Modern garden design: 110 Inspirational ideas in pictures

A beautifully landscaped garden allows you to sunbathe in the summer and in good weather, you can enjoy meals and barbecues. If you're setting up your own outdoor resort, we can help you find ideas for modern garden design help. Start now with us, your journey 'through different gardens and gorgeous gardens that are absolute paradise!

Modern garden design: Garden lounge furniture as an accent

modern-design-with-rattan garden-garden-couch

Stylish and modern garden design:

What should no garden be missing? In the first place is the garden planting. Rather, the artfully cut and shaped green plants or the fragrant flowers ... but all kinds of plants can transform the garden into a real oasis. A garden path, which is laid with gravel and runs through the plants, will look very exotic. It depends on you how you plan the garden planting. If you are not a fan of gardening and modern plant design, you can opt for the traditional flower pots and planters. One should not forget about regular care!

Garden accessories and decorative elements:

Plants can also offer for privacy. They are the optimal choice to protect your resort from the prying eyes or the sun's rays. For example, the hedges can be used excellently as protection. The sun shade, the pergola and the gazebo can serve as sun protection. They even give the garden a modern touch and are like well-being guarantee. Next comes the garden furniture group, as in summer the seating allows meals. For more seating comfort in the garden can be the garden bench. You can easily embellish this with a small mattress or pillow. Take care of the atmosphere in the garden with mood boosters such as fairy lights, lanterns or integrated LED spotlights. These give the garden a romantic flair and are in the evening a beautiful garden lighting.

Take a look at our examples of modern garden design and let yourself be fascinated by the atmosphere that has been created in the garden.

 The modern garden design gives the feeling of spaciousness and warmth

Landscaping-privacy-wood-behind-lighting sitzgruppe-floor tiles

The fresh outdoor dining area is ideal for meals

Garden design-with-stones-wood-and-dining table

Fairytale atmosphere in the garden:

The indirect lighting is reflected by the water

Modern Garden with pools and-lighting

The mattresses with foam filling ensure the comfort of sitting 

Landscaping-privacy-modern school desks-cushioned mat

Modern garden design: right garden art


Enjoy the view of the green in the garden


Design with designer garden furniture 


Luxurious garden design

Garden design-modern-with-pool-and-rear lighting

Inviting sitting area by the fire pit for your outdoor recreation

modern-brick-fireplace-garden design-with-lounge furniture

Cozy furniture for outdoor use

modern-gartengestaltung-with-face protection-fireplace-rattan lounge furniture and-coffee table-of-wood

