The American wooden house with veranda

The Wooden house with porch is basically based on the American model and looks elegant and striking from the outside. The American construction method is very popular in Germany too, because it not only looks very strange, but it still has many advantages. Wooden houses are usually low-energy houses and most have a covered porch that protects the entrance area in rain or too much sun. Thus, the American wooden house is distinguished by a magnificent entrance area, which firstly catches the eye. Mostly kept in antique white, a covered porch with railing sets up wonderfully from the facade mark. Still typical of American homes are the affectionate windows with sprouts. Clad in a lot of wood, this architectural style exudes an antique charm and conveys the feeling of classic Victorian architecture.

You can turn the covered porch with railings into a cozy retreat. It quickly becomes your favorite spot where you can enjoy the warm evenings outdoors more comfortably. If you want inspiration for a more beautiful home, take a look at some American and Canadian house views. Hopefully they will make you curious. Enjoy this timeless architecture, which is also used in German practice.

With an upper floor, the American house looks even more handsome

falun red-facade-white-wooden-house-with-veranda-beautiful-gartengestaltung

Wooden house with veranda: An extension of the living room into the open air

wood-house-with-veranda-outdoor lighting

Spacious wooden house with veranda 


Wooden house with a huge wooden porch


The floral decoration and the small veranda radiate a provincial ambience

American-wood house-tiled roof-with-garden

Charming wooden house with veranda in winter 


The covered terrace and white facade make up the American wooden houses


Modern design direction and construction

wood-house-with-veranda-American style

White villa villa radiates a romantic atmosphere

wood-house-with-veranda-outside stair rasenfläche

The Victorian style looks so contemporary


Small wood cottage that radiates a romantic atmosphere


Beautiful ski lodge sunk in the snow

holzhaus-skihütte-with-veranda-mountain-ski holiday

holzhaus-sunlight-fullwood-wooden houses-03-resized

innenbereih-wood-house-with-veranda-room design

wood-house-with-veranda-big-dining table

veranda-wood house-white-and-sunny

Veranda design ideas for a happy mood in summer

beach house-veranda-wood-view-on-sea

Sweden House-yellow-house-with-veranda




wood-house-with-veranda-small-American Hut

wood-house-with-porch pillows

Wooden house porch design with rocking chair

wood-house-with-veranda-rustic-design ideas

wooden house-Tuscany-veranda

Gorgeous view and comfortable hammock on the porch



Wooden house with noble, white facade


wooden house-holiday-cum-veranda

veranda glazing-winter garden-resort-sitzecke

wood-house-with-veranda-and-country-house-sitting area


Focus on wooden swing

wooden house with porch and front porch swing-small carpet

wood-house-with-veranda-and-relax chair

customize-veranda-dining area-wood house-

multi-storey wood-house-with-veranda-and-fresh-rasenfläche


Impressive beach house

classic-townhouse-veranda-lounge furniture

Beautiful flowers on the porch with vintage design

romantic-veranda-country style-beautiful-flowers

wood-house-with-white-painted porch-sitting-corner-with-pillows


white-wood-house-with-veranda-garden decoration-country style

American-wood houses-on-beach

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