Easy-care garden – the dream of all amateur gardeners

An easy-care garden is the dream of every hobby gardener! We answer the question of how our farm not only looks beautiful but can also be easily grown. Our tips, tricks and ideas in pictures will help you.

Easy-care garden - a fulfilled dream

easy-care garden - the easy-care plant variety different flowers

First tip: Choose plants that bloom at different times so that the petals beautify the garden throughout the season. If all of them shine in flowers, their garden will soon turn from a colorful magic to a colorless place. If all fades at the same time, you have to do a lot of work at once. Otherwise, these activities are spread over time, so you can gradually get everything done. In addition, you will not be bored because gardening seems to you not as a duty, but as a fun pastime.

Easy care garden in all seasons

green lawn and pink roses small bushes make the front yard easy to care for

Second tip: Plant your garden in flowerpots. This garden deco is portable and can bring color to all parts of your garden. You can still change the color scheme according to the season - white and pink in the summer, red and yellow in the fall. Such plants are undoubtedly easy to care for, because you can put them under unfavorable weather conditions under roof.

Easy care garden with flowerpots

white flower pots arranged like a pyramid - landscaping garden beds

Tip number 3: Grow plants that grow well in their climatic zone. The exotic plants are more beautiful, but they demand more attention and care. Finally, we strive for a low maintenance garden. In this way, you do not need so much water and special conditions for the plants to thrive.

Beautifully easy-care beds

a round flower pot made of tree trunks full of red flowers - easy care garden

Another tip: Complete the garden with a water feature. Suffice it to be a small, self-contained pond that stands on the path. It should work naturally in the first place. You can either use natural stone or any materials that are available. In any case, you design it with few elements, so that the water feature does not look kitschy.

A natural water feature

Waterfall in the garden is easy to care for many small plants around the water

Next tip: Instead of trampling the lawn and creating a temporal path of dry grass, style your walkway. That means a bit more effort, but the result is worth it. Not to forget, the garden will be easier to maintain, because a messy path will give a neglected look. Gravel or natural stone are suitable for the sidewalk.

A well-kept garden

a path of gravel with hedge surrounding a shrub - make front yard easy to care for

The lavender smells so pleasant in the garden and all beds are refreshed by its purple color. He is also a very easy-care plant. You only need to water the flower twice a week. Another advantage is that this plant keeps insects away.

A purple wonder - the lavender

Lavender garden, easy-care gardens easy care flower beds

A beautiful garden should also be well lit to be able to be viewed in the evening. The lights are one of the most important elements of the landscape, so distribute the lamps carefully around the path. Everything has to be visible at night. The design is to your liking - you either arrange the lamps in a row equidistant or in a broken line. In this way, beautiful light effects are generated.

Also on the day the lamps beautify the path

colorful flowers around the path - easy-care garden plants and a lamp

The artificial grass is a perfect choice for a low maintenance garden. Without mowing you always have a decent look of the front yard. In other words, you do not have to spend time on the weekend to look after the grass. Alternatively, an artificial turf is child-friendly because the little ones can walk around without crushing the grass.

A garden like a stadium

Easy care gardens like a stage with artificial grass white flowers

A bench in the garden ensures a loving place to stay. Surround it with flowers and greenery, making you feel as if you are in a park without leaving home. You can also read a thrilling book there or simply relax in any way.

Bench in the garden, why not?

a bench sitting area in the garden - green lawn many colorful flowers garden easy care

As an easy-care plant we recommend the house sausages. This plant does not often need to be watered and grows by itself. Not to be overlooked, it looks very cute. Ornamental trees and shrubs sometimes require more care, so you decide if you want to take the challenge.

House sausages in a vertical garden

Easy care garden - a sofa in blue color, Hauswurzen vertical garden

Exotic, easy-care garden from the east behind screen, ornamental tree

DIY in the garden can also look quite aesthetic. Make yourself a path of bricks, decorated with stones.

