Buy artificial turf: What should you pay attention to when buying?

It should be brushed about every two weeks so that the synthetic turf keeps its optimal quality. So the softness and structure of the soil is preserved and dirt is gently removed. Footballers, golfers and joggers are looking forward to an optimal sports ground. Even visually, artificial turf is appealing, which is why he likes to use in private areas. Buying artificial turf is a challenging task. Here you will find information about the best manufacturers and sellers of artificial turf so that you can make the best choice.

Buy artificial turf from Obi

Artificial turf for sale

Flooring for outdoors and indoors

When it comes to buying artificial turf, artificial turf is a popular flooring for balconies and individual design ideas inside the house. It can be used to implement many ideas that create a unique image in your living space. For this purpose, OBI offers you various guides and instructions that explain, for example, how to design your own lounge sofa. These and other instructions have been prepared by experienced professionals who have optimized the individual work instructions for easy comprehension. In combination with a rich illustration so also beginners come to satisfactory results. Artificial turf can be found here in the extensive product range in the OBI market. If you have any further questions about the differences and other features of various artificial turfs, our experienced staff will be glad to help you personally. So you can comfortably, quickly and inexpensively equip yourself with the right artificial turf for your needs.

Artificial turf for many sports

The synthetic carpet synthetic turf is not only suitable for the effective placement in the house. Artificial grass is also used on balconies and on pitches. It provides a reasonably soft surface for any sport, is weather-resistant and requires no special care. The soft surface provides natural relief for the joints of athletes. Modern artificial turf is particularly durable and retains a quality as new, flexibility and color for a long time. This is achieved through advances in manufacturing, higher load capacity of base materials and more innovations.

Care and procurement of artificial turf

At OBI you get the necessary amount of artificial turf in different thicknesses and characteristics. The cutting takes place directly in the market according to your specifications. How to equip yourself with artificial turf with the help of OBI.

Artificial Grass Balcony Green Sold by the Meter 400 cm 2.99 € / m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-flashy-decision

Buy Artificial Turf: Grass Carpet Hockey Green 100 cm x 200 cm 5.00 € / m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-creative-decision

Buy artificial turf: Artificial Grass Green Green Sold by the Meter 400 cm 6,49 € / m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-exceptional decision

Artificial Turf Buy Obi (Copy)

Buy artificial turf: Artificial turf Balcony Green Sold by the meter 133 cm 2.99 € / m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-beautiful-decision

Outdoor carpets: artificial turf & Outdoor rugs near Hornbach

Artificial turf-buy-Hornbach_Logo (Copy)

No longer wanting to mow lawns? No more wanting to blow up the lawn? Do not feel like yellow or bald spots in the lawn? No problem!

Why access? Product features of artificial turf
Artificial turf is easy to install, has a very natural look, is UV resistant and very durable. The lawn is lush green all year round, without shedding a drop of water. It gives the feeling of natural grass and is ideal for playing in the private sector.

Pinpoint: Easy-care, weather-resistant, no more lawn mowing necessary and environmentally friendly due to less irrigation water consumption is artificial turf too. Fun on the balcony, the terrace or in the garden! Yippie.

Outdoor rugs: Artificial turf Arizona with drainage green 200 cm wide (sold by the meter) 18.95 € / m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-cool-decision

Outdoor rugs: artificial turf Utah with drainage green 200 cm wide (sold by the meter) 39.95 € * / m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-startling decision

Outdoor rug: artificial grass buy: artificial turf Sevilla green 130 × 200 cm (4,21 € * / m²)

Artificial turf-buy-a-great-decision

Outdoor carpet: artificial turf Spring with drainage green 200 cm wide (sold by the meter) 10.90 € * / m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-super-decision

Outdoor carpet: Artificial grass Lyon with drainage green 200 cm wide (sold by the meter) 14.95 € * / m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-modern-decision

Green carpet: artificial turf Bogota with drainage green 200 cm wide (sold by the meter) 19.95 € * / m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-flashy design

