85 inspiring terrace design Ideas for taking away

Our team has been striving to collect and present top terrace design ideas. Be inspired by our pictures and create an oasis in your own home. Do you want to create a rustic and rough style or rather a cozy and elegant ambience? Mediterranean motifs, Scandinavian chic or country style - what would you choose? Above all, you should feel comfortable in your private palace. Even if you have a very small terrace, you could set it up luxuriously and stylishly so that you have the feeling of having a special event just by having coffee or having breakfast on the terrace in the morning. On the warm summer evenings, the terrace design can serve as a romantic flair for you and partner. So you can experience unique moments with the popular people under the open sky, but also surrounded by the comfort of your own home.

Furnish roof terrace in colors of nature and decorate

terraces pictures beautiful terrace roof terrace natural look wooden environment green and white deco

Are you planning to move to own a house or have you already taken a new larger apartment with terrace? Take from our examples how to create the terrace design most beautiful. Depending on the size and personal needs and ideas, you should first of all consider the furniture. But most importantly, the decoration. Namely, the one who provides the cozy atmosphere. The terrace could be equipped like a small garden. That means: many flowers and green plants, garden decoration, small figures. If you want to create natural sensation, then these are the perfect choice.

Terrace design for cozy Mediterranean atmosphere at home

terrace design ideas discreet modern and cozy decor of the terrace blue decoration

But many people have different preferences - if you want to use the terrace not only in summer but also in winter, you are welcome to be "closed". Certain materials such as glass, aluminum or steel structures can be used for glazing. Roof cover would be a possible variant to exploit the terrace even in the rain and to feel the freshness even in the city.

Sea breeze on the terrace - Do you feel like it?

terrace design ideas large table with armchair chairs pillow blue screen window doors

Enjoy romantic moments with partners, family reunions, barbecues or parties with friends, or just enjoy a morning coffee in beautiful and fresh surroundings - all of which are just part of the stuff you can do on the terrace. Think how nice it would be to try out your own skills as a designer by designing and realizing the terrace design yourself. Stop with the words and go to the inspirational photos that we have here for you.

"Cosiness" is best described by this image

terrace design ideas cozy terrace sofa armchair fur carpet pillow flowers decoration plant

Relaxing summer evenings on the terrace serve as a peculiar meditation 

terrace design pictures of beautiful terraces white sofa with pink pillows and decoration

Robust environment and subtle decoration - contrasts create a perfect aperture

terrace design ideas pictures stone walls stable view great terrace mediterranean design decoration

Do you want to relax here after work? 

terrace design ideas pictures unique terrace where you can enjoy romantic moments

In the city you can also create cosiness - terrace design idea to remove

terrace design ideas pictures terrace in the city set up and decorate flowers light

Inspire yourself to design a unique garden on the terrace!

Dream holidays in a villa with terrace 

terrace design ideas pictures unique house with terrace and large pool near the sea

Country style is always popular and modern, because it brings with it natural feeling

terrace design closed terrace table lamps stool green plants ideas deco

Furniture can also serve as a decoration - choose only the best for you and the family

Deco decks terrace comfortable armchairs on the terrace for good rest in fresh air fur pillows

terrace design pictures beautiful garden idea cozy atmosphere in the garden armchair pillow flowers

Fireplace on the terrace contributes to the coziness and unites the family members

terrace design ideas for drinking with partner and family drinking coffee on the terrace

Small terrace discreetly and comfortably furnished

terrace design ideas small terrace on the roof green plant comfortable armchair with pillows

Plants and all kinds of flowers are inevitably part of the terrace design

deco ideas terrace beautiful luxury decorations on the terrace pots and green plants models candle

terrace design plants ideas for decoration decorations of terrace with plants

terrace design ideas large terrace chaise longue wooden stable stable beautiful plant corner

terrace design idea half-closed terrace interesting design modern design idea

Modern urban flair

terrace design ideas to furnish and furnish balcony and terrace large sofa

terraces ideas unique decoration for the terrace or for the balcony ideas in black white and yellow

Patchwork terrace design - what do you think?

terrace design pictures with colorful terraces garden decoration ideas colorful arrangement of terrace

Subtle elements on a large terrace 

terrace design ideas to remove blue green turquoise yellow flowers lamps decoration sun

White and purple colors on the terrace for a fresh and relaxing ambience

terrace design ideas sofa made of rattan white deco pillow soft comfortable lavender flowers purple

terrace design ideas wooden furniture on the terrace pool sunny weather sunshine

Decorate small roof terrace colorful - you can create the good mood yourself

terrace design ideas small roof terrace carpet homemade on the terrace pink blanket pillows

terrace design breakfast or romantic evening on the terrace frame artificial grass

Modern and sublime terrace design

terrace design ideas to remove beautiful glass doors lead to the terrace lamp

Scandinavian style - simple but attractive and cozy

terrace design ideas beautiful decent decoration on the terrace vase flower lamps sofa pallets

Water Fire, earth and air - all four elements of nature belong in your patio!

