Painted stones – your time for creative activities

The decorative stones have a wide application. These can be used both in the interior and in the exterior. Their main function is of course decorative and usually they are suitable for any living space. The variety of patterns is far too large and you can choose between stylish, discreet and colorful decoration. Today we present you the second category in detail. In this post you will find fantastic photos featuring painted stones you can see. The drawings are very cute and creative, but at the same time they are super light and you can paint them yourself at home according to the pattern.

The already finished stones can be used as decoration for the garden or e.g. use for the living room. You can put them in a bowl and put them on the dining or coffee table. In this way, your guests can enjoy and praise their art.

Now take a look at the photo gallery we have put together for you and choose which drawings will suit your interior or exterior and your painting skills.

Painted stones with positive spells

painted stones Spells Rainbow fresh color schemes

Painted stones - cats under cover

painted stones Cat different color schemes

Painted stones are easy to make

painted bricks-fabiges Mandala Pattern neon colors

Stone, painted as a vintage mini caravan

hand-painted stone vintage mini-caravan

Chain of hearts

painted stone-colored hearts and white dots

The mouse hid in the cheesecake

painted stone-yellow-cheese-mouse hole sweet

Artificial ladybugs crawl on the stone surface

painted stone green leaf two Ladybug

Stone with hand painted mandala pattern

painted stone-point mandala pattern

Cool Rock Minion Stone

painted stone rock Minion drawing

Stone - zombie head

painted stone terrible drawing Zombie capita green

Cat, sitting on the tree

painted stone-black-cat-tree-well-coquette

This is definitely a cool decoration idea

Painted Stones Acrylic Paint All-Star sneakers Different colors

painted stones Angel Heart Cotton

Starfish, shells, sand and ... stone fish

painted stones Fish-starfish shells Cancer sand

painted stones henna mandala pattern

Stones decorated with mandala patterns

painted stones Mandala Pattern glaring colors

Painted stones with natural elements

painted stones natural elements-beautiful-cool

painted stones-two-halves-golden stripe decoration

Chakra Stone painted points

Declaration of love in the night sky

decorative stone painted Moon Star Decoration declaration of love

Stone with drawing of blue bird

decorative stone hand-painted Blue Bird Drawing-sweet

decorative stone Moon drawing handpainted

decorative stones snowmen drawings hand-painted

decorated stone-painted daisies mint color

A whole family of stone material

decorated stones-people drawings Family Women Men

decorated stones-black-white-letter drawings

three hand-painted stones houses drawings and red roofs

River gravel-painted graphical drawings black

Sweet stone chicks

yellow-stone painted Chick Flower sweet

gray-stone painted red-white Decoration heart

Little bird with hat

Green Stone Drawing Bird Hat-road Snowflakes-art hand painted

hand-painted Ladybug stones drawings-sweet

This oval stone has the perfect shape for ... bee

hand-painted stone bee-sweet

hand-painted stone flash nuances saying

Such a cute hedgehog!

hand-painted stone Hedgehog drawing-art

Magnificent drawing of peacock

hand-painted stone red Foundation Peacock drawing-beautiful-gorgeous

Funny sheep drawing

hand-painted stone sheep drawing-sweet and funny

Fantastic drawing of girl with umbrella; Symbolism of hearts elements

hand-painted stone black-basis-white drawing Little Girl Umbrella Raindrops heart

Hand Painted Stone Bird Flower Drawing

Lonely hare as the main character in this winter picture

hand-painted stone winter image Hare Mountain Snow night drawing

Did you try to put a fairy tale together with stones?

hand-painted stones tale parts drawings element history

Funny Santa Clauses - Three is more than one 

hand-painted stones Santas Creative Idea

Two wooden decorative hand painted stones Birds drawings

These strawberries look very delicious, but are made of stone material, so food is not recommended;)

oval-stone hand painted strawberries drawings

richly-decorated stone-beautiful-cool-small decorative stones

pink-painted stone Tree Drawing hearts-place leaves

Do you think that this little village is entirely decorated with painted decorative stones?

Sand Village Houses bus-car-painted stones

beautifully-decorated-painted stones

Hand painted autumn leaves

beautifully-decorated Stone autumn leaves-different-warm-color hand-painted

That's totally cute

beautifully-decorated White Stone Bird Branch Drawing

Stone, painted as a pumpkin

beautiful Hand Painted Stone Pumpkin House Drawing

Black Stone golden drawing Dragonfly

Beautifully painted owl

Stone-painted owl-original-art

Original idea with trees drawings

Stones-painted trees drawings Different colors

These fantastic painted stones look like sweets

Stones-painted half-different-color sweet and original

These are undoubtedly the most beautiful painted stones that we have seen so far

Stones-painted Cat fur-eye different colors

With so many owls you feel kind of suspicious

Stones-painted Owl drawings-white-black

Stones, painted as cactuses

Stones-painted Cactus Flower Decoration

Mini Volkswagen Vans

Stones-painted-Volkswagen Van drawings

Superhero, rainbow, car, bird, mushroom, cake, frog, ribbon, sun, ball and much more can be depicted on the decorative stones

Various Drawings-painted stone-decorated

The mysterious evil blue eye

Stone hand painted mystical-evil-eye blue

Girl playing with balloon

Stone black and white drawing Little Girl Balloon

Fresh octopod drawing

Stone-drawing-blue-octopus-golden leaves decoration

Spiritual drawings on decorative stones

Stone composition center-large stone sun drawing-small stones Angel Hearts Decoration handpainted

So many hearts in a heap

Dish decorative-stone hand painted heart decoration

Cute seahorse drawing

White Stone handpainted drawing seahorse-water plants

What an elegant decoration!

white stones and blue drawings Butterflies Flower drawings

white-stone black Decoration Flower-painted

Zen Stones-painted mandala pattern

The Mary Jane shoes - a real masterpiece

Two-painted bricks-mary jane Red Shoes

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