Ceramics in the yard – new additions to the old tradition

The art is everywhere. Not only can you see it in the art galleries, it is present in every interior. In our home we hang pictures on the wall, put sculptures on the shelves, paint the walls in our favorite colors, buy souvenirs and constantly look for new means of decorating. This also applies to the farm. For this particular place, there is a large selection of decorations - lights, lanterns, bells, sculptures, figurines. But we find the Ceramics in the yard at the same time traditional and innovative. We think the ceramic vessels give the place more coziness.

It does not necessarily have to be the traditional ceramic dwarfs. If you need ideas, you can look in our picture gallery. You'll definitely find some fresh suggestions.

The pottery in the yard with her funny face

Frog House-ceramic in-Hof Decoration Garden

The pottery in the yard also has a practical function

Ceramic in farm-blue flower pot purple flowers

The pottery in the yard can also be used as a water fountain

Ceramic in farm-green pot Fountain decorative stones

Ceramics in the yard have - cosiness and style

Ceramic in the yard flower pots Garden Flowers

The ceramic vessels can be used as wells or flower pots

Garden Courtyard Ceramic water fountain decorative stones flower pot plants

Interesting totem of ceramic and porcelain

Garden Totem ceramic-vessels teapots plants

Beautiful decoration of ceramic elements

hanging Ceramic Decoration Garden Courtyard

Ceramic chicken pot in the yard

Hof Garden chicken potions blue ceramic

Sweet ceramic decoration among the flowers

Hof Garden ceramic-birds-Plug Decoration grass flowers

These ceramic fish can also survive outside the water

Ceramic in farm-fish-Plug Green

Ceramic bird feeder in the shape of a nest

Ceramic in farm-gate birdhouse Nest blue

Hanging garden decoration from ceramic vessels

Ceramic in the yard wind chime Teapot cup spoon

ceramic flower pots Tulips decorative-stone courtyard garden

Ceramic peas with funny faces

Ceramic Pea green Decoration Garden

Colored ceramic mushrooms among the plants

ceramic-Mushroom Garden Decoration farm crops

ceramic flower pot white-based blue drawings leaves Garden Court

Beautiful hand painted ceramic rain chain 

ceramic Rain chain-different-color decoration Garden Courtyard

Ceramic bird feeder in the shape of a hat

ceramic bird feeder-green-garden-Hof

Beautiful ceramic teacup used as a bird feeder

Bird Feeder teacup ceramic-metal blue

The pottery in the yard can be very handy

ceramic water fountain garden yard grass decorative stones

Ceramic sculptures in different forms

ceramic sculptures balls Decoration Garden Courtyard

Original idea for ceramic totem

ceramic totem Fish balls Garden Decoration

Ceramic Bird House handmade Garden yard decoration

Ceramic Bird House Bird Feeder Garden Court

Garden bell made of ceramic elements

ceramic wind chime Garden bell

ceramic pots-Plug-Grass Green Garden

beautiful flower pots, white and blue flowers ceramic garden

Other interesting ideas for ceramic sculptures

beautiful Decoration courtyard garden ceramics

This ceramic teacup is the perfect bird feeder

Bird Feeder-ceramic teacup Garden courtyard tree

white-ceramic flower pots Wall courtyard garden

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