Hammock on the balcony – vacation home!

You breathe the fresh air or even the sea breeze! The sun is shining and you feel well and full of energy! This is not just a dream! You do not need to drive far to go on vacation. You can also really relax at home, namely on the balcony. But how? Find inspirational and unique designs here hammock on the Balcony, to bring fun and pleasure home.

Nice design hammock on the balcony with a very sturdy suspension

ideas for-balcony-double hammock

A Hammock on the balcony Invites us to spend more time outside with an interesting book and fresh summer drink. Not only does it provide relaxation, it also looks very attractive. The different colors of the hammocks make it possible to fulfill our summer design ideas and to create the balcony with a harmonic naturalness. Whether the hammock is stretched between two attachment points or is free with a frame, it appears as a decorative element on the balcony. Get some creative, custom and cozy balcony decorating ideas with a hammock now.

A comfortable and very nice hammock on the balcony


You can also relax comfortably as a couple!

Hammock with pink sheets

Hammock-for-balcony-and-pink bed linen

A small and cozy hammock for your retreat

Hammock-outdoor rural rustic-for-veranda-balcony

Here's an idea for gardeners or hobby gardeners who plant everything at home. The patio is perfectly designed with pretty balcony plants. After the work you can refresh yourself thanks to the beautiful hammock.

A hammock made of a pleasant and durable material that really endures a lot


Embellish the hammocks with some deco pillows!

Hammock-for-balcony-for-summer house

Holidays on Balkonien!

Garden hammock-and-table-sitzbänke-

A hammock that has been stretched between two attachment points

Hammock-for-balcony-garden-or-terrace-and-many pillows

With a hammock, the balcony is transformed into an oasis.


Do you hear how the sea rushes?

Hammock-outdoor balcony-cottage

Take a break from everyday life!




A colorful hammock

Hammock apartment-balcony-soft pillows

The hammocks spread peace and have a particularly relaxing. 

outdoor hammock-white-veranda

Outdoor Häbgematte porch or balcony


An individual equipment

Make-nice for-balcony-hammock-


Hammock-for-balcony-and-blue pillows

hammock-for-balcony-and-lounge-furniture-pretty pillows

Hammock-outdoor red mattress-veranda-house

garden-hammock-blue floor pillows

hammock-without-stand-lounge chair


Hammock-outdoor balcony and many-pillows


hammock-with-bedspread-and-fluffy pillows


Hammock-outdoor cozy apartment

Hammock-outdoor and-for-balcony

Do you have a garden area with trees two meters apart? Here the hammock is also ideal.




Hammock made of cloth fabric



outdoor hammock-for-two-people

hammocks and-sitzecke-on-the-balcony

Outdoor hammock-balcony


hammock-outdoor or indoor-

hammock-indoor or outdoor-by-two

Hammock apartment balcony porch


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