Vertical garden – ideas and instructions for greening

Spring blooms so beautiful and we are happy about the green. Sometimes we do not have enough space to plant a garden. Then the decision rings - vertical garden. You can either buy one or build a plant wall yourself. Everywhere you can plant vertically to bring nature to the city. Also in case you have a few seats. The vertical gardens are also considered a nice decoration for the apartment. In this article we help with a lot of information and ideas for design and planting.

Here is a clever DIY project for vertical garden from shoe holder.


  1. shoe rack
  2. small hoes of metal
  3. fertile soil
  4. Different seeds
  5. A board

How do I create a vertical garden?

  1. Hang the hoes on a pole. It is best if the hoes bear a lot of weight, because the wet soil can weigh a lot.
  2. Then hang the shoe holder on the hook.
  3. Pour water on the upper pockets to see if it flows down. If not, drill small holes in the pockets.
  4. Fill the bags with soil and plant seeds or ready-made herbs, vegetables or flowers.
  5. At the bottom underneath put an elongated flower pot.
  6. Fix the board at the back so that the water does not flow on the wall.
  7. So you have a great idea for terrace, balcony or garden.

Vertical garden - the final product

the end product of the guide - a vertical garden to make your own

A vertical garden beautifies the terrace

a green wall on the terrace gives the shade and harmonizes with the furniture

Vertical garden - best plant species

vertical garden - leaves green and red color of plants, black background

You choose what plants should grow in their vertical garden. Whether vegetables, herbs or flowers - we give the best suggestions:

  1. Sword ferns - a hanging plant, perfect for your garden. It grows best on the shade, but it can also tolerate sun. Heat and moisture are required for breeding. If it gets too big, the root can be forgiven.
  2. Nesting fern - does not tolerate direct sunlight. The leaves of these plants are large, so you prefer to leave plenty of free space to grow.
  3. Sham flowers - as ornamental plants can give these colorful in your vertical garden. These flowers climb down or hang below.
  4. Bobikopf - a small houseplant with tiny leaves. If you breed bobbed head, you should know that it does not grow in cold weather, but when it warms up, it gets better.
  5. Beach Silverwort - usually these flowers are white, but other colors also occur. Their flowers are small but numerous. This plant is longtime. It can tolerate sunlight and requires regular watering.
  6. Garden salad - do not be surprised. Vertical garden can also be handy. When planting, you should note that the soil is suitable. It is the best time to lay the bed in spring.
  7. Many other plant species can be designed vertically. See the pictures for inspiration.

Vertical garden with practical function

vertical garden with useful plants that look very nice at the same time

Ornamental plants for an exotic terrace

Vertical garden with exotic plant species in several different colors

Hauswurzen is also a suitable planting for a vertical garden

Vertical garden with different types of house sausages in a composition

Specialized shops offer finished vertical gardens

a green wall planted on wood - such a beautiful vertical garden

Which model do you prefer?

another model of vertical garden - with hanging flowerpots

Vertical green wall

beautiful vertical garden with flowers in red color and many green leaves

The water combines with the green

green wall with a fountain in front of it - vertical garden

Create a modernist look

vertical garden in modernist style - a cube and a sculpture

Clever way to irrigate all flower pots

Build the plant wall yourself - DIY project with bottles - easy to water

Vertical garden of Patrick Blanc

big green vertical greening on the facade of a skyscraper

The vertical greening of this house is popular sight of the city

vertical greenery looks nicely next to the bare walls of other buildings

Plant vertically inside

vertical greening in a hall full of green plants of many species

vertical greening in living room next to driftwood table and upholstered furniture

Home Office with vertical greening - a computer - nature and the technology

Vertical greening everywhere

vertical greenery in the courtyard to beautify the facade, red wall paint

a restaurant with interesting lighting and vertical greening at the window

funny flowers and plants with small leaves, flowers in four colors

vertical planting combined with a pond - many flower species

Special flower pots made of plastic

black wall with a few built-in flower pots -plant wall build yourself

Plant wall to build yourself - red built-in flower pots made of plastic

The flowers in cheerful colors

pink flowers with large flowers - build a planting wall yourself

red flowers with large leaves and ornamental bushes - build planting wall yourself

build an accent of decorative plants - plant wall itself

There are many enormous gardens

Vertical planting in the charge with horizontal in the beautiful garden

vertical planting with house-worming mother a wall in the garden

vertical planting is the last architectural trend

a corner of the building can be varied with vertical planting

Garden like murals

a modern house with vertical planting as a mural in the garden

High ceiling with vertical planting - exotic and decorative plants

modern swing in the living room surrounded by vertical planting

four parts of vertical garden with flowers in red and yellow color

The green is never too much

vertical garden - a wall full of green leaves hanging on wires in geometric shapes

a cafe where there is a vertical garden in green and purple color

vertical garden with red and blue exotic plants with variety of leaves

Build your own plant wall - how to easily irrigate everything with bottles

Gardens in bright colors

vertical garden with many different types of flowers on rounded wall

the whole apartment block is a vertical garden in nuances of green

a mobile vertical garden if you need to move a lot

even the old wall can be embellished with a vertical garden

You can create art with a vertical garden of colorful flowers

Works of art from indoor plants

if you have a large room, you are designing a vertically garden

an art installation of plant species such as vertical garden - moss too

A vertical garden can be planted everywhere - but not in the bathroom

Plant beautifully in the office as well

Planting vertically - you also need a lot of greenery in the corridor of public buildings

vertical plants - a walk like in nature in the office

pink lamps that embellish vertical plants - a modern design

planting green, red and yellow flowers vertically in a composition

Dreamlike picture of office - full of greenery - planting vertically

Refresh all rooms!

plant vertically in the kitchen, solid wood table with green decoration

a room for the whole family with armchairs and table - also vertical plants

vertical plants in the courtyard - a whole green wall

colorful flowers in a special wall for vertical plants - so beautiful

Vertical means space-saving

Between two buildings, vertical plants is a space-saving decision

Exotic vertical plants like in a botanical garden

beautiful composition of numerous nuances of green and purple accent - plant vertically

Accent red flowers - plant vertically on old tubes

Have fun planting!

a special wall in black color with many vertical plants

how useful vertical plants - tomatoes and peppers

Vertical plants with light creates an interesting effect

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