Plan Vegetable Bed – Tips for Practically Oriented Gardeners!

Your garden is certainly a nice and friendly place ... But is it functionally oriented? And we're not talking about whether you planned a swimming pool or we laid out your paths. Remember this old idea for a garden where you grow real fruits and vegetables. Today we will remind you a little bit more. Read how to plan your own vegetable patch. In your own garden!


Plan Vegetable Bed - Tips for Practically Oriented Gardeners!

In the first place, you should know that good time planning is the challenge for harvest success in the vegetable garden. In this sense, use the winter so that See can plan the vegetable patch and buy the necessary seed. Before you buy the seeds, determine how big and what kind of situation your beds will have. It is better to draw a floor plan first. Particularly comfortable are the beds with a width of 1.30 meters. So they will be able to reach the two sides of the bed. Mark the places in your garden where you plan a vegetable patch.


Planning a vegetable patch - important steps

  Do not forget to plan paths between the single beds: at least 30 cm wide. If you want to keep the bedding as flexible as possible, you should not attach these trails. A particularly clean solution is additional low borders along the edges, so that the bed area is slightly increased. You can make them either from wooden planks or from thin concrete edge stones. Unpaved roads can be sprinkled with wood chippings or bark mulch, so you can reap even in rainy weather. The main path in the vegetable garden should be paved in any case. So that you can park a wheelbarrow comfortably, a minimum width of 80 centimeters is recommended.




vegetable garden planter (2)

vegetable-plan Garden


vegetable-plan-separated places


Vegetable bed plan with wooden boxes






Vegetable bed plan with paths in between





vegetable-plan-Tom Bayer Fotolia.com_1

vegetable-plan-four parts



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