Green carpet: synthetic turf Wimbledon with drainage moss green 133 cm wide (sold by the meter) 6,45 € * / m²

Artificial Turf-Buy-A-Creative-Design (Copy)

Green carpet: Artificial grass Ibiza with drainage green 200 cm wide (sold by the meter) 24.95 € * / m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-unique-design

Artificial turf Napoli with drainage green 200 cm wide (sold by the meter) 34.95 € * / m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-beautiful-design

Artificial turf Wembley with drainage moss green 133 cm wide (sold by the meter) 3.95 € * / m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-cool-design

Buy seasonal artificial turf at Poco

Artificial Turf Buy Poco Logo 3D (Copy)

A piece of lawn on the balcony or on the terrace? Without sowing, watering, fertilizing and mowing? Easy to care for and insensitive? With the cheap artificial turf from POCO the desire of summery green outside the garden comes true. Because we offer different variants of the easy-care floor covering, which is particularly suitable for terraces and balconies. Not only because it blends in wonderfully with the colorful green garden ambience. The artificial turf is especially pleasant when in summer the shoes stay off and walk barefoot. Not only on the soccer field, but also in your home, the artificial turf will give a consistently good picture. When the sun months are over, the artificial turf from POCO always leaves a bit of summer in your own home. By the way: every year in spring POCO also offers a large selection of exclusive garden and terrace furniture, which together with the artificial turf make a wonderful figure. So you can safely get off the sofa or off the desk and enjoy the fresh air.

Artificial turf approx. 2 m m² € 9.99

Artificial turf-buy-a-striking design

Buy artificial turf: artificial turf approx. 1.33 x 2 m each € 9.99

Artificial turf-buy-a-great-design

Artificial turf approx. 2 m green m² 1,49 €

Artificial turf-buy-a-super-design

Artificial turf approx. 2 m green m² € 1.99

Artificial turf-buy-a-modern-design

Buy artificial turf: Artificial turf approx. 1.33 m green m² € 5.79

Artificial turf buy-one-eye-catching design


Artificial turf-buy-a-creative design

Do not feel like mowing, sowing, scarifying or blasting? Then artificial turf is the optimal solution!

Artificial turf is ideal for areas that are supposed to be green all year round, e.g. Gardens, terraces, balconies, roof terraces, backyards & more.

Artificial turf has the big oneKISSING Advantage over natural grass that you need to care for the lawn less and have a green garden all year, in addition to the care benefits of artificial turf also has a huge advantage in use: artificial grass pitches have a high load capacity and are suitable for all weathers. Thus you avoid brown areas on the lawn and can enjoy year-round of a green garden and lawnSEN. 

The following artificial grass varieties are recommended for your garden and terrace:

Artificial grass Ibiza 14.95 € per m2

  Artificial turf buy-one-exceptional design

Artificial turf Trendy 16.95 € per m2

Artificial turf-buy-a-beautiful-design

Buy artificial turf: Artificial turf London 19.95 € per m2

Artificial turf-buy-a-cool design

Artificial turf Verde | C-Shape 19.95 € per m2

Artificial turf buy-one-intriguing design

Artificial Grass Tenerife | Special 21.95 € per m2

Artificial turf-buy-a-great-Design

Buy artificial turf from Bauhaus

Artificial turf buy-Bauhaus

The artificial turf convinces by the natural look in the form of loops in natural turf colors. The soft structure provides good comfort and is very durable. The application possibilities are limitless and range from the use on the terrace or the balcony also over the roof garden to the equipment of playgrounds.

