Terrace floor made of stone: 25 photos!

The terrace design is a very interesting topic for many people. Summer has already started and everyone is trying to spend as much time as possible outside, under the sun. Not all apartments have a terrace. That's why the terrace is special and deserves our attention. Both the whole terrace equipment, as well as the small details in the decoration should not be underestimated.

We have written many articles about terraces. Now we want to introduce you to another topic. You will see 25 beautiful pictures of the Terrace floor of stone see. You will probably get creative ideas for exterior. A stone floor always looks very conspicuous and can be combined with many different pieces of furniture.

Take a look at these interesting photos and decide for yourself whether the Terrace floor of stone Your thing is. 🙂 Have fun!

Modern terrace floor made of stone:

terrace floor-from-stone-orange-chair-glass-walls

This terrace floor made of stone fits beautifully to the whole exterior:

terrace floor-from-stone-red sweet-floret-table-and-chairs

Cosiness on the terrace

terrace floor-from-stone-small-design-of-table-white-design

Stone terrace floor and elegant glass doors

terrace floor-look-out stone-flashy-design-cool-

The crystal chandelier looks unique

terrace floor-from-stone-cool-chandelier-white-furniture

Here is an example of exotic patio design

terrace floor-from-stone-square-sofa-and-interesting-canopy

Super creative features of terrace

terrace floor-from-stone-elegant-fireplace-creative-design

What do you think about this house? Is not it great?

terrace floor-from-stone-elegant-table-on-a-building

Ultramodern terrace floor made of stone:

planting of-stone-fußpad-and-many green-terrace floor-

Modern and aristocratic appear

terrace floor-from-stone-interesting-design sofas-table

This corridor can be referred to as a covered terrace.

terrace floor-from-stone-interesting-glass wall

The terrace floor made of stone can be beautifully combined with stone furniture.

terrace floor-from-stone-round-coffee table-and-modern-sofas

Romantic decoration and unique view

terrace floor-from-stone-sofas-in-taupe color

Here is a particularly original design of the stone terrace floor:

terrace floor-from-stone-spiralltreppen-creative-design

terrace floor-from-stone-great-design-photo-of-top-taken

terrace floor-from-stone-many green-plant-image-of-up-made
terrace floor-of-stone-white-column-cooler-table

These were our creative pictures of the terraced stone floor. We hope that we have convinced you: this design looks beautiful!

terrace floor-from-stone-two-white-deck chairs

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