Antique garden decoration or how to write the story

For a long time, we have been thinking of an idea that we would like to share today. We are definitely fans of Greek mythology and as such, we wanted to have at least a piece of it at home. Of course we have come up with our little trick. Would you like to know?

 Antique garden decoration or how can you have a piece of history in your own garden 🙂

Ancient times are the epoch of antiquity in the Mediterranean. In a narrower sense, "Antik" is the age of the archaic and classical Greeks. Therefore, all the ornaments and decorations come in the Greek style, which we introduce as examples here. Typical of these times were the huge amphorae of every kind and form, which were a distinguishing feature of antiquity. In the garden these large cups are to be used as vases, pots or pitchers. So you can grow the beautiful amphoras with flowers and other plants.

Amphorae are the Best Antique Garden Decoration!

antique-Gartendeko Antique-outdoor planting

antique-Gartendeko Antique outdoor plant-3

antique-Gartendeko Antique-outdoor pflanzen4

antique-Gartendeko Antique outdoor plant-4

antique-Gartendeko Antique-outdoor pflanzen6

antique-Gartendeko Antique-outdoor pflanzen8

antique-Gartendeko Antique-outdoor pflanzen9


Old benches and chairs with ornaments serve as a perfect antique garden décor

To achieve a realistic, antique atmosphere, you definitely need garden furniture reminiscent of the real look of antiquity: old benches and chairs with ornaments create an incredible environment that will bring you back at least 50 years.

antique garden deco bench (2)





antique-garden decorations Hanging Lantern


Greek statue as antique garden decoration

Do not forget, if you have the opportunity to consider a Greek statue in the garden. This decoration will help you to design your garden to the maximum realistic antique view. Yes, such a statue can not only be found in a museum! Many markets sell decorative statues, which are also cheap. If you also feel like an artistic nature, you can even experiment with designing such a sculpture or statue. You know - creativity knows no bounds!




antique-Gartendeko Statue Buy






antique-Gartendeko vase Statue

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