DIY garden accessories make a path out of boards - easy-care garden

easy-care garden full of green hedge and shrubs and trees pink and orange flowers a wild easy-care garden with a small fence a pond with goldfish yellow flowers a path of stones

Tips for planting

So many magnificent flowers!

easy-care garden with many different flowers and a wooden pergola

easy care garden with English lawns before - a path of gravel, a sitting area

Gardening beds design - flowers and vegetables in a bed of cheerful colors

Pond green plants a sculpture ornamental shrubs Easy care garden plants

The garden is green

green English lawn a small birch - easy care garden plants

many green plants - easy-care garden plants - an English lawn

easy-care garden plants - colorful flowers and stairs made of stones

English lawn, red, yellow and white flowers - a rounded fence - easy-care garden plants

Think about how to make your garden 

a photo of what a perfect easy-care garden would look like with a pergola

Make the garden easy to care for - English lawn in a fancy shape and flowers around it

Creating garden beds - a tiny plant in a flowerpot like seedling

Easy care for the garden in the country house. Many green plants and trees

Every detail is of great importance

Easy care flower bed full of red and purple flowers around the mailbox surrounded by stones

easy care bed - round beds full of garden decorations and small plants

easy-care bed - two flower pots and tool box full of house sausages

easy-care beds Hauswurzen on concrete a garden in the middle of the room

Luxury garden

a large swimming pool in the garden. Creepers around pillars of red flowers - Easy care gardens


a large vertical garden with easy-care beds - so much green

DIY garden

Climbing plants on the wall, purple and yellow flowers - easy care gardens

DIY flower pots with green plants on a wooden table - easy care bed

Vegetables and easy-to-grow flowers in various colors - easy-care bed

Moss picture and vertical garden - easy-care gardens that you can design yourself

a cute fountain in the middle of the garden - easy care gardens   green plants, small trees, two pots make the garden easy to care for

a picture of gravel, flower pots full of red flowers - easy care gardens

Front yard full of flowers

pink flowers in the foreground, white flowers in the background - a few stairs easy-care gardens

four flower pots with ornamental trees, rock garden, English garden - make the garden easy to care for

a Japanese garden sculpture a path and many plants - front garden easy to make three flowerpots in different colors with flowers pattern with different types of flowers - landscaping garden beds a garden with colorful furniture and pink climbing plants, red tiles - landscaping garden beds

Flowers and vegetables - nice combination

Design garden beds - with onion, salad flowers and hedge, stand for climbing plants

Exotic easy-care garden

a Japanese garden with Japanese plants and garden accessories - landscaping garden beds

Garden furniture, blinds in the garden, English lawn and trees garden design easy to clean

An idea of ​​how a perfect garden design can look easy

two greenhouses flowerpots vegetables and flowers garden design easy care

a round vertical garden with different plant species - landscaping garden beds

You can use various materials to visually divide the garden

Make the garden easy to care for - divide the small plants from the lawn with white stones

six flowerpots placed on pillars full of bonsai trees - make garden easy to care for

Climbing vineyard at the fence next to a wine route

gray tiles flower beds beige garden furniture - landscaping garden beds

Wild gardens

so many beautiful flowers on a place easy care garden beds

a wonderful wild easy-care garden where you can relax well

Garden beds framing white flowers and vegetables behind wooden fence

vertical garden with lavender and other flowers in cheerful colors landscaping garden beds

Pond in the garden full of water lilies

Feng Shui garden is easy to care for with water lilies

Stands for climbing plants, garden beds frame a birch and a lot of green grass

four small trees green lawn in a small backyard garden easy care

Garden easy to maintain vertical garden a green wall a bench of boards

Decorate the garden also beautiful!

make a small garden easy to maintain with a pond in the middle

a waterfall in the garden leads to a pond full of big fish - garden design easy to care for

round ball of wire beautifies the garden, which is easy to plant

House butterflies in flower pots make garden beds quite easy to grow

Garden beds make DIY flower beds from boards full of yellow flowers

The gardens can be colorful

Lavender garden a lawn as a path many flowers make a garden easy to care for

Lavender garden easy care many different plant varieties arranged in rows

magnificent flower like fire so beaming little path with stones - garden easy to care for

a garden easy to care for on the walk with a beautiful ornamental tree

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