Front garden design of the terraced house – possible and how!

"If you live in a terraced house, you should not go out of line". This sounds like the most common opinion that you hear when it comes to a terraced neighborhood. Same houses and same garden. And the lay and boring avenues of red roses. Have you already imagined the idyllic picture? Or do you think that one can also differ in the similarity? If you nod to the second sentence smiling, then you are in the right place, because we believe exactly the same. Today we show you creative ideas for the front yard design of the terraced house.

25 ideas for the front garden design of the terraced house

Terraced houses have some limitations that are still noticeable at first glance. They are usually limited on both sides of house walls and provide the homeowner only a few square meters of land available. That's no reason to miss a beautiful garden! Nevertheless, you should consider the place you have for your garden design, well and carefully plan in what you want to transform the front yard: a calm oasis, a cozy seat and mooring or a jungle with shrubs along the rocky path.

1.) Front garden design of terraced house with wooden platform


1-vorgarten design-terraced-seating-0

 Every detail is important here: old boat with flowers fits well

vorgarten design terraced house-decoration

vorgarten design-townhouse-wood pedestal

Wooden platform as a general route

vorgarten design-detached wooden platform-2-

vorgarten design-townhouse-lawn-bench-gartenzaun-face protection

2.) Seating in the front garden design of the terraced house makes it comfortable

Make yourself a seat in the front yard, where you can read quietly or drink your coffee.

vorgarten design-terraced-seating

or eating with the whole family?

vorgarten design-detached Seating 2

Kiesel is a wonderful idea for the small garden!

vorgarten design-detached Seating 4

vorgarten design-detached Seating 3

vorgarten design-detached Seating 5

vorgarten design-detached Seating 6

3.) The rocky path for the front garden design is great

vorgarten design-townhouse-away-from-stones

Every morning to cross this front yard is fun and inner joy

vorgarten design-terraced-seating-and-steinweg

vorgarten design-terraced lawn-and-trittplattenweg

vorgarten design-townhouse-wasserbecken

vorgarten design-townhouse-away-for-big-house

vorgarten design terraced house-off-4

vorgarten design-townhouse-off

vorgarten design-townhouse-off-3

vorgarten design terraced house Stairs

4.) put accent on an untypical way

vorgarten design-townhouse-stilvolles_reihenhaus_mit_romantisch_angelegtem_garten_100201494801835170

front garden-terraced-house Tuscany terraced house garden II
vorgarten design-terraced front yard design

vorgarten design-townhouse-away-and-shrubs

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