Kinderhaus – a fairytale adventure!

Would you like to treat your children with a fairytale children's house please? Then we give you some fantastic ideas for inspiration! If you have not seen our contribution Spielhaus - Super fun for the kids yet, we recommend you to have a look at it! There you will find other beautiful models with many great extras for the kids - slides, climbing walls, swings and other play equipment in a super House brought together.

On children's house to have in the garden - that will turn the free time of your children into an unedical adventure! We show you cottages as come from our favorite fairy tales - super cute and attractive! The kids will have fun and you will enjoy the house as a nice garden accessory. Give yourself a little time and look at the beautiful models below!

Build a wooden children's house yourself!

garden house-from-wood-playhouse-wood

Fantastic children's house with great design!

a fantastic-game home-garden-fun-for-the-children-gartengestaltung

Children's house like a fairytale!

a fantastic-game home-garden-fun-for-the-children-gartengestaltung-

An innovative children's home with a modern look

original-design-garden house-to-play

Beautiful garden house for the children

cool-gartengestaltung-with-a-play house of wood-

Dreamlike tree house in white


Colorful cottage to play in the garden

colorful game house-with-super-design-playing-in-garden

Cool playhouse in interesting form

cool-gartengestaltung-with-a-play house-of-wood-

Great round door and round window!

-coole-garden design-with-a-game home-from-wood

Interesting models for climbing!

cool-gartengestaltung-with-a-play house-of-holz--

Fascinating garden house with climbing wall.

cool-gartengestaltung-with-a-play house of wood with-kletterwand

a-garden cottage-to-play-own-build

for-children-build a-wonderful-gartenhaus-

fantastic game house-garden-fun-for-the-children-gartengestaltung

-fantastisches-game home-garden-fun-for-the-children-gartengestaltung

pink-playhouse-super-design-playing-in-garden with

gartenhaus-climbing wall-to-play-a-space-for-the-children

garden house-with-climbing wall-to-play-a-space-for-the-children

garden house-to-slide-to-play-a-space-for-the-children

garden house-own-build-kinder-im-garten

garden house-to-play-a-space-for-the-children

garden house-to-play-a-space-for-the-child-

-Garden cottage-play-a-space-for-the-children

wooden house-in-garden-playhouse-design


playhouse-with-climbing wall-super-design-playing-in-garden

super-garden house-to-play-a-space-for-the-children

super-great-little game lodge-the-garden


under nice-playhouse-super-design-playing-in-garden with



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