English Garden – what is that?

The term "English garden" Originally from England and later spread throughout Europe. He stands for an idealized representation of nature. As a rule, the English garden must include a lake, well-manicured meadows, many trees, recreations of classical temples, gothic ruins, bridges and other architectural achievements. In the 19th century, the gardens and parks were already influenced by the English Garden worldwide.

The photos you see in this post show patterns of English gardens in different countries. As you can see, the main principles of the structure and structure of the English Garden have been taken into account. But if it is e.g. around a country garden, certain elements are omitted or added. Tradition is beautiful but nowadays things are changing very fast and even the parks and gardens can be transformed a bit.

We leave you alone now, so you can check what English garden exactly means. We believe that you will take care of yourself very soon.

Typical english garden - there is a lake, wide meadows and an architectural symbol - the bridge

English Garden Landscape Park Bridge Lake Antique Building trees bushes

English Garden - expression of aristocracy

Chelsea Physic Garden-aristocratic and historical Statue decorative stones Avenue trees Wooden Bench bushes retro-carriages English Garden

Another English garden - but this is much more colorful

English Garden fresh gorgeous Tulips Different colors

This English garden can also be called a country garden

English Garden Flowers Cottage benches-table solid wood rustic

Architecture and beautiful flowers

Beautiful Garden Flowers architecture

Avenues and small paths are very typical

English Garden Fresh Gorgeous flowers

Castle, surrounded by English garden

English Garden Castle Wall Stone great Flower garish colors grass nature

The avenue to the castle

English Garden Castle Park Avenue Flower

Small picturesque lake - you can watch from the bank

English Hut Garden Bench Lake Flower bushes

Garden in garish nuances

English country garden flower pots Blossom flash-color center Round Shape ancient statues

Gorgeous roses in the country garden

English Country Garden Rose, various colors

English Garden Design spatially bushes sculptures British Flag

Exotic Garden beautiful flower bushes Bank British

Garden bushes water fountain stone wall Grass flowers

Garden with amphitheater structure

Garden-English-British-Amphitheater Grass spatially

English Garden Design avenues Flower ordered aristocratic-traditional

English Garden Design antique Bank flowers

English Garden Design Flower bushes flower pots

English Garden Design Bow Rose

English Garden design well-cared-designed

English Garden Design Pink Flower Tree Blossoms

These figures are very traditional for the English garden

English Garden design beautifully-aristocratic figures

Garden English model Bow Birds Decoration well-maintained

Garden Park-wide-spatial-bushes Flower wonderfully-English-British

Garden Park English-modeled bushes Special Shape beautifully-designed Avenue decorative stones

Garden White Rose metal arch-aristocratic British

large-houses-British Garden Meadow ordered aristocratic flowers

Hamilton Gardens british Gorgeous Flower flash-color sunflowers

House Stone goat creeping Flower English country garden

English Garden in Ireland

Ireland Garden English-modeled Avenue Green decorative stones

Jane Austen's Garden British-famous aristocratic-small-waterfall-sea goddesses Fairies statues

Round shaped garden in Norway

small-English Garden norwegien-round shaped

Park Garden Anglo-British-green bushes birch street lamps metal sheets

spatial Garden English-model flowerpots Lake

Stone House British Garden many flowers
Steinhaus-great-aristocratic Garden English-model-Rosen

White House Blue Shutters Garden English-modeled flowers

Flower Blossom flash-Color Garden English model

British Landscape Garden Park-many flower plants

British Garden bench Roof bushes Flower aristocratic

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