Play equipment in the garden – great suggestions!

Play equipment in the garden? Great idea if you have little kids who love to play outside! In this post we show you our fantastic suggestions for playground equipment in the garden, which will inspire you to create a modern playground in your garden! There are many beautiful and creative ideas for playground equipment, and that means one thing to you - a really wide selection of variants!

Of course, when it comes to gardening, we can ignore the specifics - including the size and shape of our outdoor area. Depending on this, you can find the right playground equipment. And the variations, as we have already noticed, are manifold - slides, swing, seesaws, climbing walls, climbing frames, carousels, tunnels, etc. For the parents who want everything completely, there are fantastic modern sets of many devices in one. Or choose individual devices that your child likes the most. Have fun!

Cool playground equipment in the garden - a great set!

playground equipment for outdoor use Play equipment in the garden

Play Equipment in the Garden - Outdoor Fun for the Kids!


Great playground equipment in the garden - slide, swing, seesaws, carousel - what else can a child need?

carousel-great-ideas-for-garden design-to-play devices

Creatively designed playground equipment in the garden - a fantastic playground!


Let the kids feel like being in a boat!

cool-playground-great-ideas-for-garden design-to-play devices

A game device that the adults like too!

a-great-ideas-for-garden design-to-play devices

Climb, climb, climb!

garden-playground-swing-to-slide-and-climbing wall-playground

Playhouse with slide and swing!


A beautiful wooden construction for the garden!

complete-set playground equipment-for-the-garden-playground-klettergerüst

Original and tasty idea!

Playground with great devices

Colorful striped tires in the garden - a creative idea to make your own!

creative-great-ideas-for-garden design-to-play devices

modern-playground-great-ideas-for-garden design-to-play devices

modern-play equipment - swing set with slide--

modern-play equipment - swing-to-slide-playground

rocking-with-slide-and-climbing wall Modern-playground

rocking-with-slide-and-climbing wall Modern - playground

rocking-with-slide-and-climbing wall-playground

rocking-with-slide-and-climbing wall-spielplatz-

-By-play-with-mature-original idea

rocking-with-slide-and-climbing wall-spielplatz--

rocking-with-slide-and-climbing wall - spielplatz--

rocking-with-slide and - kletterwand-spielplatz-

-schaukel-with-slide-and-climbing wall-playground

--schaukel-with-slide-and-climbing wall-playground

a Fancy-playground-with-vielen_spielgeräten-

beautiful-great-to-garden design-to-play devices


playground equipment-for-the-garden-playground-klettergerüst

playground equipment-for-the-garden-playground-klettergerüst-

playground equipment-for-the-garden-playground-klettergerüst-wood

-spielgeräte-by-the-garden-playground-klettergerüst-climbing wall

super-modern-playground-great-ideas-for-garden design-to-play devices

great - great-ideas-for-garden design-to-play devices

great-ideas-for-garden design-to-play devices

great-ideas-for-garden design-with-spielgeräten--

great-ideas-for-garden design-to-play equipment ---

great - ideas-for-garden design-with-spielgeräten-

great-ideas-for-garden design-to-play devices-rocking-with-slide

great-playground equipment-for-the-garden-playground-klettergerüst

uikale-play equipment-for-the-garden-playground-klettergerüst

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