terrace design ideas for decoration fire on the terrace make pool beautiful atmosphere

terrace design images inspiration for decorations on the terrace fire turn on decor light

Do a private party on the terrace - do you like the idea?

terrace design pictures that can inspire everyone beautiful party places safo tables decor evening

terrace design pictures of beautiful evening on the terrace movie night on roof terrace idea

terrace design beautiful big terrace in the city organizing events on terrace

Romance in the big city 

terrace design pictures roof terrace pillow candles city green plants trees on the terrace

Dream trip - villa with terrace on the beach

terrace design pictures white terrace near the sea or ocean villa holiday vacation

terrace shape view beautiful terrace sofa pillow white and black mix chaise longue sunset

terrace design pictures beautiful terrace except the city idea design sofa table chairs sea

Modern design idea for terrace design

terrace design pictures roof terrace chairs table with chair screen ladder to the terrace idea

terrace design large terrace in the city plants green decorations flowers glass terrace

elegant and understated terrace with large sofa create a colorful sofa cushion green plants

terrace design idea for big terrace green plants sofa pillows stool big windows doors

Do you like the roof?

terrace design ideas for patio establishment unique sofa armchair white throw pillow chaise longue

terrace design rattan furniture on the terrace big pillow decorations fur coat plants city

terrace design small patio comfortably furnish ideas for taking out sofa armchair cushions

terrace design ideas for a small terrace house with terrace flowers pillows decorations luxury

A terrace where you would like to spend the whole day

terrace design ideas for setting up terrace armchair table glass window view sea breakfast

terrace design beautiful luxury idea create a luxurious home environment chaise longue lighting

Equip a terrace like a garden

terrace design pictures beautiful photo with flowers green plants chairs with cushions terrace

terraces ideas colorful ideas with many plants green color on the terrace like a garden

terraces ideas small terrace wooden furniture beautiful minimalist decorations candles table lamp

Cosiness prevails!

terrace design pictures of small cozy terraces ideas for decorating flowers pillows

Candles are a nice alternative to fireplace and just as romantic too

terraces ideas lamps candles decorations on the terrace are particularly important stairs

Small terrace simply shapes

terrace design beautiful roof terrace set up orange color happy flair fresh air

terrace design ideas table with chairs green plants stairs on the terrace roof decoration

Creativity for the terrace 

terraces ideas unique vases creative ideas for decoration on the terrace home balcony garden

The terrace design can be modern and cozy at the same time

terraces ideas beautiful idea for patio sofa pillows in colorful colors window green plants

terrace ideas garden decorating fireplace in the garden terrace armchair sofa planting palms

terrace ideas to unwind enjoy unique moments in your own garden or terrace

Rattan furniture is always modern on the terrace

terraces ideas colorful ideas rattan furniture green plants decor pillow in white and green klaase

Decorating ideas for terrace 

terraces ideas for decoration stool in white color wooden flowers purple or pink beautiful ideas

terraces ideas candles flowers plant gift as decoration candle in the form of gift deco

Luxury villa with terrace

terraces ideas luxury villa luxurious house with terrace blue pillows and umbrella decoration colorful flowers

Swing as terrace decoration 

terraces ideas unique proposals for beautiful terrace design swing on terrace blue deco

Rooftop design ideas 

deco ideas terrace rooftop in the city nicely decorate and decorate drinking coffee

deco ideas terrace beautiful terrace discreetly decorated decoration lamps flower carpet furniture

deco terraces terrace nice terrace where to spend time with partner fire fireplace plant furniture

Candles and plants as decoration on the terrace

decorating terrace decorations on terrace table armchairs flowers in pots candles lamps plant

deco ideas terrace stairs on the terrace two levels on the terrace palm beautiful decoration ideas

terraces ideas closed terrace with many flowers and other plants pink flower lamp

Luxury villa on the second floor

decoration terrace luxury villa luxury luxurious house with large terrace living room ideas sofa armchair

deco ideas terrace luxury villa with terrace holiday idea nice atmosphere comfortable flair holiday

decorating terrace penthouse pool large terraces many plants cozy holidays enjoying luxury spa

decoration terrace unique terrace design pink flowers on the table pool nice furnishing

Unique flair on the terrace 

terrace design ideas pictures house with terrace near the sea beautiful furniture

terrace design ideas pictures terrace in the city view from the top to the street idea

terrace design ideas pictures to enjoy luxury villa with terrace where you can go on holiday

terrace design ideas pictures beautiful big terrace with pool sofa armchair and table summer recreation

terrace design ideas images subtle design and fine decoration rattan furniture colorful deco flowers

Modern terrace in the big city 

terrace design ideas pictures Beautiful and large terrace in the city set up and decorate

Subtle and sublime 

terrace design ideas big house good lighting lamps evening night photo single

terrace design ideas pictures beautiful small terrace in the city big sofa with umbrella and pillows

set up terrace design ideas pictures terrace in white and she will act bigger ideas design

terrace design ideas closed terrace sofa pillow stool armchair lamp wall walls

terrace design terrace pillow decoration with green plants beautiful clouds wooden furniture

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