The best ideas for terrace design – 69 super examples

The terrace is just as important for the furnishing of the apartment as the living room and the bedroom. Many of us forget that and do not pay enough attention to terrace design. Now we try to inspire you and show you how modern and chic the design of the terrace can be. How to give you 69 super creative ideas for modern terrace design . All examples are peculiar and notable.

  Modern terrace design - bringing nature into the house

Terrace design with green plants, a round table and two chairs

terrace design

Original terrace design - bring the apartment into nature

interesting garden design with large plants and a fireplaceIt is difficult to describe what a magical feeling this image evokes. The combination of fire, exotic plants and elegant furniture looks great!

Creative idea of ​​terrace design - wooden nesting table and extravagant chandelier

balcony design with interesting chandelier, candles on the table and throw pillow

Luxury terrace with beautiful views

Eco-friendly house design with expansive terrace and palm trees

Small terrace with nice features

Terrace design with beautiful views

Balcony design with an orange accent

terrace design with nice orange accent table

Create a modern terrace - privacy screens and elegant pieces of furniture

modern terrace with furniture and plants

Small terrace to dream - rosy sofa and a cute dog

cute patio design with a rosy sofa

Balconies design with simple lighting and green plants 

luxury balconies with simple lighting and deco-plants

nice terrace with white chairs and a round table

modern terrace design with warm lighting

Terrace design with a glass roof

Good idea for balcony design - wooden elements and big plants

balcony design - purely in the nature

small terrace with beautiful aussichr and wooden furniture

Picture of a nice little terrace with white furniture

original design of terrace with beautiful decoration

large balcony with creative equipment - with wooden furniture constuction

Terrace design with a blue swing - knitted

gardening ideas - many green plants and stone stairs

Mediterranean terrace with a stone wall and rosy bright flowers

Mediterranean terrace with lemon trees

luxury terrace with beautiful views of the city

Terraces design with space for playing for the children

modern terrace with an extravagant lounge chair and elements in orange

terrace construction with small nesttischen and beautiful white sofa

modern terrace with towels and colorful plants

Terrace with boards and palms

Balcony design with green plants and wooden ceiling

Terrace design with a white sofa

Terrace design with wooden boards and candles

balcony design with a swimming pool and beautiful chandeliers

modern house design with creative balcony design

balcony design with stone

small balcony with two chairs and a view of the city

beautiful landscaped terrace - flowers and wooden table

modern terrace with exotic elements

terrace design idea - white swing and nature

modern balcony with luxury soga and terrace decking

modern terrace picture - sogas, throw pillow, sea and a swimming pool

garden design with stairs of tiles and green plants

create a terrace - white sofa and a tree

design for small terrace

terrace design with a view of the sea

Terrace construction with colorful furniture and decorative elements

Terrace design with many pebbles and ground stones

modern garden design with a lake and many green plants

Terrace with a table from boards

Nice balcony design with a wooden table and red accents

Terrace design with bright throw pillow in purple

wooden terrace with a view of the countryside

wooden terrace with modern design - green plants and throw pillows

Decking and many plants

Garden modern design - terrace floorboards

original terrace design with colorful colors

stones for the garden - modern design

modern terrace design with stone

create a modern terrace

modern idea for terrace tiles

beautiful terrace with plants and furniture create

gardening idea - deckchair and flowers in pink nuances

modern design of the terrace

garden ideas - black and white colors

balcony design with many plants

create a nice terrace - plants and throw pillows

Modern design of the terrace - decorative elements on the floor

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