An English grass to dream – tips for care

For the dream of the English lawn

In order to realize the dream of the English lawn, it needs the right seeds and a lot of care. The English lawn, which many a passionate hobby gardener desires in his home, impresses with a uniform surface, the rich green and the robust structure. Experts advise to rely on a high quality seed mixture. So that sowing can start well, the soil must be leveled. The weeds must go out, holes must be leveled or filled. English grass must be densely sown and watered regularly. And now comes the deciding factor: the care. Three to four inches high is the perfect English lawn and that means that it has to be trimmed every seven days. Weed is poison for the turf dream. Regular watering also includes airing the lawn via the scarifying process. To what extent a lawnmower robot can help with care, this article reveals.

No matter if you mow the lawn on the big device, ...

English lawn. green grass an old device

... manual mowing or even a robot is set.

English lawn - how fast you can mow

This is how an English lawn is defined

In this guide you will find the following definition for the English lawn: "English turf (...) dates back to the Middle Ages and was used in England for garden design. Especially in England, the lawn has ideal growing conditions, because it is relatively mild, regular and raining enough, the winter mostly without frost periods and generally a balanced climate prevails. "

To recognize the English lawn

  • on the rich dark green.
  • on the dense growth.
  • on the fine-leaved, soft grasses.
  • on the high durability.

To mow with scissors - that's a joke
English lawn - how much can you reach with scissors

Lone and alone and completely independent, the lawnmower robot turns its rounds over the lawn.

the latest decisions on mowing - English turf and robots

This is how the mini-gardener works

The biggest surprise comes first: The lawn robot is a mulcher rather than a classic lawnmower. The reason for this is that the lawn robot does not carry away the cut grass, but simply leaves it on the lawn. The cut grass is the fertilizer for the grass below.

The reason why it does not do a classic mulcher for lawn care, is quite simple: The lawnmower robot acts independently and thus contributes exactly to the dream of English lawn, because the robot can be programmed so that he regularly every Weekday goes on tour and the lawn then missed the above-mentioned three to four centimeters cut. Although it is stubbornly claimed that a lawn robot is mainly used on large areas, it is also allowed to navigate through small gardens.

The puzzle of how the mini-gardener can act on his own dissolves when looking at the following table, which briefly explains the main components of the robot. Further details as well as criteria, which make a purchase decision, can be read here.

With robotic lawnmower to the English lawn? These tools are useful.

Already at the beginning there were some tips to realize the dream of the English turf. Further expert advice has been collected here:

  1. The autumn soil is best prepared for sowing the English grass with the help of a hoe. Alternatively, in spring - when the ground frost is passé - the lawn can be sown.
  2. In order to sow the English lawn as evenly as possible, gardening friends rely on one gritter, the much more precise sowing close to the prepared soil brings.
  3. To protect the laboriously applied seeds from thieving poultry, one should start at the beginning scarecrow be attached, which defends the animals in a very natural way.
  4. Armed with fertilizer and water The first intensive care phase, which ends in the first grass cut, now takes place. This takes place at a grass height of six to eight centimeters.
  5. What is mowed, the ghosts divorced. Some swear by the one Spindle mower, which gets the English turf so well, others rely on the precise work of the robot mower, knowing that the cut grass should not remain as fertilizer here.
  6. Of the Verticutter does not enter service until the spring. Then the moss is removed using this device. Depending on how much moss pervades the lawn, reseeding can take place according to a proven pattern.

To have a uniform lawn in rich green, it requires a lot of care.

a perfect english garden

If you decide in the garden dome for more exotic plants that may grow next to the English lawn, here are some tips for choosing the right plant and their care.


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