Wicker armchair – 44 beautiful new ideas!

 Have you ever thought about how you can make your garden or the verande with something fancy but also totally cozy? You are right with us. We will give you a fantastic idea right away! On Basket hanging chair is the ideal solution to completely relax outdoors. They are associated with holiday, sea, beach, palm trees and sunshine - a synonym of total relaxation.  But you could also quietly find a place for these attractive seating also in the living rooms - for example, in the corner or at the wall as a reading chair.

If the Basket hanging chair already your favorite chair, or you do not have such a piece of paradise furniture, we recommend that you look at our examples below with a lot of fun!

Enjoy the summer weather on a comfortable wicker chair like this one!

interesting-hanging chair-in-the-wood floor-in-free

If you long for a total relaxation, this wicker chair can promise you that right away!

fantastic-basket hanging chair-by-the-beach

Does not this wicker armchair look seductive on your porch?

convenient hang-chair-on-the-veranda

A hammock chair with a rack in the middle of your garden adds more class.

a basket hanging chair-ideal-for-the-house-and-in garden

Even the little ones enjoy relaxing in the soft cushions of this hanging chair after a long play 🙂

original Black-hanging chair-the-year-comfortable-is

You can position the wicker chair with colorful cushions next to the house.

elegant Dark-rattan hanging chair-next-the-house

A super original hammock chair made of wood will make your garden unique (and why not too enviable!)!

Chic-trailer armchair-of-wood-with-soft pillows

The basket-hanging chair can just as well fit in your interior - put it directly on the on the tiles,

rattan hanging chair-with-grunem pillows

... or on the wooden floor!

great basket hanging chair-in-the-wood floor

Do you like the sun and the beach? Enjoy the comfort of this wicker basket chair, placed directly on the fine sand!

black, red and rattan basket hanging chair-on-beach

A hammock chair made of rattan like this is the perfect piece of furniture for your terrace:

original basket hanging chair-in-free

Look at our other pictures of modern wicker chairs, the design ideas are unlimited!

white basket hanging chair-with-brown-cushion

unique-black-rattan hanging chair

feel-it-yourself-in-this-basket hanging chair-comfortable

beautiful-hanging chair-with-pillows-for-the-garden

schoöne idea the hanging chair-the-house-to-make-before-

basket hanging chair-with-comfortable pillows-in-garden

basket hanging chair-with-orange-pillows-and-frame

rattan basket hanging chair-with-frame-by-the-pool

basket hanging chair-is-for-the-interior-fit

great-rattan basket hanging chair-in-your-bedroom

modern-spherical-hanging chair-of-glass

original-geschmackoller-rattan hanging chair

stylish Basket hanging chair-for-their-house-or-your-garden

modern-white-armchair hang-out-rattan-on-the-grass

unique-brown-basket hanging chair-for-the-veranda

original-basket hanging chair-by-the-house-or-Drassen

chic-rattan hanging chair-with-views-in bedroom

chic-white-hammock chair-on-Sea shore

modern-design-with-basket-hanging-chairs-in the garden

Cool Idea-basket hanging chair-on-the-grass

great-rattan basket hanging chair-am-pool

beautiful-white-hanging chair-with-green-pillow

super-hanging chair-relax-in-free

great-rattan hanging chair-with-frame

elegant-brown-rattan hanging chair-in-garden

dreamlike-hanging chair-in-the-nature

dreamlike-hanging chair-with-colorful-bird motifs

vintage-basket hanging chair-by-a-white-lamp

elegant-rattan hanging chair-on-the-grass-in-your-garden

fairytale-idea-for-relax-in-free-with-basket hanging chair

two-chic-rattan hanging chair-in-living room

modern-black-hanging chair-with-confessed



These are our suggestions for the (not without reason!) So popular and current wicker chairs! The beautiful atmosphere that they bring with them is incontestable.

cool-elegant-basket hanging chair

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