Hanging houseplants can be the best hanging decoration!

Often we feel that something is missing in our home. Yes, there is no room for more furniture. Yes, the walls are painted super. What is missing anyway. This extra piece we need to have a perfected Outlook is called ... Decoration! If you have a smaller apartment, it would be too exaggerated to hang big pictures and arrange shelves with books. There you would be green nature breathing in the heart of your home. We call this nature houseplants. And if house plants, then hanging houseplants - our proposal for mini - hanging gardens at home. See how!

Hanging houseplants can be the best hanging decoration!

An important tip here is to adapt the type of houseplant to the pot or basket, so you can have a nice view. This is also due to the size of the plant, as well as the height of the hanging pot. There are some flowers that may have leading positions in the hanging plants - the begonia, the fuchsia, the lobelia, as well as the weed. Take into account the conditions that each separate plant needs - temperature, water, sunlight - compatibility. If you want to use colorful pots to put an accent on the decoration, you will definitely plant green plants in it. Colorful flowers call for monochrome pots and cups, jars or clays to leave the accent on the blooming flowers. Here are some concrete ideas how you could do it!

Hanging indoor plants in interesting pots and cups


Hanging shelves


Hanger for plants

hanging-house plants-cups-glass

hanging-houseplants-flower pots

Colorful vases and spring flowers 

hanging-houseplants Flowers vases


Interesting frame


hanging-house plants green-plant

Built-in pots - cool idea

hanging-house plants Hanging-wall


Fresh medicinal plants - pure health

hanging-house plants-medicinal plants



hanging-house plants-in-the-corner







hanging-house plants-living room

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