Dandelion pictures – a small yellow flower in all meadows

Now I show you some beautiful ones Dandelion pictures and tell a little bit about this beautiful flower. The dandelion flowers everywhere in the temperate zone. He rules places where one does not know that flowers can grow. Where there is a bit of ground, the dandelion can be found. This flower has two very different shapes during the time of its flowering. First, the dandelion is completely yellow, then it turns white and is easy wegzublassen. This flower is a symbol of the transience of life. This has other meanings, for example, one believes that he fulfills wishes. When the dandelion is white, you blast the plants and want something. If all seeds float in the wind, the wish comes true. A lot of poetry is written about the flower because the dandelion has inspired many poets with its freedom. In the floral language, the dandelion says that one must not be obtrusive. Or simply "I did not have any money for a bunch of flowers and I picked something for you on the meadow"

His name has got the dandelion because of his petals. Some just think it is a weed, but actually it is healthy as a herb. Already in ancient times it was used as a remedy and many skills were attributed to it. However, today we know that many of these probable effects do not apply. But the dandelion has many healing uses. The tea is delicious and soothing. As I said - a great flower! Look at this fascinating one now Dandelion pictures I have chosen for you.

Here is a video of how the dandelion transforms

A training video!

Dandelion pictures - a magnificent flower

Images of Dandelion as a white flower

Enjoy this Dandelion pictures

Images of Dandelion on-the-country

Dandelion pictures, who were taken to a meadow

Images of Dandelion in the Rain

Dandelion serves as a parachute for ladybugs

Images of Dandelion fulfill wishes

When blowing away the dandelion fulfills wishes!

Images of Dandelion ready-blow

With the sun are so beautiful dandelion pictures

Images of Dandelion beautifully-lit

The last screen seems so lonely

Images of Dandelion of-the-last seed

Sometimes the white and yellow flowers bloom together

Heyday Dandelion the-old-and-the-young

These dandelions have the scent of spring

Heyday Dandelion in-the-Switzerland

The yellow color is so fresh!

Heyday Dandelion is-very-short

It is so pleasant to look at dandelions

Heyday Dandelion is-very-gorgeous

The dandelion is a rich meal for the bee

Heyday Dandelion with-a-bee

Heyday dandelion-so-many-bloom-then

Ordinary Dandelion on-the-wide-Felden

Ordinary Dandelion begins-as-yellow flower

Ordinary Dandelion lonely-can-also-growing

The yellow dandelion sees its future

Usually Dandelion-in of both forms

Yellow like the sun

Ordinary dandelion-in-three flowers

Ordinary Dandelion is yellow-if-not-faded

Ordinary Dandelion is-so-fascinating

Ordinary Dandelion with-a-bee

These flowers are waiting for the wind

Dandelion description-in-the-Forest


Dandelion description capita of-the-flower

Dandelion description seed-in-the-air

Dandelion description-as-a-heart

Dandelion Picture on-a-meadow

Dandelion Picture of-the-art photography

So fascinating dandelion pictures

Dandelion Picture at-a-sunset

Dandelion Picture the Seed fly-in-the-wind

Dandelion Pictures-the-sun-by-look

Dandelion Pictures-a-unikales photo

Dandelions inspire the artists

Dandelion images for desktop wallpaper

Dandelion Picture with-other-purple flowers

Dandelion Picture with-many-colors

Dandelion images with delicate-water drop

My favorite color is yellow, that's why I like dandelions!

Dandelion images-so-a-beautiful-flower



Dandelions are-also-Schaedig-of-the-crop


Dandelions-are-very-aesthetic flowers


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