are poisonous. For this reason, keep them away from children or pets.

Dieffenbachien with colored leaves houseplants shady quite beautiful

See how interior design with multiple houseplants looks like low light

a composition of some plants that need little light Asplenium underneath

a green plant in the corner of study plants of dark rooms

a tall plant that needs little light in the corner plants for dark rooms

an elegant dining room with lots of plant for dark rooms in the shady corners

There are plants even for bathrooms

a large flower pot with plants for dark rooms in a modern bathroom

two flower pots with plants for dark rooms and a delightful angel sculpture

Inspire yourself with our suggestions!

two flower pots full of green plants for dark rooms a modern office

three pictures on the wall many plants for dark rooms away from the big window

Palm trees that can also grow in the bathroom create blue light plants for dark rooms

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