Velux roof balcony – a minimalist design decision!

Do you have those moments when you want to leave work and just take a fresh sip of air? The sun is shining in the air, green plants are calming your consciousness, the view is beautiful, you are watching a single piece of the world at this particular moment ... Difficult task if you do not have a garden or terrace and do not have time to enter the park to go for a walk. But there is a super design decision that allows you to experience these moments without making big investments: the modern Velux roof balcony.

Velux roof balcony - a minimalist design decision!

velux roof-balcony-friendly himmer

The Velux roof balcony is a design by the Dutch manufacturer Velux, whose company strategy is dedicated to the light and freshness. The construction allows to gain a few square meters and is especially recommended where the sloping roof is not used because of its low height. Compared to the roof loggia you lose so no valuable living space. The Velux roof balcony also has many advantages that a normal balcony offers. The upper elements of the attic correspond to a Velux Panorama window that opens upwards. For the lower elements, a balcony door hinged to the right or left can be selected, as you will see below on the photos.

velux roof-balcony-cabrio An interesting fact is that in most cases the Velux roof balcony is recognized by the local fire departments as a second escape route.

The Velux roof balcony actually presents an alternative to the normal balcony, which looks more like a balcony-like roof outlet. As a result, each attic apartment can usually get a place in the sun without a building permit. Take a look at some photos that showcase the convenience of the Velux roof-top balcony.

Velux roof balcony Examples of outdoors

velux roof-balcony-example

velux roof-balcony-velux cabrio-balcony

velux roof-balcony-beispiel2

velux roof-balcony-house roof#

velux roof-balcony-Example 3

velux roof-balcony-house-roof

velux roof-balcony-cabrio balcony

velux roof-balcony-House3

Velux roof balcony Examples from inside

velux roof-balcony-roof terrace

velux roof-balcony-roof living room

velux roof-balcony-fakrobalkon

velux roof-balcony-inspiration

velux roof-balcony-nursery

velux roof-balcony-bedrooms

velux roof-balcony-bedrooms2

velux roof-balcony-Wohnzimmer2


velux roof-balcony-Living

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