Are you looking for a wooden garden cabinet?

You have a garden? That's cool! There is much that can be done in the garden. Enjoying coffee cup with your friend in sunny weather is only part of it. People love to plant flowers. Others build wooden playhouses where children can spend endless fun hours. Others invest time and money in lounge chairs and sinks ... and what plans are you making about your garden?

No matter what you use the garden for - you need practical things that make your job easier. In this sense, we now want to present you a very special piece of furniture. It is the Garden cabinet made of wood. Why do we call this piece of furniture something extra practical? You can store gardening tools and garden boots in it. What else? Toys, coffee cups ... all the things you use in the garden. There are many models that you can do yourself. Is not that cool? Take a look at our pictures and get inspiration for your own garden design!

Who says a wooden garden cabinet should look brown? 🙂

blue-model-by-cabinet garden-off wood

Here is a classic model of the wooden garden cabinet. You can do it yourself. All you need are old boxes!

simple-design-by-garden cabinet-of-wood-almost-empty

  Storage box with two sweet doors:

garden cabinet-of-wood-simple-beautiful-and-functional-model

Kids would love to play in this colorful little house!

garden cabinet-of-wood-in-colorful-colored

With such a cabinet, nobody will know what a mess there is! :)))

garden cabinet-of-wood-in-plain-color

There is room for everything: toys, cushions ...

  garden cabinet-of-wood-many Throw-in there

This wooden garden cabinet is so big, it almost looks like a real room!

great-practical-designed garden-cabinet-from-wood

Super practical table with a cabinet:

small-beautiful garden-cabinet-off wood

If you need extra space in the garden, opt for a narrow and tall wardrobe:

empty-garden cabinet-of-wood-outside-made

The more drawers, the better!

modern-looking garden-cabinet-of-wood-with-many-drawers

We love this rustic wooden garden closet!

beautiful garden-cabinet-of-wood-flowers-on

Bring the kitchen outside!

beautiful garden-cabinet-of-wood-with-a-sink

Here is a equipment cabinet with two extra shelves:

very-cool-design-the-garden-cabinet from look-wood-like-a-mini-house

Very extravagant and creative, right?

very-fancy-model-by-garden cabinet-from-wood

Practical things have always been popular 🙂

very-practical-garden cabinet-of-wood-for-instruments

Here is another interesting model of the wooden garden cabinet:

super-cool-design-of-wood-quite-empty-the-garden cabinet

Enjoy a cup of coffee?

traditional-model-by-garden cabinet-from-wood

Need extra space for your boots?

beautiful garden-cabinet-from-wood

So, these were our proposals for wooden garden closet. Did you like the article? 🙂

beautiful-very-practical-model-by-garden cabinet-of-wood-for-instruments

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