Garden fence Screen: 100 beautiful garden wall proposals

Garden Fence Screening: Flirt your inner creativity and make something interesting that can be shown as a trademark for you and your family. Make a creative and inspiring garden fence for your yard, garden, or more for your privacy. You can find many cheap garden fence ideas here - you can use old elements around the house or simply paint your fence with bright colors. Regardless of the construction, an extended garden fence will make your yard much more attractive and give your home a pleasant feeling. Take a look at our garden fence design ideas and privacy fence ideas - and use one for your own garden!

Garden fence Screen: The ski fence

Fence-privacy-A-creative decision

This colorful fence can be easily made from used or old skis. This idea can also be combined with an existing fence by simply drilling a hole in the fiberglass, wood or steel, and then nailing the skis on the fence. This is the perfect cheap garden fence idea for a sports lover, and will surely win the hearts of like-minded neighbors.

Garden Fence Screening: The Carved Faces Fence


This simple project is easy to design and is also one of the simplest cheap garden fence ideas. You only need simple wooden garden fence fields and something to carve them. You can write letters or create, write or write your children's favorite characters, or you can try to create a portrait of your family. This fence will surely make your family smile.

The bicycle fence

Fence-privacy-A-exceptional decision

This decorative garden fence idea is unique and affordable. Everything can easily be made of old bicycles, and if you do not have enough - ask your neighbors and friends if they can donate their old wheels. You can place the different bike parts in any angle or position. This cheap garden fence idea also works if you only use the bicycle wheels.

The piano key fence


This privacy fence idea works perfectly in almost any garden and requires minimal effort. This is best used on an existing fence or a simple wood panel fence. You have to paint the whole fence white, and then allocate smaller black wood panels after every second or third white panel. This creative and musical garden fence is best used by musicians.

garden fence & Buy privacy fence near Hornbach


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Homemade garden fences - interesting videos on the subject

Fence with original design


Innovative and practical

Fence-privacy-flashy design

Fence with accents

Fence-privacy-exceptional decision

Metal garden fence screens the patio


Fence made of recycled wood

Fence-privacy-A-striking design

Multifunctional wooden fence

Fence-privacy-A-striking interiors

Modern wooden fence

Fence-privacy-A-exceptional design

Wooden privacy fence

Fence-privacy-A-exceptional interiors

Blue metal visual protection fence

Fence-privacy-A-cool design

Garden wall made of wood with holes

Fence-privacy-A-cool interiors

Beautiful exterior design with wooden fence.

Garden Fence Screening-A flashy decision

Fence made of wooden boards. Sweet and romantic!

Garden Fence Screening-An extraordinary decision

Nice fence made of metal

Garden Fence Screening-A cool decision

Garden fence made of wooden boards

Garden Fence Screening-A creative decision

Garden Fence Screening-A modern decision

Gartenzaun-Sichtschutz-A great decision

Garden Fence Screening-A great decision

Privacy protection for the inner area

Garden Fence Screening-A startling decision

Gartenzaun-Sichtschutz-A beautiful decision

Fence-privacy-A-striking atmosphere

Fence-privacy-A-striking equipment

Fence-privacy-A-striking broadcasting

The fence provides privacy in the garden

Fence-privacy-A-striking Deco

Fence-privacy-A-flashy decoration



Fence-privacy-A-flashy design

Planted fence made of wood 

Fence-privacy-A-exceptional atmosphere

Fence-privacy-A-exceptional equipment

Fence-privacy-A-exceptional decoration

Fence-privacy-A-exceptional decoration

Fence-privacy-A-exceptional decision

Fence-privacy-A-exceptional design

Fence and flowers

Fence-privacy-A-cool atmosphere

Fence-privacy-A-Cool equipment

Fence-privacy-A-Cool broadcasting

Fence-privacy-A-Cool Deco

Fence-privacy-A-cool decoration


Fence-privacy-A-creative atmosphere

The higher the fence, the better

Fence-privacy-A-creative equipment

Fence-privacy-A-creative broadcasting

Fence-privacy-A-creative decoration

Fence-privacy-A-creative decoration

Fence-privacy-A-creative decision

High fence shields the allotment


Fence-privacy-A-modern atmosphere

Fence-privacy-A-modern equipment

Fence-privacy-A-modern broadcasting


Wooden fence - modern design





Fence-privacy-A-super equipment

Interesting shapes at the garden fence





Fence-privacy-A-great atmosphere

Wooden fence - original design

Fence-privacy-A-great equipment




Fence-privacy-A-amazing atmosphere

Fence-privacy-A-stunning equipment

Fence-privacy-A-startling broadcast

Cozy sitting area in the garden

Fence-privacy-A-startling Deco

Fence-privacy-A-startling Decoration

Fence-privacy-A-startling decision

Fence-privacy-A-striking design


garden with wooden fence




Evergreen plants and pebbles as decoration



Fence-privacy-on creative design

Fence-privacy-A-creative interiors

Fence-privacy-A-modern design

Plant the garden wall

Fence-privacy-A-modern interiors




Fence-privacy-A-great interiors

Garden wall made of bamboo fence

Fence-privacy-A-intriguing design

Fence-privacy-A-astonishing interior

Fence-privacy-A-beautiful design


Fence-privacy-creative design

Divide the garden




Fence-privacy-startling decision

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