Schwalldusche Pool – more than 40 ideas!

The showers can be a great idea for any pool. As one of the best water attractions, they can look very different. With such a shower you have the chance to feel connected to nature. Because here comes the water in a torrent from above and in this way you can feel that you are standing under a fresh waterfall! If you have already decided on such a water attraction, you could take a look at our article. Because here we show you some of us selected ideas for the topic of a shower. In addition, we will present you great pictures and different variants, from which you can draw inspiration! We will also show some models and prices that can help you a lot in choosing the right shower!

Here's a really great idea for a pool shower

scwalldusche-pool-yet-slightly-to-theme-surge shower-pool

A shower could actually be a great idea for your own health. Because your neck and shoulders can be massaged and in this way the circulation of the whole body is improved. This is actually one of the most important benefits of any waterfall shower. Are you even wondering if you really need a shower?

As we have already said, there are very different variants. Choosing the right waterfall for your pool of course depends not only on your personal preference, but also on the size and shape of your pool. There are showers in different sizes and in many different colors. In addition, the showers can be illuminated. In this regard, the colors may change regularly during the operation of the wave shower. That would be a really great idea that could beautify the whole design! You just want to make your own waterfall shower more interesting. And not only the colors, but also the water jet can always be easily changed!

With such a showers you have the chance to beautify your own pool

scwalldusche-pool-surge shower-for-pool

Usually, the ordinary showers are designed outside the pool. And for that reason, one can say with certainty that a surge shower can be mounted quickly and easily. Nevertheless, it would be better if the whole construction was installed by a specialized company with a lot of experience.

Showers are a very interesting idea for a water attraction

scwalldusche-pool-is-here-nor-a-suggestion-for-theme-surge shower-pool

Your surge shower must be installed by a specialist company with great experience

scwalldusche-pool-pool-with-gush shower

Here is the stainless steel Schwalldusche Aquarius, which costs only 2,799.00 €


This waterfall shower could be a really great idea for your pool 

scwalldusche-pool-fancy-ideas-for-surge shower-for-pool

But do you want to buy a reasonably priced waterfall shower for your pool? Then there are many possibilities! 

scwalldusche-pool-nice-looking-gush shower

Here we present you the Schwalldusche Phoenix. It costs only 579,00 €


But there are other showers, which not only look very nice, but are also very reasonably priced! 

scwalldusche-pool-here-are-still-some-surge shower-for-pool

An example of this is the waterfall shower Arizona, which has a shapely design! And it costs only 599,00 €!

scwalldusche-pool-yet-a-great-idea-to-theme-surge shower-pool

Enjoy the torrent with the California shower! As a shower with a polished surface, it only costs 999,00 €!

scwalldusche-pool-a-great-pool-with-gush shower

And here's the beautiful-looking waterfall shower Alaska, which can create a very relaxing atmosphere

scwalldusche-pool-a-nice-pool-with-gush shower

This great-looking Schwallduche also has a polished surface and costs € 999.00!

scwalldusche-pool-idea-to-theme-surge shower-pool

Now we introduce the Indiana shower, which costs € 1,059.00

scwalldusche-pool-the-is-not-an-idea-to-theme-surge shower-pool

It is characterized by its very elegant shape

scwalldusche-pool-nice-pool-with-a-gush shower

The Schwalldusche Indiana could be ideal for every pool

scwalldusche-pool-great-looking-pool-with-gush shower

With a height of 688 mm and a width of 500 mm, the Nevada shower is still a fancy idea that you might like very much

scwalldusche-pool-is-here-nor-an-idea-for-gush shower

The shower Nevada costs 1.299,00 €

scwalldusche-pool-here-are-fancy-ideas-for-theme-surge shower-pool

Do you like this shower? This is the acrylic waterfall shower Tropic - it costs 1.980,00 €

scwalldusche-pool-great-idea-to-theme-surge shower-pool

The acrylic waterfall shower Tropic consists of light and transparent material

scwalldusche-pool-here-ask-we-them-yet-some-surge shower-before

This waterfall shower is made of clear acrylic glass 

scwalldusche-pool-to-pool-with-a-gush shower-make

And in this way the view of the flowing waterfall is made possible 

make by-the-pool-a-gush shower-scwalldusche-pool

You can also order your Acrylic shower pen Tropic with RGB / LED lights

scwalldusche-pool-here-is-something-to-theme-surge shower-pool

scwalldusche-pool-idea-for-surge shower-for-pool

Here we show you some great ideas for beautiful looking showers 

scwalldusche-pool-fancy-idea-to-theme-surge shower-pool

scwalldusche-pool-a-beautiful-surge shower-for-their-pool

scwalldusche-pool-a-gush shower-for-their-pool

scwalldusche-pool-the-right-surge shower-for-their-pool

scwalldusche-pool-a-great-looking pool

There are quite different variants 

scwalldusche-pool-is-here-a-pool-with-gush shower

When choosing the right surge for your own pool, there are a few things to consider 

scwalldusche-pool-here-ask-we-something-to-theme-surge shower-pool-front

Choosing the right waterfall for your pool of course depends not only on your personal preference, but also on the size and shape of your pool

scwalldusche-pool-ideas-for-gush shower

There are showers in different sizes and in many different colors

scwalldusche-pool-ideas-for-theme-surge shower-pool

Here are some great pictures from which you can draw inspiration

scwalldusche-pool-with-a-gush shower-the-pool-design

scwalldusche-pool-surge shower-pool

Schwalldusche pool

scwalldusche-pool-something-to-theme-surge shower-pool

Here is something about the pool shower 

scwalldusche-pool-great-looking-gush shower

scwalldusche-pool-the-great-gush shower

scwalldusche-pool-great-surge shower-for-your-pool


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