The purple flowers are a symbol of femininity

 The purple flowers are favored by many women when it comes to decoration for home, party or party. The men often choose them when they are looking for the perfect gift or surprise for their ladies. And yes, with the purple flowers they found her.

 We would like to share our advice with the male half of our readers. So, you can use hyacinths, lilac, crocus, roses or violets. The variety is endless. We recommend that you consider the personal preference of the specific woman when choosing. Do not risk it! 🙂 If you choose tulips, you have much greater chances! In order to be better prepared, you can read this article about the French tulips. So you can talk to the lady and impress her while you give her the bouquet. Here you go 🙂

 Since spring is coming soon and we are all preparing for it emotionally, we would like to inspire you even more with 100 fascinating spring flowers.

 Now we want to help the women too. We give you a lot of ideas like you purple flowers combine and arrange so you can refresh your home. We've also brought together additional art photos that will surely inspire you. In the video below you can look at and learn how to arrange purple tulips with other flower species in the vase. We are glad to have helped you. Enjoy the first fragrant days of spring! And stay a little bit more with us, great photos are coming!

The purple flowers make every bouquet look romantic

Watering from metal-full with spring flowers-pink-purple flowers

The purple flowers have a special magnetic appearance

Purple Flower Photos Flower-in-dark purple color-photographed-of-nah

Take a few hydrangeas and decorate with style in your home

Purple Flower Composition at-home-arrange-

The beach snail is among the most attractive purple flowers that you can plant in the fall

Purple Flower Photos Flower varieties-suitable-by-the-Autumn beach screw

Decorate every corner both in the house and in the yard

Deco idea-purple plant-than-stairs Decoration

The peonies are quite universal flowers. They fit practically everywhere

dark purple Peony perfect-for-decorations

When one thinks of purple flowers, one inevitably thinks of lilac

Purple Flower Photos Dark-vintage Photo Vase with Lilac

The spring flowers have the ability to wake us all from hibernation

Bucket-full with-fresh-purple spring flowers

Consider the grace of near

unique-purple-flower Agapanthus fantastic photo

Purple lights break into the night

Unique Photo of purple flowers

This dream garden requires regular care ... but the result is worth it

English-garden-full with-great-spring flowers

What nature has created is more perfect than art

exotically decorated purple flower photo-of-nah

exotic flower species flower-in-romantic-pink-purple shades

Exotic fuchsias, dyed in bright colors

exotic fuchsia-in-purple-and-red

Original idea for door decoration - welcome spring with "Welcome!"

extravagant purple door original door decoration Strauss made-fresh spring flowers

Arrange your favorite flowers according to the ikebana principles

Fantastic Flower composition Basket with purple spring flowers

The more, the more beautiful and fragrant

fantastic-purple flower Peonies spring flowers

This wreath of violets has a calming effect

fantastic image Wreath of purple flowers

The flowers as a kind

fantastic Photo of purple flowers

fascinating-purple-flower-professional photo

fascinating photo-of-purple flower

fascinating photo-of-white-butterfly-on-blooming purple-celosia

The fields with spring flowers look super fresh and romantic

Field-with-daisies-on-white and purple-


Photo of purple spring flowers in the field

fresh spring flowers-in-purple color

fresh spring flowers-in-pink-and-purple shades

The rose always arouses positive feelings and emotions like love and affection

fresh spring flowers-with-beautiful-purple color

Fresh Garden with-interesting-flowers

The Flamingo Hahnenkamm is a pleasure for the eyes

Garden-full with Flamingo Hahnenkamm

Garden-full with-white-and-purple flowers

These purple flowers are the perfect decoration for a wedding

hanging wedding decoration-with-different-types of flowers-in-purple color

Beautiful arrangement - daffodils, daffodils and hyacinths combine

beautiful spring flowers Daffodils Daffodils Hyacinths

beautiful purple flower-Dahlia Dinner Plate

beautiful purple tulip Photo of close-

Pretty Campanula in tender nuance


Decorate the wedding cake with fruits ... and roses

Wedding Idea fantastic cake-decorated-with-blue-roses

What do you say about lilac wedding bouquet?

Idea for Wedding Strauss from Lilac

interesting-flower varieties lisianthus-white-Blääter-with-purple-Kant

Lavender-lisianthus-in-romantic-purple nuance

Evening with nostalgic beauty


purple-flower-in-round-shaped vase

purple-flower-with-unique form


This composition is extraordinary!

purple flowers and leek beautiful composition

tender flower with yellow-stamens

purple Campanula after-the-rain

Plant purple crocus at home

at-home-planting purple Crocus

These flowers radiate passion

fascinating-flower-in-fire union nuances

Balloon flying over Lavender field

Balloon-flying-over-Lavender field

The sea holly looks exotic and mysterious

mysterious and exotic-flower varieties-Sea Holly-in-purple color

This bouquet would fit a rustic wedding perfectly

matching ostrich-by-one Rustic Wedding

The purple flowers look good too on the wedding cake

gorgeous wedding cake-with-white-and-purple-flower decoration

magnificent rose-in-purple color

Ranunculus in fantastic dark purple nuance

Ranunculus-in-beautiful-dark purple nuance

This photo is like a cadre of romantic movie

romantic Photo of Field with flowers

Rose-in-romantic-purple color

This purple anemone awakens positive emotions and reminds of spring

beautiful spring flowers pictures purple anemone-in-box

beautiful-daisies-with-purple leaves

beautiful composition-of-purple flowers

The tulips are among the most beautiful and tenderest flowers that you will ever know

beautiful composition-of-purple-tulips

Fuchsia, still called ballerina, fascinates with its shape 

beautiful purple fuchsia flower Ballerina

A beautiful wedding hairstyle adorned with fresh spring flowers may be the best idea!

beautiful-girl-like wedding hairstyle with sympathetic-spring flowers

Bouquets-of-fresh-purple-and-pink Flower for sale

This little friend has obviously lost

sweet Photo Hase-under-the-spring flowers

Have you seen flowering cactus? He looks so beautiful!

sweet Photo by-blooming cactus-in-Purple

unikales Photo of purple flower-with-raindrops-on-the-sheets

many-Bouquets of roses-in-sweet colors

The art of making flowers is always attractive and has an effect on consciousness

vintage Arrangament-with-purple Peony

White Peony with purple shades

The Siberian iris has an unforgettable look

beautiful purple flower-Siberian Iris

beautiful purple tulips-to-Inspire

tender flower species Clematis baldwinii-in-Purple

tender flowers-in-purple-with-yellow-stamens


The variety of purple flowers is super big and somehow all the flowers look fantastic. Is the color the real reason?

many flower varieties-with-purple staining

tender-mysterious-purple and white flowers

tender-romantic-flower varieties flower-with-small-purple flowers

 Planting purple violets at home is easy and brings good mood

tender pot Flower for-home-purple-violet

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