Pergola awning: Exclusive examples and manufacturers

Pergola awning: ease of use and modern architecture elements

markilux pergola-awning-red-cloth-modern

In the summertime everyone prefers the outdoors. The terrace and the garden are always preferred places to spend the time in the beautiful weather periods. However, you need protection from direct sunlight. This is ensured by the Pergola Awning. On a sunny day, she creates a cozy atmosphere while sitting comfortably under the awning with friends or family.

Cozy garden design with a pergola awning

Pergola Awning-green fabric Weatherproof

Luxurious garden design in a modern courtyard with freestanding pergola awning

Pergola Awning-detached-am-pool

Inviting seating area by the pool for your outdoor recreation

Pergola Awning-white-on-swimming-with-rattan lounge furniture-sun protection

The conventional awnings offer limited rain protection. The models that we will now show are insensitive to the sudden rain or wind. In principle, the awning should be retracted during thunderstorms, because the wind could cause damage to the awning. You do not need to do this with the pergola awnings of the following companies. These awnings protect quite well both from the sun, as well as from the rain and wind.

Make a backyard with pergola awning gorgeous

pergola-sun-protection awning and lounge furniture

These manufacturers not only want to offer products, but also convince customers. They offer modern fabric combinations that are dyed with UV-stable pigments. Thanks to the intelligent and patented techniques, the pergola awnings can be easily regulated. The waterproof cloth and the aluminum parts ensure a high level of safety. The awnings are still laterally protected from the weather. Of course you will be satisfied with the quality of the pergola awnings. Have we already sparked your interest? Stay curious!

Cozy garden furniture under the awning

awnings-protection rain-pergola

Pergola awning for one pleasant outdoor area

Pergola Awning-garden-sun-protection beschattun

Pergola awning of the company Markilux

Romantic garden with a colored pergola awning from Markilux

  garden pergola awning-markilux-pergolamarkise- freestanding-red

The awning offers ideal shading

markilux pergola-makise-wind-rain resistant

An exotic touch in the garden

markilux-pergolamarkise- freestanding

markilux pergola-awning-detached-am-pool

markilux pergola-awning-red-cloth-modern

Rattan lounge furniture in the splendid shade 

markilux pergola-awning-rattan lounge-furniture

markilux pergola Awning Weatherproof Umbrella

markilux pergola-red awning-sun protection

Pergola awnings from the company Warema

MAREMA-garden pergola-awning-green-modern

- MAREMA-pergola-awning-garden-balcony-green fabric

Pergola awnings from the company Warema create a pleasant atmosphere

MAREMA-pergola Awning Weatherproof-pergola-metal

A sitting area in the shade, where you can enjoy the view of the green

MAREMA-pergola-modern-black-sun-protection canopy

Pergola awnings of the company Hanse awnings

hense-sun shade pergola-detached-with-folding roof

Garden design: elegant and trendy with Hanse awnings 

hense-sun shade pergola-yellow-stogg-modern sunscreen

Decorate the backyard with a noble, white pergola awning

hense-sun shade pergola-sunscreen-on-pool

The modern pergola awning catches the eye

hense-sun shade pergola-wind-rain protection

Pergola awnings of the company Driesen

The pergola awnings from Driesen are absolutely waterproof.

Driesen-pergola-awning-design-protection rain

Weatherproof models pergola awnings

hense-awnings-modern folding roof-garden-pergola

 Enjoy beautiful sea view comfortably

Pergola Awning-garden-detached-with-sitzgruppe

Pergola awnings of the company weinor

Very taut awning

garden-pergola - configurator-awning-low-weinor

garden-pergola-awning-weinor protection rain Weatherproof

garden-pergola-awnings-protection rain-low

sun shade pergola-protection rain-weinor Weatherproof-awnings

Pergola awning with a great design

awning-weinor-shading-wind Weatherproof Awning

awning-weinor Weatherproof

pergola-shading folding roof-weinor awning

pergola-vendor-weinor awning-wind


Pergola Awning-weinor with folding top-awning-wind-pergola-protection rain

pergola-modern-awning-weinor Weatherproof-awning-pergola

pergola-modern weinor-prices-low-rainproof-awnings


pergola-prices-weinor awnings

pergola-protection rain-sun-protection-awning wind-low

Pergola awning Weinor: 'Color through and through'

pergola-material-red awning weinor

Terrace folding roof with a high-quality frame

pergola-material-weinor awning folding roof Weatherproof

pergola-system-sunrain Weatherproof-awning-weinor

rainproof-awnings-awning weinor-wind-garden-pergola

sunshade pergola-awning-weinor

You can dim the lights in the evening to create a pleasant lighting under the awning.

sunshade pergola-with-folding roof-veranda

weinor awning-pergola-with-folding roof

weinor awning-pergola Weatherproof-awning-protection rain




Watch the video and be amazed!

Pergola awning of the company Leiner

Pergola Sunrain awnings from the company Leiner are particularly suitable for changeable weather. Thanks to its Wind-Protect system and special slope for water drainage, you stay absolutely dry even in heavy rain.

Modern LED light strips

  leiner-vendor-pergola-awning-white pavilion

leiner-sun shade pergola-lighting

The awnings are also suitable for the conservatory area

leiner-pergola-awning-detached-wind-rain protection

A qualitative and noble design


Chic red color 

leiner-pergola-awning-in-red-garden metal

The LED lighting offers multi-comfort 


Gorgeous awning for the conservatory area

leiner-pergola-awning-modern fabric folding roof-shading-sun protection

leiner-pergola-awning-sunshade pergola Canopy

PVC awning fabric 

leiner-pergola-system configurator Weatherproof folding roof

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