Inviting sitting area at the swimming pool

swimming pool-garden-with-brick-fireplace-pergola-and-rattan lounge-furniture in

Gorgeous warmth and protection in the garden


In the pebbles integrated LED spotlights

Garden design-with-bricks-and-lighting

Garden with a great design

Garden design-with-bricks-and-schwimbecken-and-lie armchairs

Modern courtyard with beautiful views


Cozy garden design with a brick counter


Led indirect lighting with integrated spotlights 

Garden design examples-with-backlight-screening-and-planting

Garden lamps and beautiful flowers in the front yard

Landscaping Pictures-nice-with-plants-and-bulbs

Create decorative garden path with gravel 

Landscaping Small Gardens-gartenweg-and-stone

Modern and cozy seat pad in the garden

Garden design-modern-with-modern lounge furniture

Lounge furniture around the hearth

Landscaping-privacy-hearth-and-lounge furniture

Modern pot plants

garden-gestangestaltung-and-potted plant

Decoration with orchids as eye-catcher

Ideas-garden design-furniture-with-planting

  • A rather rural appearance  

garden-ideas-with-wood-rows of seats,

Modern garden with pergola awning 

cozy-sitting area-the-garden-with-a-sonnensegel

Romantic garden with pretty flowers

Ideas-garden design-modern-coffee table-of-wood

Rustic meets modern

lounge-furniture-from-wood-seat cushion

Beautiful garden with subtle backlight


Install wall-mounted fireplace in the garden

Landscaping lounge furniture-fireplace-with-schörnstein

Originally arranged floor tiles  

gartengestaltung-with-wood settees-hearth-and-stone

Put the whole kitchen in the garden

modern garden design ideas and tips

Exotic touch in the garden


Tuscan garden with rattan recliner


Modern design with a built-in fireplace


 Modern footpath with pebbles


Make the garden elegant and trendy

modern-design-with-garden swimming pool and lounge furniture

The stairs catches the eye

terrace-balcony-gardening-modern-design or

Decorate the garden with noble, white lanterns

Garden design examples-sitting area-face protection-from-wood-

Grow plants - create a natural screen

modern-gartengestaltung-planting-modern-garden table and-deco-with-candlestick

 Plants and stones on both sides of the garden path with stone slabs


Decorative garden design suitable for garden parties

Modern-garden-design-interior village-garrtensitzgruppe-from-wood

Artistically designed garden


Garden bench in the shade 


Pleasant outdoor area

modern-gartengestaltung-water-feature-rattan sitzgruppe-and-plate-glass table

garden-design-with-garden paths

garden-design-path-shaped plants


Modern hanging chair with rack




Magical garden art

modern-gartengestaltung-planting-with-stones-flower-flower boxes


modern-gartengestaltung-garden bench and Fence

modern-landscaping-gardening-art floor tiles

modern-landscaping-gardening-art lawns

Interesting garden path with walkway slabs

modern-landscaping-gardening art-art lawn-and-tree

Exotic relaxation area

modern-gartengestaltung-garden furniture-rasenfläche

rose garden-design modern-landscaping-gardening-sitzgruppe

Stylish outdoor design

modern-gartengestaltung-gartenteich-wood flooring


Step-shaped garden design





modern-gartengestaltung-wood-floor covering

modern-landscaping plant-wood-floor-face protection-

modern-gartengestaltung-wood-garden bench

modern-gartengestaltung-integrated-potted plants-garden-sitting area


modern-gartengestaltung-with-concrete slabs and-rasenfläche

modern-design-with-garden-floor tiles swimming pool and marble-

Example of an absolute paradise

A pool with a waterfall in a luxury backyard

barbecue in the garden

modern-landscaping-to-grill-wood-face protection

Modern backlight in the front yard

modern-design-with-garden behind lighting

Concrete, wood and decorative lawns

modern-gartengestaltung-with-wood-flooring-garden bench-wood

modern-gartengestaltung-face protection-planting-wood-flooring

modern-gartengestaltung-with-wood-garden paths and Stones

modern-design-with-gravel garden

modern-gartengestaltung-with-gravel gartenweg-stone-and-pool



modern-gartengestaltung-with-lichterkette pillows-and-modern-umbrellas

modern-design-with-garden lounge furniture and-swimming pool

plant modern-gartengestaltung-with-rasenfläche-gravel-


gartenweg-build-for-garden design-with-stones

modern-gartengestaltung-with-rattan furniture

modern-gartengestaltung-with-swimming pool

modern-gartengestaltung-with-pool-and-lounge furniture

modern-gartengestaltung-with-swimming pool-parasol-Beleuchtun

modern-gartengestaltung-with-umbrella-comfortable lounge-furniture

modern-design-with-garden pond-footpath-and-rasenfläche



Magnificent garden design

modern-landscaping-plants-face protection-gartenweg




modern-landscaping-lawn-and-garden art

modern-gartengestaltung-rose garden-romantic-concrete

Natural wood ideas for garden design

modern-gartengestaltung rustic-furniture

modern-gartengestaltung-beautiful-garden sitzgruppe-with-parasol

modern-gartengestaltung-sitting area-and-wood-stairs

modern-gartengestaltung-potted plants-garden swing



Modern garden design - front yard - with potted plants

modern-gartengestaltung-vorgarten-poly rattan lounge-furniture

modern-gartengestaltung-front garden-veranda-with-wood flooring

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