Buy artificial turf: Grass Carpet Hockey 1.75 per m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-super-Design

Artificial Turf Green 6.45 per m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-modern-design

Tuftrasen Melica 12.95 per m²

Artificial turf buy-one-flashy-Exterior

Buy artificial turf: Tuftrasen Sunset 18.95 per m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-creative-Exterior

Buy artificial grass: artificial turf cricket 3.95 per m²

90261988_21210730 (Copy)

grass carpets & Artificial turf at the store line

Artificial turf buy-one-extraordinary-Exterior

grass carpets & Artificial turf is the slightly different way of designing your floor with carpeting. In the apartment sees a lawn carpet & Artificial turf is rather bizarre and the biting green does not necessarily look harmonious. However, it fits perfectly under a balcony table. If you want to beautify your balcony, there are lawn carpets & Artificial grass just right. They withstand all weather conditions and are inexpensive. If you then sun loungers and a small round table on the balcony, the next balcony party nothing stands in the way. Not only does it have to be simple and green, it can also be planted with artificial flowers that make it even more playful. If the lawn mowing in the garden is too annoying, which can of course also a lawn carpet & Artificial turf, with appropriate underlay, lay out in the garden. Planting pots, garden benches and Hollywood swings look just as pretty on it, as on real grass. Such a lawn carpet & Artificial grass can be found, for example, in scooters.

Artificial turf grass carpet Verde for garden - pile height 30 mm (EUR 33.00 / square meter)

Artificial turf-buy-a-beautiful-Exterior


Artificial turf artificial turf-buy-a-cool-Exterior

Artificial turf grass carpet with nubs EUR 37,00

Artificial turf buy-one-intriguing-Exterior

Buy artificial turf: artificial turf green »standard quality« (sold by the meter) € 6.99 / 1 m²

Artificial turf-buy-a-great-exterior (Copy)

 Carpet, Living Line, »artificial grass«, suitable for indoor and outdoor use, tufted 8.99 € / m

Artificial turf-buy-a-super-Exterior

Premium artificial turf Nantes | extremely lifelike color and design EUR 99,90

Artificial turf-buy-a-modern-exterior

Artificial Grass Lawn Rug Natural for Garden - pile height 36 mm (EUR 33.00 / square meter)

Artificial turf-buy-a-flashy-device

Buy Artificial Turf: Artificial Grass Expert 30mm 2600gr / m² 2x4m (EUR 77,34 / m)

Artificial turf-buy-a-striking equipment

casa pura® Artificial Grass Carpet Spring EUR 42,90

Artificial turf-buy-a-creative equipment

Buy Artificial Grass: (19,99EUR / m²) Artificial Grass Lawn Carpet 4x1mtr

Artificial turf-buy-a-exceptional equipment

Buy artificial turf from Hitmeister

Artificial turf-buy-hitmeister-logo (Copy)

Forget concrete and cold tiles. The artificial grass brings garden and feel-good ambience into your life. The grass carpet is perfect if you want to quickly and easily redesign your living room and living area. In addition to the optics speaks above all the benefit for these products. The grass carpet is a real asset: it saves time, money and effort. Artificial grass mats are designed without time and gluing is not necessary. The durable polypropylene surface is easy to clean and does not need to be poured or mowed. More time for you and the things that are important to you. In this way they save up to a week in the year!

Another advantage of the lawn carpet is the complete weather independence of the product. Whether snow, sun or pouring rain, the artificial turf is UV and weather resistant. When laying the artificial turf, you should only make sure that the surface is sufficiently secured.

Artificial turf | Spring | Green | 100 x 100 cm (price per m: 4,99 €)

Artificial turf-buy-a-beautiful-equipment

Buy artificial turf: artificial turf grass carpet with nubs green 29.90 €

Artificial turf-buy-a-cool equipment

Artificial turf Nantes | 1160 g pole weight | 50 x 50 cm (Price per meter: 29,98 €)

Artificial turf-buy-a-great-equipment

Lawn carpet color miracle | Green | 50 x 50 cm (price per m: 14,70 €)

Artificial turf-buy-a-super-facilities

Buy artificial turf: lawn carpet 100 x 200 cm 24,49 €

Artificial turf-buy-a-modern equipment

Grass carpet 100x200cm with pimples 9,95 €

Artificial turf-buy-a-striking broadcasting

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