Jacuzzi for roof terrace: some wellness suggestions

Are you lucky enough to have a large roof terrace with a nice view? A gorgeous rooftop terrace designed with cool lounge furniture and fresh planting - if you own one, why not put a hot tub on it? In summer, the outdoor hot tub is a feel-good guarantee! While you enjoy the beautiful view, the Jacuzzi for roof terrace care for your wellness. That's called skyspa, right? Our picture gallery shows you how great Jacuzzi for roof terrace appears.

Jacuzzi for roof terrace with seat pad ensures your well-being

whirlpool-roof terrace-wine-pillow

But beware: not all roof terraces can carry the weight of the spa. Therefore, you must consider the weight of the device in case you are considering purchasing a spa. The outdoor whirlpool should be permanently installed on the terrace floor and also bricked. Because of a certain risk of damage you should also pay attention to how the terrace has been built.

Jacuzzi for roof terrace creates a summer mood

3D para promotora. Infoarquitectura

Whirlpool and natural wood are very inviting

whirlpool-roof terrace-large-flower pot-wood

Put a thermal spa on your roof terrace

whirlpool roof terrace hot-candlestick-wooden staircases

Jacuzzi for roof terrace with stairs and plants

whirlpool-roof terrace-Holzern-staircase-

Surely you will enjoy such a spa

whirlpool-roof terrace-wood-rattan-brick

You can spend time on this rooftop terrace all summer long

whirlpool-roof terrace-shower-polyrattan set

Pretty white rooftop jacuzzi

whirlpool-roof terrace-white-wood-lying chair

Real paradise on the roof terrace

whirlpool-roof terrace-in-the-corner-sun-screen

Here you can feel really comfortable

whirlpool-roof terrace-cushion-candlestick-rattan-liege

whirlpool-roof terrace-lying furniture-wasse

whirlpool-roof terrace-mozaik


whirlpool-roof terrace-palms-in-the-corners

whirlpool-roof terrace-pad-and-pillow

whirlpool-roof terrace-reviera

whirlpool-roof-terrace-round-wood-floor-with sight

whirlpool-roof terrace-round-palms

whirlpool-roof terrace-towel-tree

whirlpool-roof terrace-round-and-small

whirlpool-roof terrace-chair-sun-screen

whirlpool-roof terrace-planting-wood-covering

whirlpool-roof terrace-covering and-flower pot

whirlpool roof terrace Trees Candles

hot tub roof terrace in winter candles

whirlpool-roof terrace-compact

whirlpool-roof terrace-stone wall-wood-floor

whirlpool-roof terrace-chairs-wood

hot tub-roof-terrace-terrace-in-the-garden

hot tub-roof terrace-terrace and garden


whirlpool roof terrace Stairs-planting

whirlpool roof terrace and-deco

whirlpool roof terrace and sea-

whirlpool-roof terrace-many pillows

whirpool-roof terrace-glass-look-mountains

whirpool-roof terrace-pot-and-pillow

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