Amazing modern terrace design in 120 photos!

Want fantastic ideas and suggestions for a modern terrace design get? Then you are right with us! Having an open space where to relax and unwind can be a real piece of paradise. The opportunity to observe the beautiful city or the sea from your own apartment from above is indescribable. And whether you turn your terrace into a paradise depends on the fitting interior. That's why we give you some very nice ideas that can turn any terrace into a dream place

  1.  The patio furniture is a must. And the reason is simple - how can you relax without some comfortable seating? It's up to you to decide whether you'd rather have a dining table and chairs or better modern lounge furniture and comfortable cushions
  2.  The green plants always create a great and natural atmosphere on the terrace, and the variations are limitless - choose to your liking.
  3. Wooden floor - Yes, it always looks cozy and at the same time elegant and stylish. And is always trendy.
  4. Having a fireplace for the colder evenings on the terrace - that's something you do not want to do without! The pleasant warmth from the fire will make your evenings magical!
  5. And of course a pool! Yes, that can be a bit too complicated and expensive, but imagine what can be better?

As proof, we have 120 fascinating photos with suggestions for one modern terrace design prepared for you Let yourself be inspired!

Modern terrace design with designer furniture in white!

cool-designer-furniture-in-white color

Super modern terrace design with lounge furniture.

Rooftop-with-fantastic views

A modern terrace design with city views.


Cool and modern terrace design! And the view is amazing!


Stylish white patio furniture and bathtub on the terrace!

Rooftop-with-fantastic-view penthouse

Terrace with minimalist design!

Rooftop-ultra-modern-and-stylish-terrace design

That's just a dreamlike terrace, right?

a terrace-with-fantastic views

Perfect villa with stylish design and lounge furniture for perfect rest!

amazing - exterior design ideas-for-the-great-design-a-terrace

Modern architecture and fascinating terrace furnishings.

amazing terrace-with-exceptional design

Holiday house or a fulfilled dream?

exclusive-Dachterrassengestaltung_am Sea

A modern terrace with a roof.

exterior design ideas-for-the-great-design-a-terrace

Luxury penthouse with an ultra modern terrace.

exterior design ideas-for-the-great-design-a-Terrasse--

-Exterior design ideas-for-the-great-design-a-terrace

-Exterior design ideas-for-the-great-design-a-terrace-

--exterior design ideas-for-the-great-design-a-terrace

exterior design ideas-for-the-great-design-a-terrace-with-a-pool

exterior design ideas-for-the-great-design-a-terrace-with-pool


fantastic terrace-with-sea view

fascinating - exterior design ideas-for-the-great-design-a-terrace

fascinating and luxurious rooftop-exterior design

-faszinierende-and-luxurious roof terrace-exterior design

-faszinierende-and-luxurious roof terrace-exterior-design

Lounge furniture AUDIO OUT-of-terrace

luxurious and Amazing terrace-sea view

luxurious and Amazing terrace-with-a-pool

luxurious and Amazing terrace-with-a-romantic atmosphere

luxurious and Amazing terrace-with-fascinating views

luxurious and Amazing terrace-with-fireplace

luxurious and Amazing terrace-with-modern-pool

luxurious and Amazing terrace-with-pool

luxurious and Amazing terrace-with-many-plants-and-rattan furniture

luxurious and Amazing terrace-with-white-furniture

luxurious and Amazing terrace-night

luxury houses-with-amazing terrace

luxury houses-with-amazing-terrace-

--luxus-houses-with-amazing terrace


Luxury House in White with ultra-modern and Stylish terrace design

Luxury home with ultra-modern pool


Penthouse roof terrace-with-fantastic views

Santorini Greece luxury homes-with-amazing terrace


beautiful - exterior design ideas-for-the-great-design-a-terrace

exterior design ideas-for-the-great-design-a-terrace

super - exterior design ideas-for-the-great-design-a-terrace

super-luxury houses, luxurious and Amazing Terrace

super-moderne_Dachterrassengestaltung-with lounge furniture

Super-terrace-to-relax with lounge furniture



great - exterior design ideas-for-the-great-design-a-terrace

ultra-modern-and-stylish-terrace design


-ultra Modern and Stylish terrace design

--Ultra Modern and Stylish terrace design

ultra-modern-and-stylish-design-terrace with pool

ultra-modern-and-stylish-terrace design-with-red seat cushion

ultra-modern-and-stylish-terrace design-with-great-furniture

Urban-terrace-with-ultra-modern design


-Urban-terrace-with-ultra-modern design

-Urban-terrace-with-ultra-modern-design-modern terrace design

--Urban-terrace-with-ultra-modern-design modern terrace design


Urban-terrace-with-ultra-modern-design-roof-terrace-modern terrace design

Urban Terrace with Ultra Modern Design Penthouse in NY Modern Terrace Design

-Urban-terrace-with-ultra-modern-design-penthouse-terrace luxury exterior design

beautiful - exterior design ideas-for-the-great-design-a-terrace

attractive terrace design-with-wooden floor


Barcelona terrace design effectful design luxury exterior design

Roof terrace-with-fantastic-stylish-terrace-furnishing-luxury exterior design

Rooftop-super-beautiful terrace design

Design_für-a-fantastic terrace

luxury exterior design-a-fantastic-terrace-in-the-city

amazing roof terrace roof terrace design-modern design

luxury exterior design-amazing-city-terrace-with-many-plants

fantastic-stylish patio furniture - roof terrace

fantastic-stylish terrace facility design for roof terrace

cozy-'modern terrace design

cozy and beautiful decor-modern terrace design

interior-design-roof terrace-with-nice-design

interior-design-super-beautiful terrace design

Lounge furniture from rats Stunning design

luxurious and Amazing terrace-cum-lounge furniture

modern balcony furniture aus_Rattan-on-the-patio

modern terrace-with-a-pool

modern terrace design-minimalist design

modern terrace design-with-a-carpet

modern terrace design-with-black-white-carpet

Terrace design-with-a-great-fireplace

Terrace design-with-fireplace - modern design

beautiful terrace design-with-wooden floor

modern terrace design-with-wood flooring and rattan furniture

modern terrace design-with-minimalist design

modern terrace design-with-furniture-from-Rattan

modern terrace design-with-great lounge furniture

Penthouse-ultra-modern-and-stylish-terrace design


beautiful and super-comfortable patio furniture

beautiful and super-cozy terrace


super-beautiful terrace design-effect full design

modern terrace design-super-beautiful terrace design-with a bower

super-beautiful terrace design-with-many-plants-modern terrace design

super-great-designed-terrace-with-wooden-floor-modern terrace design

Terrace design Ideem-beautiful facility

Terrace-with-great-views-modern terrace design

ultra-modern-and-stylish-terrace-design-modern terrace design



ultra-modern-and-stylish-terrace design ---

ultra-modern - and Stylish terrace design



white-table patio furnishings idea


We hope you find our 120 ideas for modern terrace design enjoyed!

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