Inspiring decoration ideas: small indoor garden area

If you are wondering which one Decorating ideas for your home or for your home are the best, try decorating with plants. Creating a plant corner yourself or with the help of family or friends is always a good idea. We suggest you take a look at the following article and accompanying pictures. Here we show you cool deco ideas full of inspiration!

In nature, there is an incredibly huge variety of flowers and other plants, which man has adapted to house breeding. All species and strains of plants have their variations accordingly, which makes the choice for the indoor garden area easier. Plants have many beneficial effects: they are good for our health, they produce oxygen and make the air fresh. For example, flowers help in healing patients after surgery. A Kansas State University study has shown that observing flowers helps to feel much better by naturally lowering blood pressure and relieving pain. They also help in overcoming fatigue. Last but not least, plants help to work and learn better. Just as simple in nature, in-room plants stimulate concentration, memory, and productivity, increasing memory retention by as much as 20 percent.

The simplest solution, if you have a small house without a garden, is to create a plant corner directly in the house. And why not in the apartment? Whether in the living room, in the dining room or in the kitchen, plants are always a good idea. However, plant breeding is always a good therapy as it has a calming effect and gives you the feeling that you are doing something good. The plant corner can also be designed under the stairs or on the glassed-in terrace, thus saving space. To put a glass wall in the living room and to secrete a niche for plants is also a good decoration idea.

Decorating ideas for plant corner

flowers corner-living room-living room-design-decoration tips-living room

Plant corner in the living room

Decorating ideas-decoration tips-living room-okras-decoration tips-mitpflanzengestalten

Plant decoration behind glass wall

Decorating ideas-plants behind glass wall-decoration tips-living room-Decor-ideas

Freshness in everyday life

dekomitpflanzen-Decor-ideas-decoration tips-living room-living room saver make

just fantastic

Decoration tips-living room-Decor-ideas-decoration tips-okras-plant

small but nice

Decoration tips-living room-okras-decoration tips-Decor-ideas-plant-with

fresh and modern

diebestendekoideenfurswohnzimmer-plant home-decoration tips-living room

green corner

inspiring-decorating ideas-wohnungsdekomitpflanzen-plant-corner design

to live comfortably

Decorating ideas-Decor-ideas-decoration tips-okras-decoration tips-living room

comfortable and tasteful

plant-corner-living room-Decor-ideas-wohnungdeko-decoration tips-living room

plant corner living room-decoration tips-okras-decoration tips-living room

plant-to-the-wall-hanging plants living-Wohndeko Idea decoration tips

plant Corner-cactus corner-Decor-ideas-okras-decoration tips-living room

plant corner-living room-living room-with-plant-design-decoration tips-living room

plant corner home make-wohndekoideen-okras-hauseingangdekorieren

wohnzimmermitpflanzendekorieren-Decor-ideas-decoration tips-okras-decoration tips-living room

wohnzimmereckemitpflanzen-Decor-ideas-decoration tips-decoration tips-living room

wohnungsdekopflanzen-okras-Decor-ideas-decoration tips-living room

okras-decoration tips-decoration tips-living room-Decor-ideas-glazed-terrace-planting

Decorating ideas-okras-decoration tips-living room-Decor-ideas

Decoration tips-decoration tips-living room-wohnzimmerdeko-pflanzenimwohnzimmer

Decorating ideas-cactus-cacti-corner plant corner living room-decoration tips-decoration tips-living room

plant wall

Decoration tips-Decor-ideas-hauseingang-decorate-decoration tips-living room

Decoration tips-living room-living room make-planting corner-Decor-ideas

Decorating ideas-Decor-ideas-decoration tips-terraced-decoration tips-living room-dekomitpflanzen

cacti corner-Decor-ideas-decoration tips-living room-Potted plants

Decorate the work area with plants at home

cacti inthe labor corner-home plant-okras-dekotippsmitpflanzen

plant inthe working corner home-Decor-ideas-okras-decoration tips

liebezupflanzen-Potted plants-living room-decoration tips-Decor-ideas

plant corner-of-the-terrace-decoration tips-Wohndeko Idea decoration tips Parlor okras

plant corner-kitchen-decoration tips-okras-Decor-ideas-dekoideenkuche

dekotippskuche-okras-decoration tips-wohndekoideen-wohndekoideen

Decorating ideas-dining room-decoration tips-dining-pflanzenimesszimmer-planting corner

Chic-pflanzendekofurswohnzimmer-Decor-ideas-decoration tips-living room

wohndekoideen-dekoideenmitpflanzen-plant wall-decoration tips-living room

wohndekoideen-decoration tips-okras-dekotippskuche-pflanzeneckeinderkuche

Decor-ideas-pflanzenundblumenimwohnzimmer-cat home-plant-shelf

plant Corner-wall covering-with-plant-wondeko-ideas-okras

pflanzenfurswohnzimmer-decoration tips-living room-okras-Decor-ideas

pflanzenimschlafzimmer-decoration tips-bedroom-corner-plant design ideas

plant-in-the-corner-in-living-Decor-ideas-living room make-Potted plants

pflanzenvordemfensterimwohnzimmer-plant-corner decoration tips-living room

Decor-ideas-Decor-ideas-decoration tips-okras-plant

wohnideen-deco-hauseingang-decorate-hausmitpflanzen-decoration tips-living room

make the entrance more beautiful

Decor-ideas-decoration tips-okras-hauseingang-decorate

Decor-ideas-hauseingang-decorate-decoration tips-okras

Decorating ideas-pflanzenunterdertreppeimhaus-hauseingang-decorate-plant-corner design

mitpflanzendashausdekorieren-decoration tips-Decor-ideas-hauseingang-decorate

Decorating ideas-staircase-hauseingang-decorate-decoration tips-Decor-ideas

Decorating ideas-Decor-ideas-decoration tips-living room-plant andes stairs

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