Modern wooden terrace design – 27 cool suggestions!

What do you associate wood with? Certainly not with a cold feeling, right? By the way, the wood is associated with warmth and coziness. Just imagine: winter. A super cold night. It is snowing and winds. You are in a wooden house, sitting comfortably in the armchair with an interesting book in your hand - in front of the stone fireplace. Fairy Tale Atmosphere ... Now imagine that you're sitting back in the armchair and enjoying a nice book that you're back in a wood environment. The night is not cold, but super warm and you have no roof over your head! I agree! We talk about wooden terraces! They look so magical. Their magic is probably because they are always associated with cosiness and beautiful feelings of well-being. With that in mind, we have some amazing ideas for you Wooden terrace design  brought together. Now we want to introduce you to it. Enjoy the stunning pictures and get inspiration for your own balcony!

Modern wooden terrace design that can take your breath away!

Balcony-out-of-the-wood luxurious glass wall and beautiful view

This wooden terrace design looks very cozy

balcony-out-of-wood-modern-designed-green plants

Wooden furniture on the balcony for funny mood


Super creative wooden terrace design with stairs

a-small-wooden-terrace-self-build-beautiful wall of bricks

Paradise is here, on earth !!!

elegant wooden terrace view of the mountains

Colorful flowers and green plants fit perfectly with the wooden exterior of the terrace

cozy-balcony-made-wood-beautiful flowers

Wooden bows are very suitable for glass railings

large-terrace-modern-design-of-wood-beautiful chairs in white

Nice terrace and a beautiful view of the mountains!

wooden-balcony-beautiful-view-mountain-blue sky

Create a nature-friendly environment - wood, seawater, fruit ...

wooden terrace construction - blue deckchair

These wooden bar stools look super chic!

wooden terrace-build-able-barstools made of wood

A small but very cozy terrace

wooden terrace-build-modern-pallets

There is no more beautiful terrace than this, which is designed in the middle of the forest!

wood terrace-wood species-interesting design

Wooden structure made up of ultramodern!

wooden terrace interesting grass in green and gray color

Here are some beautiful examples of modern and creative Wooden terrace design. Choose the best exterior for you!

wooden terrace-completely-landscaping-nice view

Decking-creative-and-original-design-very modern

wooden terraces-build-leave-beautiful architecture

wooden terraces-modern-and-handsome-two sweet chairs

wooden terrace-self-build-interesting-idea- colorful flowers

luxurious house with a wooden terrace walls made of glass

modern-design-balcony-jacuzzi, many flowers

Modern design wooden terrace - sea view

Modern wooden terrace creative design - background ind blue

modern-balcony-out-of-wood-design-super big

modern-terrace-design-made of wooden armchair with throw pillow

terrace-out-of-the-wood-very-nice-umbrella-modern design

beautiful balcony-of-wood-green meadows

We hope that we can give you useful and interesting ideas for original Wooden terrace design have communicated!

beautiful-residential-house-with-an-elegant-wooden terrace-view of the mountains

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