Magnificent bonsai species

bonsai are developed over a long period of time and ensure a high degree of recognition and fascination. They enliven both the interior and the exterior. The Bonsai species can be viewed in several categories. In this section, we look instead to the mini-variant of over several centuries old tree figures. 

Below you can see different variations of the small-sized woody shrubs, which in contrast to the adults, these can grow up to a hundred meters under normal circumstances, reach the small dwarfs only a few inches to a maximum of one meter in height. In Japan, where the enchanting art comes from, the tradition is that the little creatures are inherited from generation to generation and thus achieved bonsai usually over several millennia.

Be enchanted by the small but magnificent tricks and have fun browsing!

Particularly curved stem form in bonsai species

Outstanding-growth-at-bonsai species

From old wood growing bonsai

Special bonsai composition-in-bonsai species

Variety of stem forms in bonsai species

Ancestral forms-at-Bonsai

Particularly outstanding growth and husk in bonsai species

Composition-in-bonsai with Shell

Group of trees as a forest of bonsai

Bonsai as Thicket group

Red color of the foliage in autumn


Reflection of the shell shape based on the treetop


Blossom with bonsai


Broad growth habit

Bonsai with-wide-growth

Outstanding growth

Outstanding bonsai with fruits

In Wolcken shaped crown

Blooming-bonsai-shape in shell

Densely leafy in reddish autumn color


Brilliant gold-red deciduous crown

Bonsai in autumn colors

Outstanding flowers


Fuchsias as bonsai form

Flower-in-bonsai from Fuchsia

Maple style as an autumn shape

Autumn colors-at-Bonsai

Old wood as a powerful single copy

Waste Wood in Winter condition

Composition as a miniature landscape

Bonsai as a composition sample

Conifer as bonsai style


Multi-stemmed bonsai

Multi-stemmed bonsai group

Bonsai as a screen form

Bonsai-than conifers

Flowering bonsai species

Bonsai in outer space

Bonsai in bloom

Bonsai without Foliage

Bonsai species-as-conifer

Evergreen bonsai

Bonsai species-as-Evergreen Tree

Bonsai species-as-older-copy

Bonsai-than-bent-high trunk

Group planting-from-bonsai species


Bonsai species-as-weeping form



Bonsai juniper-than-Edele conifers

Herbstfärbendes Foliage in bonsai

Large-flowering bonsai

Bonsai species-as-stage-design way

Bonsai species-in-red-yellow-glory

Bonsai with pyramidal crown

Violet-flatulent bonsai species

Group planting-from-conifer-than-Bonsai

Bonsai Species without Foliage and Flowers-glory

Bonsai wood-than-Composition

Bonsai species-in particular-growth form


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