Wicker fence itself make for a natural garden design!

We have a new challenge for your garden! For a long time we have made some observations on trends in garden design and we have finally come to the conclusion that garden owners always prefer natural environments: rich flora with diverse plants, natural stones as decoration or natural materials for fence construction. Today we will deal with a material that is always popular among the green oases: the wickerwork and in this sense, we will show you how to make a wicker fence itself.

pasture fence-own-build-material

Wicker fence make for a natural garden design!

If you want to make a live willow fence yourself, you should know some facts beforehand: the rods of the willow should be cut between February and early April and stored sheltered and shady until setting. Before you put the rods, you have to keep them in water for about 12 hours.

pasture fence-own-build-finished-material

pasture fence-own-build-barsThen insert the rods in the distance of 15 centimeters to one third in the ground and let the plants grow themselves. Runners can be removed regularly in the first year, so you can achieve a neat fence as an effect. An additional watering could also be necessary. In the second year your willow branches are already intertwined.

pasture fence-own-build-interlace

You can cut the desired shapes, shorten the main shoots if possible and make the fence yourself.

pasture fence-own-build-stuck

 There is a second option to make a wicker fence mixed with living and dead material. In this case, you need tight rods that you could only put across. The rods are ready to be processed in the first year: cut, shorten, shape. The living material in this situation grows as normal.

Wicker fence itself make of living material

pasture fence-own-build-complicated

pasture fence-own-build-living

Wicker fence itself make in 20 examples

pasture fence-own-build-angefanangen

pasture fence-own-build-beet

Make wicker fence yourself and add perfect bow

pasture fence-own-build-arc

pasture fence-own-build-arch-green

pasture fence-own-build-in-garden

pasture fence-own-build-decoration-eng

pasture fence-own-build-easy

pasture fence-own-build-ready

pasture fence-own-build-finished-form

pasture fence-own-build-figure

pasture fence-own-build-garden

pasture fence-own-build-garden-2

pasture fence-own-build-mixed

pasture fence-own-build-house fence

pasture fence-own-build-hurdle

pasture fence-own-build-neighbors fence

pasture fence-own-build-sichtschut

pasture fence-own-build-standard

pasture fence-own-build-pond

We hope our tips on how to make a wicker fence yourself will be of benefit to you! Until the next time we want to show you what other options the braid material from grazing offers.

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