Lilies of the valley – a popular spring flower!

The lily of the valley produces white, bell-shaped flowers (5 - 13 pe), which bloom between April and June. They have a strong specific fragrance. The lily of the valley grows to 15 - 25 cm high and needs warm, humus rich soil to grow. Although delicate and delicate, this flower contains powerful toxins-heritable cardenolide-type glycosides. The toxins are present in all parts of the plant, especially in the red berries. The toxic substances can pass into water.

 But the lily of the valley is a valuable remedy, used in preparations that strengthen weak hearts and help irregular hearts to a rhythm. The flower is also known below as the Mayflower, Maililie, Mairöschen and Maischschellen. Below we have a lot of beautiful photos!

Blooming lilies of the valley in spring!

wallpaper spring flowers-in-white-color-deco-ideas-Blumendeko-white-spring flowers wallpaper garden flowers

Beautiful white lilies of the valley

beautiful-flower-decorated for spring-spring flowers-in-white

Lily of the valley in a yellow cup

flowers-in-yellow-cup-deco-idea-tischdeko-Floral Deco table

Delicate lilies of the valley in pink

flowers-in-garden - fantastic-flowers-for spring-spring flowers-in-white

Super pretty pink flowers!

small-tender-pink-flowers-in-the-garden-garden-design-in ideas

White beauty!

flowers-in-garden-beautiful-flower-decorated for spring-spring flowers-in-white

Bell in white!

deco-ideas-Blumendeko-white-spring flowers wallpaper garden flower-deco-by-the-house

Wonderful whites in the garden 


fantastic-flowers-for spring-spring flowers-in-white-in-horticultural

garden flowers - fantastic-flowers-for spring-spring flowers-in-white

gartengestaltung-lily-of-the-valley wallpaper spring flowers-in ideas

Lily_of_the_valley_wunderschöne-flowers-for spring-spring flowers-in-white


lily-of-the-valley wallpaper spring flower-lily of the valley-in-garden

Lily-of-the-Valley-deco-ideas-Blumendeko-white-spring flowers wallpaper garden flowers pink

lily-of-the-valley Photos of the-inspiration-deco-idea-Floral Deco white

lily-of-valley-inspiring-photos-of-spring flowers


beautiful-flower-decorated for spring-spring flowers-in-pink garden flowers

beautiful Floral Deco-deco-ideas-Blumendeko-white-spring flowers wallpaper garden flowers

Floral Deco fantastic-flowers-for spring-spring flowers-in-white

great-bouquet-with-spring flowers - design-idea-

delicate Bouquet-fantastic-flowers-for spring-spring flowers-in-white

beautiful-flower-decorated for spring-spring flowers-in-white-lily_of_the_valley-white-spring flowers

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